Create your Kingdom on this Earth - Are you Ready?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-08-19 19:06

I believe God gave one life to live it kingsize so when you have to live a king-size life you have to create your own kingdom. When you want to create your own kingdom than you have to work, not just normal work but something big very big which makes your dream come true. Normal and mundane work is done by many, please do not follow the masses but write your own success story by taking a path that has been taken by none and having the confidence that you can do it. If you believe that you can achieve whatever you have conceived in your mind I bet you nothing is impossible. The word impossible was coined by people to have a narrow escape so that they could label something as impossible and tell the whole world that they failed because it was just not possible. Live your dreams, have passion for your dreams, make your dreams your blood which runs down your veins so that you can never forget them even for a while even when you are sleeping then you will get what you want. When every drop of your blood can show your madness or “Junoon” for whatever you want to achieve in your career you will make things happen. Even the Gods will come down on earth to support you and will help you in your journey by means of people who will guide you and even work with you.

Get mad, get going, just go and achieve your dreams. People around you will mock at you when you share your big goals with them so keep it with yourself. It is your life and it is your dream and it is you who has to achieve it. Until and unless there is madness in you for what you want you cannot get it be it career or love so accept that fact. Don’t take “No” for an answer, if you cannot get help from one person reach out to another and then another till you get a “Yes”. Have faith when you work hard for the achievement of your dreams to create your own kingdom things will get tough at times and that is the way God prepares you for your journey ahead. When your purpose in life is big the hammering which needs to be done on you has to be something which you cannot even imagine. You will have to pass all the tests put forward in your path and then only you will get a pass certificate from the higher powers and then only you can make your dreams a living reality. No one is stopping you from living your dream life, why to accept someone else’s definition of life for yourself when you know that it is their reality and not yours. Create your own reality and let no one invade your space.

If your journey is getting tough and you are finding it difficult to breathe “Congratulations” because you are being prepared by the divine for something big which is out of the world. You will achieve your dreams, get power, recognition, name, and fame. You will get everything which a normal human being just dreams about but dare not achieve it but you are someone who has moved out of your way and made your dreams come true. Life is good and the bad days are meant to teach you a lesson. It is all upon you how you take it. It is up to you, you can either drown in your sorrows or ride a boat in the water which you have accumulated through your tears. Don’t let your sorrows or pains stop you from living the life which you always wanted to live but could not. I do agree that life is challenging at times. Who knows this better than me. My married life crashed in front of me, then divorce papers than people blaming me for no fault of mine. I have gone through extreme pain, on top of that my health problems created havoc in my life. I have handled both physical and emotional pain at the same time. I have fought all my battles bravely and never gave in. After 2 years of living a pathetic life, I have been labeled victorious by my Gods. I know things get tough at times but then you are much tougher than your problems. With your self-belief, you can do anything. Have faith that things will turn out for the best and the future has got good things in reserve for you.

It is only when you keep going and don’t stop that you get your gifts which would have been left undiscovered if you would have given in and not fought bravely. Keep going, don’t stop, nothing can overpower you. Learn to grow above your pains, You are much more challenging than life itself. How can life challenge a tough soul, even the Gods will say “Amen” when they see your determination to get what you want in life. You need to be dedicated to your work, be fully committed to creating your own kingdom on this earth. Just dreaming will not do you will have to move out of your comfort zone and take action. If you have some problems it is ok and fine. Do as much as you can. Keep pushing your limits. You are your own limitations. Don’t listen to people when they say that you should sleep for this many hours or not do this or that thing. When you want something as badly as you want air how can you keep sleeping and achieve your goals? Keep thinking about how to do and what to do next? If your brain stops working then listen to songs which you love in full volume. I bet you it works, when it works for me, I am sure it will work for you too. If not then check what works for you.

Only one life to live and only one destiny to create. Just go out and create your own destiny so that people write about your success story that is what I call a kingdom that you created by yourself. When you want to fly high you have to take a path that is less traveled but do not lose touch with the ground, even if you soar very high stay grounded. Your kingdom cannot be empty you need people there to accompany you and live with you. You can do that only when you are reachable, approachable and humble and don’t let your success rise to your head. Nurture good relationships and keep your loved ones near you. If you cannot give them too much time be reachable to them. They will understand and will help you in achieving your dreams. Just dreaming and sitting in one corner of your house or office is not going to help. Don’t expect God to do everything for you. He will help you in whatever ways he can only when you have full dedication to your dreams. Even Arjuna had to fight his own battles in Mahabharta, Lord Krishna could have stopped the war since he was God, he could do anything but then he gave “Gita” gyaan ton Arjuna and asked him to do his karma. That does not mean he never helped Arjuna but he asked Arjuna to do his part of work. Your path to success is the same way.

You have to fight your own battles because no one else can fight for you. You have to conquer your pains, sorrows, sufferings and even handle the naysayers and achieve your dreams. Creating your own kingdom on this earth is not an easy task but neither it is too difficult. If you can dream it you can do it. Build your kingdom and uplift the whole world. Make the world a better place to live. Be a change maker, do not complain. If there is something which you are not happy with just go ahead and make your own contributions to create a change. I am sure when you share your life plans with you, God,d he will stand with you and when he is with you, you need not worry because he the man who does not chooses everyone to stand with. You are your own power. Your inner self will guide you to achieve your dreams. You will feel it and your gut feeling will help you. Sometimes you will have to take the leap of faith. Have faith that things will turn out to be good. God will not give you sorrows and pains all the time. Have faith that you will get pleasures and success along with a nice man whom you want as your better half.

Just go achieve your dreams and make them a living reality. Work hard and enjoy the process because the journey you take in the achievement of your goals makes you a better person. You will grow in the process and will become a better version of yourself. Keep learning and get better than the best. Have faith that there is enough for everyone. There is no scarcity in the universe but only abundance. The gateway of abundance will open only when you have worked hard for it.

So achieve your dreams what’s stopping you. If you are mad and you are passionate or you have “Junoon” then you can achieve the impossible. Have Faith.

Build your Kingdom and invite me to be a part of it. I will come there.

I love you all and would love to hear from you all regarding the achievement of your dreams. Do share.

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