Day to day Problems and Challenges in Life

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Ever thought what our life would have been without challenges. The daily challenges which we encounter make us strong from within, keeps us going and makes us rough and tough to face any situation. If we do not face challenges in life our life would be dull and the spark would be missing. I know how difficult it can be at times when you are faced with a challenge which you are not ready to encounter but then I also know that when you overcome those bad days you are a new person who is stronger than before. It is all upon you how you see life and how you face life’s challenges. You always have two options in front of you either you give in and mourn over whatever is happening with you or face the challenges and not let those troubling times take over you. It is ok to mourn over something for a while when your heart is filled with grief, this helps to lighten you. But then you have to get over those grieving moments and start life all over once again. Even when life gives you a heavy jolt on your face, remember good times are just a moment away and this too shall pass.

Life is full of good and bad moments. It will come and go. Difficulties are meant to arouse and you should not fall victim to your circumstances. A person who gives in to sorrows finds it very difficult to come out of those troubling times and falls victim to depression and other health problems. Your grief takes over and fully controls you and you forget the main purpose of your life. When the purpose is lost all the hopes to live the life is also lost. You have to stand tall in all the circumstances and not give in to life’s problems. I know sometimes it is very difficult to come out of those miserable times. You can seek God, do puja, consult a fortune teller if you believe in one and look out for ways to come out of those difficult moments. Once you keep this approach to life you will see that none of your bad days can overpower you. You will always keep shining even in your bad days because you have learned how to live your life. You have learned that life is full of challenges and you as a person cannot control anything but something which you have in your own hands is how you accept things and how you react to everything which is happening in your life.

When I am writing this article for my readers I am writing my own personal experience in life. My life has been or I should say is full of challenges. I had to overcome them even when I was not mentally and physically prepared to handle them. The only lesson which I have learned is that when there is life, there will be challenges but you need to have faith in yourself and in God that you will be guided. I regularly worship God and whenever I face something which is difficult for me to accept I know God will interfere and put it right for me. My marriage, my health and my life, I would say everything was challenging. There are not one area which was left and I would keep asking God “Why me”. I knew that someday I will get an answer to my question as to why me and not someone else. I found out my real purpose of life when I started meeting these challenges. I found out the real meaning of life and I knew I was born to fulfill a very big purpose. I am a very tough girl. The challenges which I have overcome over the years has made me into a person I am today and I have never allowed those difficult times to break me. I am still learning and I know I have a long distance to travel. I take my own decisions and implement them. I am also ready to bear the brunt of all the wrong decisions I have taken but then I have no other option. I have to face it and I know with God by my side no problems can overpower me. I know how difficult it is at times to trust your own self or God but believe me, if you have faith you will be guided. My Narayana himself came to guide me when I faced something which was too difficult for me to handle.

Remember there is always a way out and there is no problem in this whole world which cannot be solved. Everything will be sorted out today or tomorrow. You need to make yourself strong as a person so that no problem can take over you. It is easier said than done but if I can then I think all of you can fight with your situations so that your situations don’t govern you. Don’t feel victimized. I have learned over the years that the tough situations are meant to arouse us and want us to make some changes in life so that we can become a better person to face the future. The future is always bright for those who are not ready to give in. When you become a better person you will see that some good opportunities start flowing your away and this is something which never happened before. I have not known any single person who has not faced challenges in life. Almost every person has to face the day to challenges and then move on in life. You have to play different roles as a person. You are either a father, mother, daughter, son, husband, wife etc. When problems takes over you, it gets difficult to do your daily chores but then you have to remember that you don’t have to play just one role but multiple roles. Divert your mind away from the problem and engage your mind somewhere else so that you can get back to your problems later on when you have found a good solution to it.

Always keep in mind that it is you yourself who has to sort out the problem. Other people can provide suggestions and help you with some or other thing but at the end, you have to make the correct decision. I know sometimes the decision-making process is very tough but when you learn the art of decision making things will start getting easy and you will find out that with time you have learned the art of decision making. I have come across this quotation “N” number of times that “God take the test first and you learn your lessons later”. The best part is that that the lessons you learn while facing your challenges stays with you for a lifetime and you become a better person day by day. You see any successful person and just ask him how his life was. When you come to know the truth you will be surprised that what you saw as an easy life was very challenging for that person. The straight line which you imagined was not straight but full of curves. These curved lines or difficult times made that person strong and helped him rise the ladder of success. A strong person is a happy person. There are so many qualities that are within you. It is only when you dig deep within that you can find out how much is within you which is waiting to get explored. It is only when you start exploring one after another that you understand what you are. The diamond which is within you is discovered only when you face challenges in life. This diamond which is within you gets polished when you face difficulties in life. A smooth sail would never have made the driver of the ship strong, it is only when he faces turbulent waters that he understands his true potential and his capability. Once you understand your true potential then I would say nothing can stop you from moving ahead in life. Nothing can put you down in life. You will always be standing tall in each and every circumstance. Learn your life’s lesson correctly because if you miss them you will have to face the same situations again and again till you have learned your lesson correctly.

I would say face life with a positive frame of mind. Come what may I will face it and I will solve it. I know when you start focusing on the solution you will get one. Our mind is a wonderful tool which works according to how we have programmed it. It will work with a balanced and calculated approach if that is something which we have fed in our mind for long. The way you handle life that is the way your mind programs itself and decides your approach towards life. I would like to share my own experience here. There were times when I concentrated on the problem alone and cried for help. But it was only when I started looking for solutions that I could find a way out. I have sought help and I was always guided in the right direction by my God. He never left me alone in the hands of circumstances but God always held my hand and moved me out of all my troubles. My faith in God has only strengthened with time and I know we share a great bond. A bond which cannot be explained in words but can only be felt. My strong faith in God has always helped me deal with all the life’s problems.

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