Dare to Dream - Make your Dreams come true

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Dare to Dream

If you dare to dream then make your dreams come true. There is no fun in living a life without purpose and dreams. Have a dream and make them come true. You don’t need to care what other people think or talk about it. Their perception does not carry any significant importance in your life because it is your dreams, your goals, and your life. When you can dream it you can do it. Have faith in your own abilities to make your dreams a living reality. Don’t bother how hard it may seem now or you may doubt yourself for dreaming about something which is impossible. You just dream and then take action towards the achievement of your dreams, you never know how the entire universe will act as a rock to make your dreams successful. When you are clear about exactly what you want to achieve and have a very clear picture in your mind then there is no looking back. Keep your eyes and mind focused on what you want to achieve and you will be guided in that direction for the fulfillment of your dreams. I personally feel that a strong connection with God helps you in the achievement of your dreams because when you connect deeply with him he helps you in a lot of ways. You can hear him through your intuition and specific messages which are meant only for you. Your entire sense will open up to his communication when you are connected to him. Your creator guides you and helps you in fulfilling your dreams. Let people think whatever they want to think when you sound too spiritual to some because when your work is big it has to be divinely guided.

When your goal or dream is clear to you, you will be guided in that direction to study accordingly and gain knowledge of your subject. Remember gaining knowledge of your subject is very important because without specific abilities it will be difficult for you to achieve what you desire. You can always hire people to do your work but when you get 100% involved with full heart and soul then it is a different feeling. Once you conceive an idea and start your work towards it, you will see that you will meet like-minded people who will understand you and your dreams and help you in whatever way they can. Do not expect too much from anyone but when you need help do ask for help and be confident that you will get help. Your positive thinking matters a lot because there will be lots of obstacles which you will have to face on your way but with your positive mindset and problem-solving abilities you can get any work done. You will meet different people who will provide you help, some times you may not get much help and have to manage everything on your own. When such a situation arrives be in the driver seat and don’t look back, have faith in yourself and have faith in the cosmos that when you need help the most you will get it. Leave no stone unturned to achieve what you are capable of achieving. Let no self-doubt or doubt of other people come in between you and your dreams. Naysayers will always be there but that does not mean that you should stop your work in the middle and start believing them because you are facing too many problems. Just hang on, hold on, keep trying, have faith, keep doing, be assured of your success because when you feel tied up till the neck that is the time you start getting solutions.

The problem with most people is that they stop trying and there are very few who walk an extra mile for the achievement of their dreams and these are the ones who create history and have their names written in the biographies of successful people. When your dream is big people will mock you, judge you and even convince you to give up on your dreams but you don’t have to believe them and have faith in your capabilities to achieve the impossible if that is what you want to achieve. Those who have dreamt the impossible have achieved it and have set an example for other people not to believe in the word impossible. Previously when the airplane was not discovered people thought that flying was impossible but it was made possible so the only person whom you should convince is you yourself that anything or everything is possible. If you can dare and dream then you can achieve it. You are the master of your own life, creator of your destiny, there is nothing which can stop you. Take the first step in faith and believe me everything else will fall in the right place.

I would like to give my own example here. I did graduation in Zoology Hons and then did an MBA in HR and Marketing. I wanted to do a job but my destiny brought me to business and I became an entrepreneur but after some time I realized that I had got a different calling. I joined Jaycees and then graduated as National Trainer in the year 2012. I am a Soft Skills Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Writeriter. I understood that this is my calling. When I see talented people with lots of abilities destroying their life due to stress and personal problems, getting into drugs and alcohol just to reduce their stress. I feel I should do something about it. The present scenario needs a change and there has to be someone who has to bring about a revolution because the mental problem is taking over physical problems. People are committing suicide, they cannot handle the pressure. I really get dishearted when I see and hear such things. I want to change the mindset of people not just in my country but throughout the world. I want to travel the world, I want to inspire people by my talks and writing. I want to show them the right way of living and destressing themselves by connecting with God. I have got my peace from him and I want everyone to get their peace. Though there are lots of people doing this work the problem is that they are so much God-fearing that they create more fear than solutions. God is not someone who has to be feared, you can reach out to him in the way you want. He is the ultimate source of power when you connect with him through yoga and pure heart he will reach out to you. I want to change the taboos of the society in which all these people are making money by spreading fear of God. I want to bring people close to spirituality so that their lives can change as I have changed my life.

When you change your thinking and mindset a lot happens in the inner level and that is what needs to be worked upon. I have got aware of the truths of life and I want to spread my word through my work. I want to see everyone happy and blissful so that there is no misery and sorrows. A lot of problems is caused by your thinking, the problem is the size of a mustard seed but you make it into a mountain by your negative thinking. I want to bring a revolution. I don’t know how I will achieve it but then that is my dream and I dare to dream it. I know the entire universe will help me in the achievement of my dreams. I have faith in my abilities and I have faith that I will meet very specific people who will accompany me in my journey so that I can make my dreams come true. I know I will receive divine guidance and help. I know that my God is with me and with him by my side I don’t fear anything.

I just want to tell you, people, to reach your full potential. God is not just in temples and Puja Ghar but he is in every work which you do with your full potential. If you work with your 50% potential then you are not doing god’s work, you need to give 100% to whatever you do be it your job, your business or just anything which matters in your life. Don’t approach anything half-heartedly, give your 100%. God gave you one life why not live it 100% and work with your full capacity. What is stopping you? Break your barriers because none exists in reality except in your own mind. Break down all the walls and dare to dream and make your dreams come true.

My blessings are with you all. I also need everyone’s blessings and help to make my dreams come true. Come be a part of my journey. I love you all.

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