Come be a part of My Divine World - Let us work Together

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Hello my lovely readers. I value my relationship with you. I value my connection with you. I thank you all for being a part of my world and appreciating my work by reading my writeup. I am here for a purpose and I know you all are also here for a purpose. We are all assigned to achieve a certain task by the divine or else we would not have existed. Our very existence confirms that God wants us to achieve our maximum potential and give our best, nothing less than that. We all should contribute towards the upliftment of the society in whatever way we can.

I don’t know in which part of the world you stay but if you are reading my article then it means you have established a cord with me and that is the only reason you made a choice to be a part of my world. It may be destiny or it may be God’s choice for you to be a part of my world, whatever it is let’s make change happen. If there is something which you don’t like then take the initiative, join hands with like-minded people, convince other people and make things happen. It will take time but it will happen and it is you who will make things happen. United we all stand and divided we fall. We are all one and not separated by boundaries of our continents or borders but we are all connected. We all breathe the same air, live on the same planet, have the same sky over our head, live in the heart of the same mother nature, live on the same earth. It is not two different places but one. We all are one. It is not you and me but it is “WE”.

There is a famous quotation which I remember “Be the change you want to see”. It is not just something which should find it’s place just in our minds but also in our action. Let us all work towards the change we all want to see in the world. Do not think that there is some problem which is existing outside your own country will not affect you, it will affect the environment Right? Then the problem will affect you today or tomorrow but when you think that there is a problem which exists in some part of the world and I should contribute and do something about it then you will be a part of the change you want to see in the world. When like-minded people carry the same thought in mind it generates a collective frequency of the thought which has the power to bring about the change because that is what you want to see, that is what you are working for and that is what will happen and it is you who will make it happen.

When a single person takes on the initiative to bring about a change and you feel that it is correct from the bottom of your heart then do something about it. Do not just sit with your mobile phone, laptop or any gadget and just keep passing on the message but it is time for all of us to take action. Act, do something, if you can contribute in the form of a donation then donate, if you can help by being personally there then just go do it. Do not keep thinking about whether I should do or not. If your heart feels that you should do it just go ahead and do it. Your heart will always guide you in the right direction because that is the place where God resides and he will never misguide you. If you don’t have time check-in what ways you can spread awareness so that you can support the cause and help the person who wants to make the world a better place to live. Remember it is not your problem or my problem but it is our problem.

Do you think some God from the heavens will come and change the whole world in one Go? Then I would say “No”. Even if “Kalki Avatar of Narayana” is born it will take time for her to make things happen. It will not happen in a day. There is corruption, rape, suicide, wrongdoings, wrong teachings, fake things and so many other things which have taken away the peace of our mind. How do you feel when you pick up the morning newspaper for reading. I would like to put forward my opinion I don’t want to read some parts of it and enjoy reading the part which shows the growth and advancement of my country or all the countries. You will love reading the entire newspaper when you will take the initiative and make the change happen by the work you are doing. Give your 100% to whatever you are doing. Why your employer has to remind you to work again and again. When you are enjoying the salary then you should also enjoy your work. Do whatever work you do with your full heart and soul. Do not get distracted. If you are missing someone and cannot concentrate on your work or you have some unfinished business then better clear that work and call the person whom you want to talk to.

Nowadays when we enjoy 100% connectivity with each other we have got prey to anger, hatred, and jealousy which is killing us from inside and also dampening the glory of our relationship with other people. Be happy with what you have, if not then work hard for what you want. Remember no one can deny you your destiny. If it is meant to be in your life, it will be and if not then it will never be and even if you try to get something forcibly in your life, it will not stay with you for long. It will leave your life. You will enjoy only that which is written in your destiny, nothing more and nothing less so grow up. Have a big heart and a broad mind. Think of the greater good of humanity and do not try to fulfill your own selfish motives. How much more do you want to concentrate on this “I”, let’s think of “We”. The stress which is killing you is self-created and the divine never gave you that but he gave you only his grace. It is you who have accumulated the stress in your life by overthinking and you yourself are not happy with it. You are diseasing your own body. What purpose are your anger, hatred, and jealousy serving you? Think over it.

Our ancestors were happy and lived much better lives than us though the technologies in those times were not so advanced. They had no WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other stuff but they were all connected, their hearts were connected and they could talk to their loved ones through telepathy. Yes, I forgot the best gadget our “Smart Phones”. In this era of hyper-connectivity people are losing connection with each other and with the mother nature and that is the only reason there is so much problem around us. When our mother nature is happy and balanced it will pass on that good frequency to us. Imbalanced energy around us is creating more havoc in our life and on top of that our own negative thinking. See there is nothing wrong in being in a negative state of mind, it is just an emotion and it will happen but you should rise above negativity and welcome positivity in your life.

I want all of us to work together and bring about a change in our world, our planet. Remember it is “We”. We have to make things happen. Let us change our own thinking and bring about a change in the thinking of other people around us by our presence, our talk, and our work. Let us be a living example so that we all learn from each other. Here we do not have to show who is big and who is small. I hope you all will agree that you cannot be me and I cannot be you. When we all are totally different than let us not label each other. Each one of us is contributing in whatever way he can. We should all appreciate that and not pull each other down. Let us grow up. God has sent each one of us with a very very specific purpose and that purpose has to be achieved by that single person only. You cannot do his work and he cannot do your work so better concentrate on your own work. If you find faults, speak up. Have the guts to speak up and show your dis-agreement towards whatever is happening. If you stay quiet today then the same thing will happen tomorrow in a magnified form and you will have to face it because you have no other option.

Let us fill our hearts with love and be love so that we stay in a state of bliss and live our best life. When you have love inside you, you will spread only love which will magnify love and overpower all other emotions. The more love you spread the more it grows. Make friends and spread love. Having a relationship does not just means the relationship of a lover or a husband. I define “Friendship” above all the relationship where you do everything selflessly without expecting anything in return. Don’t you love your friend? Is it that there is something less and something more. I don’t know about you but I never felt that. I love all my friends from the bottom of my heart. Let us all become friends. I don’t know in which part of the world you are residing but then my website is there on the world wide web and anyone can read my writeup there so I believe I am connected to everyone throughout the world.

Let us all join hands and work together. Come be a part of my divine world. Let us all work towards the upliftment of society, save our mother earth, save our planet.

By the way, I want to you all to support Sadguru Ji in his mission “Cauvery calling”. I would request you people to support him in his work by making a contribution in the form of donation on his website -

One man has taken the initiative to bring about a big change. Let us all support him in his mission. It is not your river or my river. It is our river. It is our mother nature. It is our planet earth that we are saving.

Thank You for being a part of my life. I have faith that you all will think over what I have written and even make your contribution to the “Cauvery Calling” initiative of Sadguru Ji.

Thank You.

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