A Changed Journey towards a new Destination

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New Destination

I am writing this article from my own experience. From the time I was born I have learned a lot from the School of life than I did from my B-School so I thought of penning down my own experience today so that you gain clarity of what I want to talk about. Sometimes it seems that everything is fixed in life and you are living a smooth life then all of a sudden you get a jerk and before you can understand what has happened your whole world has crashed. The person whom you loved and married wants to leave your life, he wants to divorce you, the project which you had been working on has been terminated by client and you are clueless as to how to run your office monthly expenses or the sudden demise of your lover, it can just be anything which puts your mind into a tailspin. Now you are left with only two options either mourn over everything and still live in the past or move ahead and rebuild a new life with a new future for yourself. The choice is your’s because it is your life. People around you can give you suggestions but it is you who has to implement it, it is you who has to take charge of your own life and your own happiness. No one else can live your pain, your happiness or your life so even if you prolong things nothing is going to change in your world. You have to understand that whatever has happened has happened for a reason and you need to develop acceptance for it and let the past be in the memories. Do not try to relive the past because then you will be hurting yourself more, you need to get your solace or else you will get into clinical depression.

When you accept your situation the way it is, it hurts less. You need to release the past burdens, anger, resentment which you are carrying in your heart for the person who ditched you. You need to develop a big heart and a broad mind, just forgive the person who has hurt you because now you have changed your journey which will lead you to a new destination. You need to replan your life because the previous planning is not going to work anymore, the situations around you have changed, so it is high time that you change as a person from within and start making decisions for yourself. It doesn’t matter what you did previously, now you have to decide for yourself. Your parents can support you when needed but they cannot decide everything for you. You still have a bright future ahead which is waiting to get explored. You have to make up your mind and close the past as a bad chapter of the book which you were reading and that bad chapter cannot define your life. You can rebuild your life again and write a fresh chapter for yourself. Have faith in God, if you are going through bad times then good times are on their way. God makes us go through various circumstances in life so that we can understand that we are here to do something which is much bigger than us. A work which is assigned only to us and no one else can do that. In living our everyday life we get so busy that we forget the real purpose for our existence. There are very few people who are chosen by the supreme power for their work and if you are one of them then you are one of those lucky souls who can converse directly with God and do his work.

When you start your new changed journey you will be clueless about everything. You don’t have any idea of where to start from and what to do next? It is only when you trust your own intuition and start anyway thinking let's see what next in my life then you will see the whole path on which you are walking will unfold itself in front of you. You cannot see everything from the starting point. It is only when you keep walking that you see your path clearly and you understand in which direction you have to move. Sometimes the movement will be fast and sometimes you will have to slow down so that you can overcome obstacles on your path and start walking again. These obstacles or problems which you encounter in your path are meant to teach you your lessons so that you can make wise decisions in the near future. The more you learn the more you grow. You cannot stop because you are tired, fed up or don’t feel like walking, you have to keep going because when you are a chosen soul you must reach your new destination from the changed journey on time because once you complete this task of yours you have to pack your bag and start off on your next journey. After some time you will start enjoying your life, life’s challenges, success, and your lessons. You will no longer be in a standstill mode where your whole mind went blank when you encountered too many problems. Your confidence will grow and you will change as a person. You will grow into a completely new human being with a changed personality who is very different from before.

I would say your life’s lessons or circumstances change you from within because when you have to overcome a problem which stirs your soul you cannot be the same person again. The heartbreak, the pains, the sorrows which you go through changes your complete being and makes you shine like a diamond which shines bright. The sharp cuts which a diamond goes through are responsible for its true shine, the same way your life’s break down polishes you so that you glow from within. If your happy world would not have crashed you would have been a ordinary stone, it was your life’s circumstances which turned you into a diamond which will spread its light all over the world. You never had any idea that you could achieve so much until and unless you try and get what you want to accomplish. Sometimes the problem with most of us is that we are so happy living a normal life that we do not want to soar high up in the sky. It is only when our world blasts that we make up our mind to do something fruitful with our life. I would say that God’s have planned a good life for each one of us and we should trust his decisions and have total faith in him that he will make our life better. You yourself were never aware that you had so many hidden talents within you until and unless you start using it. You see that everything starts to fall in the right place and along with success you get a great man who holds your hands and says that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. This changed journey which has been planned by the universe will not bear any fruits until and unless you decide to walk on it. When you prepare your mind to reach your new destination then there is no looking back.

Yes, it is true that your past may come to haunt you but then you can do a final closure and bid GoodBye to people who have hurt you because they are no longer important in your life and not worthy of your attention. Close the past and start writing a new chapter of your life. I know sometimes it is easier said than done but hanging on to something which does not exist in the present will only spoil your future. The past will neither serve you nor bring happiness in your life. It will only burden your life with sorrows which will make your life pathetic. Start on your changed journey towards a new destination, be bold take few risks and just move on so that you distance yourself from the people of your past so that they no longer can create more troubles in your life. Have a strong heart because there is no place for weak and feeble people. Be bold and even if your past person wants to come back in your life, just say a straight “No” and tell him you are happy without him and you are in total charge of your own life. Let your success speak for you. Your changed journey towards a new destination will act as guidance for people who have encountered the same problem but are not bold enough to move on in their life. You set a good example for those deserted souls so that they too can take charge of their lives and move on your footsteps.

When your journey inspires other people to do more than you have achieved the true purpose of your life. I would say God chose the right person to complete his task because he could see that brave person in you which you yourself could not recognize. It is only when you achieve the impossible that you realize your true potential, your true worth, the real purpose of your life. I wish “All the Best” to those souls whose world has crashed but still, they have started off on their changed journey towards a new destination.

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