Commitment for a Lifetime - Looking for a Life Partner?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2021-11-08 17:27

I strongly believe marriages are sacred bonds made in heaven. God plays the role of matchmaker to bring two people in each other’s life together. You know about all the ways on how to get your perfect match but here I want to discuss the concept which very few people follow i.e working on your energies to get your right match. The universe is composed of energy and the person whom you want to manifest in your life is also energy so it is better to let the universe do its work and you do your work. First, you need to cleanse your energy so that you clear all the energy blocks which are blocking you from attracting your right match. To clean your energies you need to meditate, spend some time with your God’s where you have lighted a lamp and burned some incense sticks because that way you start associating your subconscious mind with your God’s and seek their blessing so that you manifest what you want at a divine time. Clear all the negative thoughts about yourself which are preventing you from finding a suitable match. Just remember one thing it is an abundant universe and someone somewhere is made for you. Every pan has a lid. There must be someone who is looking for a person like you so to connect with that individual you need to focus on your energies.

When you have cleaned your energies write down all the qualities you want in your life partner on a piece of paper. Also, write about the type of marriage you are looking for because not everyone can spend time dating, go for a live-in, or travel together for a test drive. If you are from a family which believes in love marriage but with its own set of rules then you know that your love marriage will be as good as an arranged marriage. Write everything in detail because I too fall in the same category at least now where my parents don’t have problems with marrying a person of my choice but they won’t agree to live in or travel with that person. My dad is a little forward and broad-minded so that many concessions. Write everything down so that the universe knows your limitations and will give you your exact vibrational match which fits in the details which you have written on that paper sheet. Once done place that paper under your sleeping pillow so that the subconscious mind registers the details. Now put that paper in your place of worship and if possible light a lamp on it. You place the paper sheet under the lamp. Now you start visualizing that person. Give him a form. Draw that person’s rough sketch on a sheet of paper and visualize him to be yours. Act as if you already have that man or woman in your life.

Talk with that sketch, spend time with it and give life to your imagination by strong visualization. When you start doing that along with praying the universe gets into action and starts looking for your vibrational match. Sometimes it takes much longer than usual but there are times when you will get what you asked for much sooner than expected. After working on my energies for 4 years now the universe has started sending me signals that my manifestation is on my way. I don’t know the complete detail but I have signs in the form of synchronicities that I have manifested what I asked for. My dad said I can marry someone of my choice according to the guidelines mentioned above or simply go for arranged marriage where he will look into all the matters. I said “Ok and Fine”. I just believe in one thing “What is meant to be will be and if someone is meant to be in my life he will be”. I know that everything which is happening in my life is the decision of the universe for me and under 100% divine intervention.

Have faith your prayers will be answered and the universe will give you what you have asked for. If you are manifesting a specific person and if he is meant to be in your life, he will be in your life. If not then you have to let go of that specific person and let the universe decide for you. Trust the universe it is God looking into all the matters and giving you exactly what you have asked for. Pray, do visualization work, and then let go and let the universe work in full bloom. You start living a normal life and feel in your heart that your manifestations are on their way. Remember the universe never forgets and it is still working on everything that you have asked for in the background without you being aware of it. The invisible realm may be in the process of removing all blockages which are keeping you away from getting your desired outcome. Trust and have faith even on days when you can’t see any signs of manifestation. Remember “Lack of evidence is not evidence of lack”. Trust, trust, and trust the cosmos blindly. When you are on the verge of getting what you asked for, the universe will show you signs, symbols, numbers and convey the message through various other means. You just need to keep your eyes and ears open to catch what the universe wants to convey to you.

Never have limiting beliefs. Clear your mind so that you create a new neuron pathway that sends the right signals into the universe. You will get what you asked for on divine time. Happy manifestation. Congratulations on your new journey. My life is different and my life path is also very different from the masses that’s the only reason I have worked a lot on my energies so that I get my divine partner with whom I will be reuniting on this 3 D plane. This is my last birth so I have to clear my karma with that person. It is a manifestation of a boon that was given by my God thousands of years ago. It took a long time to fructify because of the involvement of various timelines. I do understand some part of it but not everything. I saw a very vague picture of it in my meditation but I could not hold that image for a very long time. I really don’t know what’s next but let’s see what’s stored in the future for me which I am going to live.

I hope for the best. Give me your good wishes because I need them the most in manifesting my life partner and also fulfilling my dreams. The purpose for which I was given 2nd life by my God.

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