Clear your Karmic Account to live a Happy Life in your Future Births

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-06-10 18:40

This term “life” is a complicated thing and when you sit down to simplify it you have to understand many things. I never believed in past lives or rebirths previously till one day my life shattered in a single day and I could not figure out why so I sat down and took my mobile and started searching for my answers. I also got my answers and then I understood whatever was happening today was because of something which I did in my past life and I had to clear that karmic account so that I can live peacefully in my future lives. There are so many complex terms which were used but I will simplify them to the level which everyone can understand. When you are born you agree with life's package with which you will be born, all the problems almost everything. Once you are born your karmic account starts. It is all upon you as to how you decide to live your life. Whatever has been done cannot be undone but after reading this important article of mine please mend yourself and your habits so that in your future births you live a better life. The life which you are living may be a rebirth and you have lived many lives before that and accumulated good and bad karma. The bad karma which you have accumulated in previous lifetimes will give you pain in this lifetime in the form of people, circumstances and ill health. The good karma which you did will come forward in the form of people who will help you and do good for you.

You must have come across people who tried to cheat you, got angry at you, stole your money, fought with you and even insulted you without any reason and you kept thinking why they behaved rudely with you. It is because of your past life karma, you must have hurt someone or left something unsettled so those people are again born and they meet you and clear their karmic account with you. What you have to do is you have to forgive them for whatever they did with you because if you want to take revenge you will open a new karmic account with them and again the same thing will keep happening. To release yourself and settle down your karmic account with the specific person it is important that you forgive them from your heart and just forget them and move on. I know it is very difficult but you have to do this so that you live a peaceful life in this present life and in future lives if you are born again. When you create a strong karmic account with a specific person then he/ she will form a very close relationship with you and will trouble you because that is what you did with that person in your previous births. Karma is the law of giving and taking. What you give is what you get, what you sow is what you will reap. You have to get above anger, hatred, and jealousy so that you do not hurt someone. You have to have a big heart and forgive people like a peaceful soul who believes in peace and harmony. I know I am sounding like a Sadhu, Mahatma but this is exactly what you have to do so that you do not build a strong negative relationship with a person and keep paying off in the coming births.

You will see that some people will always trouble you though you did good for them and you want them to be happy but they will speak foul words about you and bad mouth you in public. I know this is something which happens with most of us and it is very difficult to maintain our cool at that time. We just want to get a hold of that person and thrash him so that he does not repeats the same mistake twice. In those moments it would be good if you hold on to your anger and sit down with him to sort out the problem and then forgive him. It is always better to speak up rather than keep roaring from inside and burst all of a sudden and smash anything which comes in your way. It is easy to hate someone, to get jealous and to get angry but it is difficult to love someone when that person hurts you and you just cannot forgive him because he was very close to you. In those moments of anger, you just sit down with yourself and think do you want that person again in the next birth to trouble you or you just want to clear your karmic account with him in this birth so that he does not trouble you in the coming births.

Forgive, Forget and Move on is the only mantra for success which will help you. You should have a big loving heart which has the capacity to forgive even the biggest of enemies. You just try it out, you will see that you will feel less burdened and will have more peace in life. When you want to take revenge you can never be at peace because your whole mind is just focused on revenge but when you forgive that person for whatever they did with you, you get your peace. You can now focus on today and forget about yesterday which will help you do productive work. When you send your good wishes to someone then that person can feel it because those are the vibes you are sending to them while on the other hand when you send hatred to someone or feel that way then you are sending those negative feelings towards that person and he will react the same way so it is always better to send good feelings towards a person so that even if he hates you, he will behave properly with you. This is the power of your thoughts and feelings.

Cut down your bad karma and try to live them with a bold face because even if you retaliate you don’t have options. You have the power of free will in which you choose how you will react to whatever has happened with you. For example, if your husband leaves you without any reason and files for divorce than you must have created a karmic account with him in your previous births which you are repaying now in the form of a current tough situation. This is something which was destined but now you have the free will and you can choose how to react to it. You can try and live a good life and accept your present circumstances. You live a good life and do what is needed in spite of having hard feelings for whatever he did with you and adjust your life accordingly. You always have the power to choose how you will react to whatever has happened with you. You cannot control your circumstances but you can adjust yourself to it and do whatever is needed with a cool head. If you lose your peace you will create problems for your own self and those who love you a lot.

Do not get overburdened by life’s problems. Be cheerful, be happy, be forgiving, be thankful and live a happy life. Love all and hate none should be your motto of life. This life is too short to hate someone because if you love more you will get more and more love. Clear all your past karmic accounts one by one in a good manner and live a good life in your future births.

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