A Choice to achieve your only purpose in Life

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Purpose in Life

All of us are born on this earth with a prewritten destiny. You are here to achieve your own purpose in life, the purpose for which you are born, a purpose which is much bigger than your own existence, a purpose which consumes your whole being, a purpose which runs down your veins, a purpose which is dissolved in your blood, a purpose which is divinely guided and he himself is manifesting within you and consuming your total being and transforming you into himself. A purpose in which he transforms you from inside where you look the same to the outside world but you are divine inside because he has occupied your whole inner space where you no more exist and you are no more a normal human being but God himself, then you are left with no choice but to achieve your only divinely guided purpose in life. Your purpose is your life and your life is in 100% control of the divine. Now that is what I call a divinely guided purpose to achieve things which are labeled impossible, to bring a change that most people consider impossible. Don’t apply too much logic when you make the only choice to keep your purpose in life above you then your whole logic will fail because now you and your purpose are one, and your divine will merge with you so that you speak his language, think his thoughts, do his work and live his magnificent divinely life. Now that is what I call the love of God for a human being where he himself chooses to come down on this earth, take over her body and work through her. Really Amazing? Right.

Your whole existence changes since your soul have merged with him and you have lost your existence since he has taken over your body. It is his choice to do his work through you because you are his one and only choice. He did not take his eyes off you and kept an eye on you so that he could take over your whole being at a certain age and announce before the whole world that he is born. He is born to change the world, no one can stop him, no one can harm good souls, no one can spread wrong teachings and remove the miseries of everyone with his presence and his teachings. Incredible right? God’s choose your purpose for you, writes it in your destiny and then sends you here on this earth so that you can achieve it in this lifetime, but the best part is when he chooses you and only you for himself he will come down on this earth for you and will work through you. Now you keep thinking about what is happening to your brain, your body, and your total existence because now you think and act like the creator himself. Great Na? That is what happens when your God chooses you for himself, he makes you totally different, makes you destiny’s child so that some or the other person stands for you when you need help. He keeps an eye on you so that you do not have problems. He even cries seeing you unhappy but then he has no option but to let you suffer so that you can grow through your pains. He loves you a lot but the greater good of humanity is much bigger than anything.

He cries for you much more than you weep in your misery. It is only when you realize everything that you make the choice to achieve your only purpose in life. You are his best creation and no one can copy you neither on this earth or in the heavens and, the space in between. When you walk into people’s life you create an impact and touch the other person’s life, that is how powerful he has made you. He broke the mold which he used to make you so that he remembers you and no one can be like you and you are his best creation living in the entire cosmos. He speaks to your subconscious mind and tells you your purpose then only you realize what he did for you and only you. You then make the choice to achieve your life’s purpose with him and walk with him. Now you don’t fear anything because you know nothing can overpower you, nothing is bigger than you, nothing can stop you, you know that the entire universe supports your mission and you are aware that there is no looking back. Come what may you will achieve your purpose. You have the power to control the planets and make them work in your favor so that they too support you in your purpose and not create blockages for you. Now even the planets obey you and make changes in the heavenly constellation so that you can start your work because you have got lots of work to do in the left part of your time span. You already know that now you cannot rest but work till you make the whole world a better place to live just by your presence and by your work.

Isn’t that beautiful. You know your transformed divinely body carries divine blood which has the power to transform the whole universe at one go but then he chooses to make things happen at his pace so that people around the whole world can digest what is happening and do not keep wondering as to what is happening and start living in an illusion that they are living in heavens, so the progress of change will be at a pace in which everyone is included. You choose your purpose over everything else because you know the creator has waited for you for a long time and planned your very existence much before you were born. He predicted your coming when he was in the process of making the cosmos that whenever evil will take over the earth he will be there on this earth and make the change happen himself and will not hand over the work to anyone but work through the person whom he chooses for his purpose. It is his decision not to be born from scratch as predicted in the scriptures but he makes some changes so that his decent on this earth is silent without any grand celebration so that he lifts the veil in one go and declares publicly before the whole world who he is. Don’t be amazed it is his way of working because he makes his own rules and even bends them, after all, who can question God’s?

When he chooses to achieve his purpose through you he will communicate it to you, it is all upon you look back and connect the dots but if you can’t then be prepared for the biggest jerk of lifetime. When he starts declaring everything one by one to you through your intuition you will keep wondering and questioning yourself whether you are living in a virtual world or real world. You will pinch yourself to find out if you are not daydreaming and you will keep wondering what is happening to your own existence. Now you are left with no option but to be aware of who you are and the reason for your existence. Now you will understand why your whole world crashed and why you have grown through your pains. Great na. Now he will transform you and welcome you to his divine world and give you everything which you desire so that he works through you. The whole world will feel that it is your work but then it is he who is working through you. It is his name which you are living and the world thinks that it is you who is doing your work. Amazing right? God has mysterious ways of working and even showering his love in mystical ways on you and you keep wondering what is happening. You are still to absorb the whole new feeling and your life is moving at lightning-fast speed, before you understand what is happening your whole life will be changed and you will wonder what happened.

Great. Right? I choose my purpose over everything else in my life.

My lovely readers, I know you all are with me. I will share everything with you all and enrich your lives.

Stay connected. Wait for the Virgo New moon on 30th August 2019. It may change your life. See you all.

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