Declutter your Life and be at Peace

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2019-03-26 16:56

Life makes sense only when there is peace and when you lose it there is something which is out of order and needs to be fixed. You all clean your homes and offices but what about your own life. You need to clear your life of all the unnecessary stuff so that you have room for all the good things in life. The relationships which drain your energy rather than energizing you, the people who make you unhappy rather than contributing to your happiness, everything from the past which carries no meaning in the present and does not serve your future any better, all the bad stuff which suck your energy like energy vampires. You need to declutter your life from all these things so that you have enough room for all the good things to enter your life. When you have all your life space filled with useless things new and good people cannot enter your life because you are too preoccupied with unneeded things.

The relationships which carried a lot of meaning for you few months ago but now they don’t serve you and you do not want to get rid of it just fearing how your life will be if it is gone and you just stick to it to feel happy but what you don’t realize is that you are creating more unhappiness than happiness for you and you would be better without that person in your life. You will find someone better who will hold your hand and give you much more respect than the previous one. I know your emotions comes in between and you simply cannot dissociate yourself from the people who no longer serve you and have left you. They have forgotten you and even blocked all contacts with you but still, you want to hang on and just expect them to return in your life even though you know your dream is never going to be fulfilled but still, you cling on to it. Just develop a brave heart, a strong mind and forget people who have shut you down from their life. Move on. I know it is easier said than done. The memories of all those people trouble you and do not allow you to sleep at night and you pray for things to be just “ok” when you also know from some corner of your heart that it is not going to be the same again but still you convince yourself and believe the false. You shut down the reality and live in the dream world. If you want to cry and feel very hurt to let go of them then cry and let all your emotions drain down in tears. It will lighten your heart and mind.

Being a person of strength and being brave does not mean you have to do big things in your life. It also means taking the toughest decisions and accepting the reality which is in front of you rather than living in the fantasy world which carries no meaning in the real world. You are having a boyfriend who abuses you a lot but still, you want to be in his company because you love him a lot and cannot imagine a life without him. You know even in the future that person will remain the same but still, you want to just cling on to him for security fearing you may not find someone better than him. Have you ever thought what will be the future of your relationship when you get married? You will always look for love and respect which you will not get and your marriage will be a big disaster so it is better you cut them out of your life now rather than waiting for some fine day when he will behave properly with you. Very few people change. Nature and character are two things which can never change until and unless we really want to change for the better.

Cut people out of your life who makes you unhappy and are always complaining. Be in the company of people who are solution-oriented and not problem oriented. I am sure when you start counting you will see that you have more such people in your contact list and you are always with them. You hang out together and even talk on the phone. You find yourself solving their problems which drains your energy. You develop negative thoughts and don’t know what to do. You sometimes give so much of your energy to them that you hamper your own work and success. There is nothing called a perfect life and you need to tell them that instead of finding problems they have to look for solutions. You can lend your ears when someone wants you to listen to their story but you do not get carried away by their life so much that you forget you have your own personal life.

Do not allow people to interfere too much into your life, be it, family or friends. Your way of thinking and living may or may not be acceptable to them and that does not mean that you are wrong. Being an independent person with an independent thinking is good. You do not have to fit into the opinion of others and you do not have to live your life according to other people’s opinion. Just because someone wants you to live a certain way because it is good for you and they had lived the same way does not mean that you start doing it though you are not happy with it. Just declutter your life and stop listening to these people if you cannot remove them from your life. You cannot fit into the opinion of others and everyone around you will find one or more things to complain about. I know there are many people who love living independently rather than staying with their parents because too much parental interference also creates problems and weakens the relationship.

You will always find some of your friends who will call you again and again when they have a problem and simply shutting you from their life when their life gets sorted. You need to get aloof from such energy vampires who suck too much of your energy. They are not your friends but selfish souls who use you and then forgets you. They will again search for you when they find another problem and will do the same thing again. Any relationship can survive when there is equal give and take. It cannot be just “Give Give” or “Take Take”. You can create a peaceful life when you just declutter these unwanted people from your life. If fear takes over then also make a tough decision. I am sure the people who changed the world and created history were the ones who took tough decisions and if they too would have been carried by their fear they would not have been able to create history or did what they have done.

Control your fears and move on. Let not fear take away the good from your life. Do not let negative people control your life. Do not let unhealthy relationships take away the glory of your life. Move on. Explore the unexplored and let new people in your life. Life is about living and not about fearing. Even if a few decisions go wrong it is ok. Every decision cannot be right but if you fear to make any decisions that what will happen if they go wrong then you will never overcome any bad situation or get over unhappy relationships. Take responsibility for your life, take your life in your own hands and make the best decision of your life.

Be happy and spread happiness.

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