Demystifying repeated numbers synchronicity in my Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2020-04-24 14:32
Number Patterns

Hi all. This writeup of mine is a continuation of my previous article which I wrote about seeing repeated number patterns in my life again and again. Though the repeated numbers have not stopped communicating with me but now I want my answers. For your convenience, I am writing those repeating number patterns again so that you all can easily recollect. The numbers are 8, 88, 8888, 12:12, 12:21, 11:11, 10:10 and sometimes 69 (I forgot to mention that earlier). I read tons of articles online to check what resonated with me but somehow I found some disconnect between them earlier. I thought with time I might stop seeing these number patterns and it was just a coincidence. But I think I was absolutely wrong in my deduction. I can’t escape these number patterns and they want to communicate something meaningful to me.

Yes, I forgot to mention the best part. Staying alone at home in this lockdown and having nothing specific to do gave ample time to my wandering mind to look at whatever is happening in my life logically. I read so much information or went through so much data at the same time online that even my mind processor needed some cooling with all the information overload, so I thought of writing something which made sense to me. To get my answers as to why I keep seeing repeated number patterns in my life, I started noticing the changes in my life so that I can keep a track of what these numbers want to communicate with me or what the universe wants me to be aware of. What I feel is that when your life is about to change or something very significant is going to happen in your life the cosmos starts sending you signals much before the event is meant to occur. The universe makes things happen in life and even our subconscious mind is aware of it that is the only reason it catches all the signals and draws our focus towards it.

Whenever I looked at the wall clock, my mobile, or my grocery bills I could easily trace a number pattern. I think the universe or the higher powers communicate with everyone. It is only when you get more receptive to the signs and signals that two-way communication is established. I also wanted to draw your attention towards a few other things which catch my attention i.e feathers, spiders, snakes symbols, Owls, etc.

To get my answers I wrote all the numbers 8, 88, 8888, 11:11, 12:21, 12:12, 10:10 on a chart paper with a sketch pen. I will upload the drawing as an image. You can make the same in any way which you prefer. There are no specific ways of being creative. There are “N” number of ways to do the same stuff. I do Mantra Meditation and Yoga because that is something which gives me peace, keeps me grounded, and keeps me connected to the divine (My total being is incomplete without my God). Here I am writing the steps which I took and you all can do the same so that you too get your answers if you are also stuck in your life with one or more repeated number patterns. I chant mantra during meditation which makes my body vibrates at a certain frequency which makes it easier for me to connect with the source and get my answers. I chant my mantra so that I can concentrate better and get the help of the divine to get my answers. I chant “Swayamvara Parvati Mantra” which is a mantra of Goddess Parvati. This mantra helps me in connecting with the divine feminine. I feel she will help me in getting my answers.

The repeated number patterns carry a certain frequency. When the vibration of mantra combines with the frequency of these repeated numbers they produce an energy pattern that can be felt by you in your meditation. Now let me tell you all what I exactly do. As I earlier told you that I wrote all those number patterns on a chart paper. I place the chart paper on the ground. Oh yes, I forgot to talk about colors which I used to write those number patterns. I chose, Red, Green, and Violet color since I love these colors. There is no specific reason as to why I chose them. I feel these colors too carry a certain frequency which will help me in getting my answers. Once I have placed the chart paper on the ground. I place a yellow color cloth on it and then I sit and meditate on it by chanting my mantra.

My personal experience will absolutely blow your mind. I have felt the combined energy of mantras and numbers. I have felt a bright light in my forehead between my eyebrows. You have to sit in Padmasana to do mantra meditation and I hope this is known to everybody. I have felt a flow of energy between the palms of my two hands. I could literally feel that energy and only one thought came in my mind when I wanted all my answers. My inner self told me that I will get all my answers and I should go with the flow and not resist change in my life. Even the higher powers want to keep some surprises stocked for me. But yes this may not be the case with everybody. You all please notice that my God always plays tricks with me. You people may get all your answers so try out what I did and do let me know your experiences.

The mysterious world of spirituality is something that needs to be explored by every human being and there is no better time than now when you have ample free time to do some research work. Just go and connect with your true inner self, your divine self which is waiting to be explored by you. The universe may be trying to connect with you but you might be too busy to understand the synchronicities and patterns. Keep an eye on the changes happening in your life and understand your thought patterns. Stay happy and positive to attract good things in your life. It is easy to get negative and if that happens you connect with your God. I am sure you will feel better and even energized.

I think I am close to my answers. I will know what exactly the universe wants to convey to me. My search is not yet over and it will continue till infinity (The horizontal 8). My purpose, my life path, my meaning of life, I want all my answers. I also want to discover my soul further since my outer cover or my body shows what I am on the inside. If you are connecting with me then it is with my soul and not the body.

Wow, Great. I hope I did full justice with this writeup of mine. Stay at home, Stay safe, Be Happy. Find one single reason to smile every day. Share your smile with someone who needs it the most. Lots of Love to all my lovely, cute readers. I am thankful to all of you. Thanks for being in my life.

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