Delete Unnecessary stuff from life so that you create room for Good Things

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Unnecessary stuff

I hope all of you will agree with me that when you have empty space then only you can try filling it. You can never fill something which is preoccupied from before so when you delete unnecessary stuff from your life you create room for good things to enter your life. You have got old furniture which you want to replace with a new one. You are thinking first let me sell the old one and then I can buy the new one. When the old furniture which you possess does not serve your purpose than it is of no use to you because the more you will look at it the more you will think when will I be able to sell these to get new ones. Take an initiative and sell the old one so that you can buy the new one. Never be in doubt whether the new one will last as much as the old one or should I just be happy with the old one. Even if the new one does not last as long as the old one you will be happy you owned something which you wanted to because you loved it. When you do not need something don’t buy it because when you buy unnecessary things you create more burden on your pocket as well as you do impulse purchase. You want to buy something which you do not need now but since there is a discount on that product you just go ahead and purchase it, You think I don’t need that now but I will need it later. Then what happens you buy more and more such unneeded stuff and create a pile of them. I bet you there would be very few items from that pile which you must have used, other items go waste. It is just a waste of time and money.

I have seen people getting mad when there is a discount going on, they buy things which they may not use before one year. Be it dress or food items or just any household product. You get a message of discount going on the dress but when you reach the store you don’t get your size so what do you do? You purchase an extra size for yourself so that you can get it altered later. You buy 4-5 dresses though you have done shopping just one month ago. Then what do you do? You either get them altered and wear them or those new dresses just sits idle in your almirah occupying the extra space which you had created for new trendy clothes. When you don’t need something don’t buy it because when you buy unnecessary items you add more burden to your life. Do you remember the first day when you entered your newly purchased flat? You felt so happy that you could decorate it the way you wanted because it was empty. On the other hand, think if you purchased a flat with items left behind by the previous owner how difficult it would have been for you to settle down with items you did not like. Unneeded items just occupy free space which could have been used for something else. It is only when you delete the unnecessary things that you realize how light you feel in your head and it does not burden you anymore. You buy extra food items just because there is a discount going on food when you reach home you find out you purchased much more than what was needed and now it creates a tension in your mind that you need to finish them or else they will spoil. You know these shopping malls give discounts for customers like you and you fall in the trap. They just want to get rid of perishable items or old items so that they can add new products.

How do you like your office table? A table which is piled with files or a table which has few files. Everyone likes an uncluttered space so that they can work with full concentration. You get distracted when you see too many files piled up and your whole motivation gets lost thinking anyways you won’t be able to finish them today, but when there are few files you feel more motivated to work fast so that you can concentrate on other works. Unnecessary things create a burden on your mind and sometimes you do not realize it. It is only when you get stressed beyond a certain limit that you start finding out the reason as to why you have lost your peace of mind. Clean your inbox, delete emails which are not needed, spam mark the emails which are sent to you by people whom you don’t know. Sometimes you will see you will get job emails from US, UK, etc. You just mark them as spam. You will see that certain websites just try to promote their product by means of emails, mark them as spam. Why do you add more burden in your mind by reading content which is not needed? You will see when you tone down everything in your life, you will be at peace with yourself and others around you.

When a certain person has left your life and does not wants to stay with you. It is better that you get rid of their items and memories because the more you think about them the more burden you add on to your life, You know that person is not going to return but you still keep his items safely in case he may think about you. In this way your whole life will pass and go waste, it is better that you get rid of unnecessary people and their items so that you clear your life and create room for a new person to enter your life. When a certain person has posted a separated status and you keep waiting for him then I would say that is the worst thing which you are going to do. I am sharing this from my own experience. It is better you divorce the person who is happy with his separated status and you move on in your life with a new person. Do not keep waiting for those people who do not want to be with you. It is good to be with people who want to be with you and are happy with you. Why run after people who have already left your life. Look for a new person, marry him and settle down in your life. Create a new life which is better than the previous one and set an example for the person who has left your life. Just cut off unnecessary people from your life so that you create room for new people in your life. There is so much happiness in your life, you just have to look at everything from a broader vision so that you can make peace with your past and be happy with the present. It is difficult to forget the past but it neither serves you to hold on to people who have left you and have become your past. Live in the present and plan for the future which is waiting for you with open hands.

Live a great, cheerful life by deleting unnecessary stuff from your life so that you create room for good things to enter your life.

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