Change – Go for it

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2011-03-25 14:20
Change your life

Wow what a change ! How many people are there who are ready to change and are adaptable to change. Very few. Many want things to continue the way they are going, not ready to learn something new and unprepared to walk out of their comfort zone. They complain again and again about the changing situation and are not ready to adapt. If these people would have adapted to the new & improved circumstances the scenario would have been quite different. It takes years for few people to realize that change is the only constant thing in the whole world. If we are changing for good its well and fine and if we are resistant to change it better we adapt or else we will be left behind in the race for power and success.

Few years back i too had lots of problems adjusting, changing and learning something new, but then i realized if i will remain the same others will walk ahead of me leaving me behind and a day will come when my name would be obsolete. This self realization changed me and from that day onwards i am happy to learn something new & experiment with the new technology.

Change happens to make us better individuals and to make us good managers. Bank employees have changed their method of working from paper to paperless office by shifting to computers. Now a days people communicate through emails and share information about all recent happenings on Facebook which was never seen before. Lots of people are learning how to operate computer and work online to connect through world wide web with rest of the universe. It was never ever thought that such a common platform for sharing like Facebook or other social networking sites would be available where we could communicate with everyone without meeting face to face, but it happened. Few adopted to change and few thought it to be useless. But those who changed were the ones to be benefited.

Technology is changing every second and if we do not keep pace with it and be aware of it we will become outdated. Its very much necessary to learn new happenings in our field and keep our knowledge updated. Lets change for our own benefit and overall benefit of the society.

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