Decisions in Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2007-02-09 14:46

Life's decisions are not easy to make. We sometimes face a dead lock situation. A lot of times we are trapped and few times we are saved.
The decision which is taked may turn right or may be wrong, it cannot be predicted. But to prosper in life one needs to take quick decisions.
Taking quick decisions does not mean taking decisions without proper knowledge of something or taking decision in a haste. Always remember that one minute decision can make a difference in your life.

Dont be in a hurry. Real life's or business decisions are not easy to make but if you know how to handle cicumstances you are a true winner. We sometimes think that a person who is a winner is a great person and i dont have that winning brain.
Winners are made not born they are made. They learn from real life experiences which are not taught in schools or colleges.
A person who has learned from each and every step of life without overlooking anything happening in his surroundings will understand things better and even take correct decisions.

Take the example of Bill Gates he was thrown out from school but now he is running a big enterprise MICROSOFT. History has got many examples to share with us and we should surely learn from them.
It sometimes happens that no body is there to support your decision and you have to walk your path all alone but if you have the Gut feeling its correct go ahead with it, it will surely reap good fruits of success. People will criticise you and will try to put your morale down but if you feel you can do it you will surely reach the top.

I have seen one live example my friend vinay after completing his schooling was more interested in running an enterprise rather than studying further or doing a job. His parents opposed but he went ahead with his decision. He did advanced studies in computer rather than completing his graduation. Now he is a successful person and owner of a big enterprise vinayRas Infotech.

If we want to see live examples we will find many around us. What we need is keep our eyes and ears open.

While going through one of my favourite magazine i read a real life story which really moved me. A expecting mother was diagonised with breast cancer and to take the drugs she had to decide whether to abort her baby and save her own life or have the baby and risk her life. It was a very hard decision to make. She decided to have the baby and go for simple operation i.e removal of one of her breast. The operation was performed successfully and it was found the cancer was just in the outside cell without affecting the lymph nodes. She was happy she took the right decision to have the baby or else she would have regretted her wrong decision all her life.

The conclusion which we draw is though we face many difficult situations and circumstances we should keep our mind open and then take decisions.

Have the courage to move ahead with the decision which you have taken. Success will surely touch your feet. Be prepared to handle that success.

You can't change the wind, you can however adjust your sails.

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