Decisions designs your Destiny

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2015-09-25 18:58

A person is nothing but a sum total of all decisions he makes in his life. You always have to choose and decide which way to go. Decision making starts from kindergarten days when a child decides whether he should eat a chocolate or not, purchase one toy over the other toy. We human beings are adapted to decision making but the best part is that when we make small decisions it does not matters whether it is right or wrong. It is only when we make big decisions that we understand “How Right or How Wrong We Were”. So what to do. Let others decide for us or accept the after effects of our own judgements and move on. Either we are right or wrong, there is nothing called half right or half wrong. Accept the Success or Failures which comes with your choice. I would say have your own opinion because it's your life and not someone else’s life. Why let someone else carve your destiny when you yourself are capable of doing so.

Accept the consequences of your verdict. We grow as a person when we think with our own brain. Our Self Confidence boosts because we are maturing as a person not just by age but also by making our own choices. It is really very hard to make big decisions, take opinions from other people but do what your feel correct or i would say go ahead with your own gut feeling. People around you will criticize you when you fail but then it's ok, you also have to accept the brunt of it. Friends, family everyone will shower your life with their viewpoints and will expect you to do what they think is correct for you. But then you cannot make everyone happy in your life so go ahead and do what you feel is right for you.

My dad always told me beta if you take a decision be prepared to accept the consequences, don’t complain or come crying to me. That is something which has stuck in my head. My life is what i make it with my own hands and the choices i make. They are sometimes right and sometimes wrong but then i move on and am happy that it is me who is responsible for all and i cannot blame someone else.
For some people you are right while for others you are wrong so for God’s sake do not please someone. Let people around you accept the way you are or reject you, because people who matter in life don’t need to be impressed and those who don’t matter can be left behind.

Come on make a decision, What are you waiting for ?

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