Connect with the Source and be at Peace

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-09-05 21:01
Source of Creation

In the continuation of the message to my previous articles, I want you people to be aware that a very big planetary shift is happening up in the sky so it is high time that you prepare yourself for it or fall prey to depression. There is a disbalance in the energy around the earth because people are losing touch with nature and are getting hooked to too much technology in their life so the universe has planned its way of balancing things out. Whenever there is disbalance on the earth God’s are born and they bring about a sudden shift in the energies so that balance can be maintained. Now the biggest question is if there is such a huge shift in energies which is going to happen in the coming days then who will help you get through it? I would say it is your connection with the divine or the source of your creator who will help you overcome troublesome circumstances in your life. The more you drift away from the source the more disbalance you create in your life. Nowadays people are looking for an instant fix, they are so mad at fixing everything then and there that they fail to realize that everything cannot be fixed instantly but you should allow the universe to unfold in the way it wants to and declare the reality.

Connecting with the source does not mean doing lots of puja for spiritual elevation but it means just sit still and feel your breath, feel Messages from the Universe regarding a Big Shift, get close to the divine, connect with your true inner self which is waiting to be discovered. It just means it is time for you to connect with nature and live a better life away from the overuse of technology. The problem is people are drifting away from reality, they feel happy in the virtual world which is built by their latest gadget. It is high time that you limit the use of modern-day gadgets so that you get close to the source. Find your balance in life by spending time with your loved ones, family and friends so that you are in a happy state of mind and not stressed. Have you ever noticed that when a small stressful thought stays with you for longer, it makes you angry and stressed but then you have two option either pent out your anger on the person who is close to you or go to the source of your anger and find that inner peace, find that serene inner self which is waiting to be discovered and wants to give you everything you want in your life.

Always remember whenever big shifts happen in the universe you start receiving messages about it beforehand. Now you have the option to either adjust or be prepared to face the consequences. In this materialistic world, people are drifting away from spirituality and that is the only reason for stress, suicide and lots of other health problems. The more you drift away from the source of your creation the more problems you welcome in your life. But now the creator who has created the universe needs to maintain balance and he cannot see his own creation moving towards darkness. The equilibrium needs to be reached and that is only possible when he just makes things happen and you are left with no other option but to adjust with the change. The sudden change may blow your mind or just send you in a state of complete awe where you keep wondering what happened and the whole world around you has changed for better. Keep in mind that things shift for better and not for the worst. How can the creator who has brought you here on this earth give you misery? He cannot see you in pain. He just wants you to learn good and healthy ways of living your life so that you know the art of living. Art of living is not a course that people are capitalizing on but it a way of life that needs to be taught to humanity now since they have lost touch with their true self and is looking for happiness somewhere else while it is hidden with them only.

Just connect with the source and be at peace. Do not look for fulfillment outside of you, but dig deep inside and look for that inner fulfillment that will never be taken away from you nor can anyone steal that. You are always secure with your inner possessions because no one can steal it from you. Your inner divine self is the source of creation and be aware that you have the power to be one with the divine and download the whole cosmos within your body. You are not an ordinary human being but a spiritual being in a human body who has the power to not only connect with the divine but also to get one with the divine and download the whole power of the universe within you. Just make your mind still and look back, you will see your life and then conclude how much happiness you got from it. I bet you that you wanted something more from life but you could not get so you settled down for something lesser because you had no other option. That unfulfilled desire will find fulfillment when you connect with your inner divine self. You do not know how to meditate, no problem. Just sit at one place and take out just 10 minutes, close your eyes and try to make your mind still. Do not stress too much, let the thoughts pass through your mind, you concentrate on your inner being. You will feel that after some time you will get so used to your inner peace that you will wake up early in the morning and connect with your own self. Do you think God is some big grand person who stays somewhere in the heavens?. I would say “No”. God is within you and when you connect with your own inner self. You are establishing a connection with your divine. If you do not like doing puja, it is absolutely ok and fine. People nowadays just do puja for showing other people, there are very few who connect with the divine during puja.

By the way, God just wants your devotion and nothing else. Practice spirituality the way you want. Be in a state of bliss. Be happy because God loves happiness, he is happy in your happiness, he brings happiness and prosperity and that is the only reason you love your God. Right? Start connecting with the source before it is too late. You need to find your true purpose in life and serve it because remember the work which you are doing is unique and no one else can do that work of yours, no one can replace you so give your 100%. If you are feeling lost or overworked then take a break but do not leave your work. Did you ever think how messy things would get without your presence when you leave things halfway which you are meant to complete because that is how the divine planned it? Your concept of life’s purpose may not match with the creator's set path since he always plans for the greater good and nothing less than that. He has sent you on this earth to fulfill a task, do not let him down by quitting before your stipulated time. Do your karma, pray to him, he will listen to your prayers and ease out some part of your life so that you can connect with the source, find your happiness which is lost. Look for happiness in small small things. Get into child mode so that you find out reasons to smile. When you do that you will see that your mind will get programmed to stay in a state of happiness which will lead to a state of complete bliss. When you achieve this state of mind then your whole life will get fun.

Connect with the creator and fulfill your purpose on this earth so that you get Mukti and are not reborn again.

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