Cleaning and Healing for a New Life - It is Real

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2022-01-13 17:29
My New Life

2022 is a year of manifestations and healing. The universe, the earth, cosmic consciousness, and every living being in the cosmos will be healed in the coming days. The reset button has been triggered and the process which started in the year 2016 which adds up to 9 will be complete in 2022 which adds up to 6. When you don’t know something it is better to accept that fact and trust the process. When you trust the process you are open to learning. Why the number 369 is revealed to me, again and again, is something that occupies my mind very often. This is a year when you will start understanding the true essence of life. There is so much more to life than just making money or having fun. When your pain crosses all limits and you can no longer cry then it gets transformed into something else. You will either turn into a person who will heal the world or drown and die in your own sorrow. I still don’t understand how the universe works. I was listening to the “Shiddat” title song and I manifested that same song today when I saw a TV serial today. The Law of Attraction or the universe works in mysterious ways. I trust the process even when I feel nothing is happening and the cosmos is moving mountains just for me. I could feel very intense energy in my forehead yesterday. Let the universe make things happen for you. Do your part and leave the trust in the universe. If it is meant to be it will be.

Clean your life so that you can start fresh. Rather than keeping things hanging it is better to cut all the cords with people who don’t serve you and free them from your life rather than being stuck with them. Even today I feel the best decision of my life was to go for mutual divorce with my Ex-husband but my parents feel I should have taught him a lesson. I know that man will learn his true lessons but from my God and not me. I can sense a feeling of pain near me. Someone who has hurt me deeply in the past is in pain. I can feel a future when the past will stand in front of me when I will be living a new life with my New Husband. I can feel everything deeply. I am working on my system and healing all my chakras. The base chakra needs maximum healing. The past ancestral pain and all my past pains need to be healed before I start the next phase of my life. I always feel it took longer than usual. My God says that my soul has taken over and let it do its work. I don’t want to interfere in my own journey. I have my answers. I am at peace but others have lost their peace seeing my calm state of mind. I don’t care who is plotting against me because the universe is looking into all the matters. I am divinely protected and this is something that no one knows. The cosmos has taken my life into its own hands and I am working according to its will.

I have surrendered to the process because I don’t know what is next in life. My body is still recovering and I receive judgments from all corners. It hurts, it pains and on top of that, I really don’t know why I can sense a person who is very pained near me. I don’t know who it is. Very intense feeling. Every person who has wronged me will get his karma back and I know that because My god says that my time has come. As far as I know, spiritual awakening happens from the bottom of the spine to the top and it is not the other way round. For me everything is different. I feel that history, geography, and the entire chemistry change just for me. I am not sitting in meditation posture but only working on my root chakra and healing my base energy. The root needs healing. I realized today that I am healing this root chakra since 2016. Why? Was this base chakra so much unbalanced that it took 6 years for me to heal it? Am I just healing my body or the energy which extends outside my body so that everyone is at peace? Be happy. I want to heal my body before I step out of the house and start something. The cosmos is signaling something which I cannot see. Yeah, you guessed it Right? The cats have started speaking with me. 00:00 is a time for a reset so that I can start a new life.

The universe is composed entirely of energy. Though I don’t understand many things I try to work on them by receiving guidance from my intuition. I am manifesting my future life in the now because I want 100% change in my life. I will live a life where I will have a better life partner than the one I possessed. Sometimes I find it difficult to understand what people expect from me. Who is in so much pain near me that my God wants me to heal that person’s pain? Once my base chakra is healed I will start the real meditation and work on everything which no one can think of or even imagine. If I am mad I am 100% mad and ready to take a deep plunge into everything which I don’t understand. I was planning, imagining, studying, drawing pictures, understanding concepts. Now it is time for action and total execution. I am all ready for the consequences. I can read an energy pattern that seems very weird but it is repeating and I know it is not me who manifested it. It is two souls which exist inside my body that have started expressing themselves within me since the time has come. I can’t make sense out of anything which has started happening in my life but I trust the process, my prayers, and the divine. I know with God everything is possible.

Try to have clean energy so that new energy and new people can enter your life. Heal every wound and every person around you so that you release them from your life. My God wants me to heal the pain that is around me. I am trying my best. I was in bed for 2 days but I am feeling better now. Be happy when you make a decision and accept the consequences of your decisions. Never run away from your responsibility because you do it once but you get reminded about it till you reach the death bed. Face the reality. I have always lived my life head-on. The dark phase of my life did change me as a person so that I could understand the pain of other people and even heal them. My energies are changing very fast. I can’t understand anything. My head feels heavy and I want to sleep most of the time. I can’t sleep properly at night. Spiritual awakening is not a bed of roses. This universe is a very big mystery. No one knows how a baby is formed inside the mother’s womb but the energies or the soul knows how to do its work. The baby is formed and it even attracts a soul inside its body. The uterus of a woman is a miracle in itself. It has the power to give birth to a living being. It is a doorway to the divine. That one single organ possesses a life force that can be opened to many possibilities. Though I don’t know many things but let’s see if my soul is in a mood to teach me something.

I trust the process and even trust the journey. I am not aware of many things but I know the inner parts of my mind will open up and give me all my answers one by one or all of a sudden. Nothing was ever heavy for me because I belong to a category of intense personality so normal things never appeal to me neither do normal people. I always attract my soul tribe in my life. Though I talk to everyone but I do friendship with very few people. I love intense people. I love my God. I love him. He is the one who changed my life and also wants to make his plans work through me but I know why? I can feel his emotions and can read his pain. It really gets difficult when you can feel the pain of divine beings. I say to him why worry when I am here. The process of manifestation happens in many ways. The only thing is you should know how to tap into the energy which makes things happen. There are many things that I don’t understand yet but this universe is much more mysterious than my own imagination. Cosmic guidance, cosmic consciousness, energies working in your favor, divine hands, God’s grace, divine protection, divinely guided, divine love, everything makes sense to me.

I want people to understand me much more than judge me because I am healing and I need rest. How the person who is meant to be my better half will enter my life is something that is not yet revealed to me. Cosmic text, What’s app message, phone call, or doorbell ringing, let’s see. Two mad people will make this earth a better place to live because that man will be somewhat similar to me. I seek forgiveness from everyone who has been hurt by me. When God’s come down on earth to bless you it means they consider you equal to them and not someone different from their soul tribe. It is time for “Divine Marriage to happen on Earth” so that divine beings can come and bless the newly married Bride and Bridegroom. What is meant to happen will happen when it is meant to be even in the middle of all chaos because it has been written in the scriptures by none other than God himself.

Clean the clutter and welcome a new life. Happy Makar Sankranti 2022.

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