Conquering Endometriosis and Adenomyosis to be Victorious

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My lone fight with my disease has built me as a person I am today. I know when a person fights with his diseases it either makes him or breaks him. Very few people know how difficult the fight is and it can make you or break you down to pieces but I also know that it is not easy to break a strong person. Here I am sharing my experience where I have fought with my Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. The fight was difficult. Everyday life was a struggle but I had only two options left either give in or fight. I decided to fight because that is what my Dad has taught me. My dad always told me not to feel depressed and fight with all my problems and he had full faith that I would always be victorious. That faith of my dad has helped me tide over all my problems be it health, personal or my business problems. I know I can. I know I will. I know I have to. I have to move on in spite of everything because I am born to win.

My health problems started after the birth of my daughter. I was in regular touch with my doctor. Endometriosis is a very misleading disease and it is difficult even for the doctor to confirm that you are suffering from the disease. My symptoms of heavy bleeding and regular abdominal pain seemed quite normal to the doctor because my Endometriosis had caused Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). My painful periods were too much for me to bear and the pain in lower abdomen was always there. It was something which I got used to and it was a part of my daily life. My mood swings, headache, and body ache was something which I got used to. It was very difficult for me to make my family understand as to what was exactly happening with me. They could not understand and even I stopped explaining them as to in how much pain I was. I had spent many sleepless nights because sometimes the abdominal pain became unbearable. I did not eat painkillers. My Gynaecologist at Orange City Hospital, Nagpur knew what I was going through. She advised me to be on medication for full 6 months where I have to eat Danazol and see if my health gets back to normal. She also told me that it was an experiment, the disease may or may not return back. Sometimes ladies reported a comeback of Endometriosis even after eating Danazol for complete 6 months. She also made me aware of the side effects of the medicines. She also told me that we could go for a hysterectomy if needed after I got a little older. Since I was very young the doctor advised me not to go for uterus removal since after that I will lose the capability to bear children and surgical Menopause will occur. After a full discussion with my doctor, I decided to take my health into my own hands and fight with my disease which took away not only my health but all happiness of my life.

That day I left my doctor’s chamber with a mission to cure myself. I was fed up with the medications. Now I could not bear any more. It was now or never and I decided to fight and let the disease know that I was stronger than my disease. I searched the internet and found that endometriosis and adenomyosis affected lots of women worldwide and I was not the only one who was suffering. They too were fighting their battle. There was a group which was running online where ladies with similar problems can join and discuss their health problems. I would say it was more of a console kind of a thing where you come to know that it is not only you but there are others too who are suffering. I did not join the group. I started searching the internet to sort out my health problems. I found out that Yoga provides great relief to ladies who are suffering from Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. I learned yoga postures from Youtube. I selected those postures which would solve my problems of abdominal pain and heavy bleeding. I also checked that the yoga poses suited my body. Since I was absolutely new to yoga I had lots of body aches at the start but after some time the body pain receded and my body started responding to my hard work. I did Bhujangasana, Paschimottasan, Khandarasan, Charkasan, Sarvangasana, Halaasan. My life started getting better. I also ate Turmeric honey with small amounts of black pepper so that I got relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Endometriosis brought depression in my life. I only knew the emotional turmoil and pain I was going through. All hell broke in my life. I had made a decision to be strong and not give into my health problems. I have a daughter and I want her to know that she has got a strong mother. I don’t want her to see me as a mother who is weak. I had to be an ideal mother and I wanted her to look at me with full pride. My daily fight with my disease started. First I was in lots and lots of pain but then also I never gave in and continued. It took one complete year before my body started responding to all the hard work which I did to cure my disease. Things started working and my health started getting better. I have fought with my endometriosis and adenomyosis for 8 long years and I have cured it successfully. Now also I do yoga and eat turmeric to keep myself healthy.

Health is Wealth and you realize what you have lost only when you lose your health. Now I take good care of my body and check what I am eating. I eat nutritious food and have given up all junk food to maintain my health. Now people ask me the reason for my great figure and glowing skin. But they don’t know what I have gone through. They are not aware of the daily fight and struggle. They just see a new me in the same body and admire me. I am happy to be back to my good health.

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