Commitment a powerful magnet of life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2015-12-15 15:39

I remember a very famous quotation on commitment “The moment you commit and quit holding back, all sorts of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, will rise up to help you. The simple act of commitment is a powerful magnet for help.”

When you commit yourself to your work you are sure to find a way out though you may not be able to see the whole path standing at a particular place. You will meet people and will experience incidents where people will make an extra effort to help you so that you can reach your goals. The only criteria are that you should always have what you want in your mind so that you attract only that through the law of attraction. The energy which flows from you will match the frequency and will draw other people towards you who will offer you help. Things may not work according to plan, but then it is ok every time things will not run according to our set path.

I have faced various incidences in my life where I have met people who have taken an extra effort to help me achieve my goals and succeed, making my success theirs. I am a soft skills trainer by profession. I qualified as a zone trainer and had to conduct 50 hours of training to just qualify for filling the National Train The Trainer Seminar (NTTTS) form. One of my friend who was a civil engineer helped me out. He helped me in arranging my training programs and helped me plan all my trips so that I could complete 50 hours of training and fill the NTTTS form. I would not have been able to qualify for even filling the national trainer form had he not helped me out. I never knew how I would complete my 50 hours training, but my commitment to becoming a national trainer gathered all energy from the universe and like-minded people came in my life and helped me in reaching my goals.

There are various proofs in my life where people have helped me out when I decided to do something with my full heart and soul. The best part about life is when you have only one thing in your mind and you want only that and nothing else you gather energy and attract energy from everywhere. That is the power of commitment. Life is full of experiences. Open your eyes look around, study people, gather experiences, read books. You will get to learn so much that your whole life will fall short. Fill your heart with love since a heart full of hatred is a dead heart. Once you open yourself you will find interest in your work and you will be committed to your goals too.

It is you who should be committed from within to reach your destiny. People may point out fingers at you, but it’s ok once you reach your goals things will get easy and loved ones around you will get more understanding. Sometimes you have to walk alone and sometimes you may have a friend with you. It is ok lots of journeys of life has to walked alone. Every time you cannot expect help from family and friends. You will meet unexpected people in your journey who will help you. Be prepared.

We all are meant to lead a great life. Go out of your way do something big. Travel a path which you never travelled before, do something which you have never done before. Live life. Commit yourself and attract great things in your life. I always say God gifted you one life live it King Size. So big that the whole universe will see and say Wow that is the way a life should be led and I want to like him or her, such is the power of commitment.

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