The choices we make decides the course of our life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2019-05-28 18:11

In life we always have to choose between two or more options and once the decision is made we move on with the best option which we feel is correct for us. The situations can be either good or bad but you always have to choose which way to go. Even in the worst of situations, you have to decide what to do because even if you procrastinate your decision for some time you will have to choose what to do. The worst will turn good only when you have the ability to make good decisions even when the water is turbulent. When you cannot make a choice because you are too overwhelmed with your problems then you have to sit down and spend some time with yourself so that you can figure out what to choose. You have to choose in the worst of circumstances and see whether the decision you made was right or wrong. Making a choice is not that easy but when you are determined to choose the best no one can stop you and there is no looking back. There is no need to ask for other’s permission when making a choice. The choices which you make can be right or wrong but it is your choice and if it goes wrong, hold yourself accountable and do not blame others for your sorrows.

It is easy to blame and difficult to take full responsibility for our choices. When you are determined don’t look back because you cannot move back in the past or see your future now, you only have the present and you have to choose what next. In life, you always have a choice whether to do something or not. You have to choose, what is important? Your work or family first. Will you leave all your work for your family or you will prioritize so that you balance both. You have to choose, which work to do? When the alarm clock rings in the morning you have a choice whether to wake up or sleep more. The choice which you make determines your health because if you wake up early in the morning then you will go jogging which will make you healthy or else if you just sit and work you will just keep on adding weight. You choose whether to buy a product or not and once you have bought it then be convinced that you made the best choice. We choose according to the type of person we are. Our choices can sometimes hinder our growth if we choose wrongly so it is always better to choose wisely. The morning is same as usual every day but when you choose to see it as a bright day then your day gets beautiful. Sometimes it is difficult to choose between two things when both are very close to your heart because losing one will not give you peace but you have to choose.

Do make your choices because when you let others choose for you, it does not serve you. To be happy you have to take full responsibility of your life and choose the best. Listen to your gut feel when you are choosing because it will never let you down. The more you choose wisely the better you get with time. You become more approachable and this serves you. You choose the best people to do your work and take help from them. Your choices cannot always go right, sometimes it will not serve you and will be wrong but that does not mean that you will lose hope and not make a choice. Your choices can build your life or break you until your core. One wrong choice can hamper your growth and pull you backward by two to three years so do not make choices in a hurry. Be patient, think logically and think on all the terms before you choose. Your patience to hold on when you want to give up because nothing is working helps you in making good choices in the long run. You have learned your lessons and you know how to choose the best so that others do not point out fingers at you. Sometimes all unplanned things may happen and every choice which you made may go wrong. Do not lose hope and try for one more time, just to be successful this time. Be happy with your choices.

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