A burning candle or Diya to spread light in different occasions

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Burning Candle

A burning candle spreads light and carries a different meaning in different occasions. Can you ever think of completing your morning or evening deity worship without lighting your diya. I would say “No”. when you light a lamp or diya you feel good and it removes all negative energies of the house. A diya lighted in front of God’s brings positive energy in the house and when you see that burning diya it brings a smile on your face. When you do arti with a lighted diya you actually bring home the goodness of heavens to your home. We do not know how God looks like but there is a feeling that the photo of God or the statute which we are having at home is a pure representation of the divine figure who stays in heaven and comes down on this earth to fulfill our wishes. When your connection with your God is strong you can feel the energy and to create that vibrant space you need to light diya and agarbatti for fragrance. A spiritual environment needs to be created so that you can feel those positive vibrations. I love lighting diya in my puja ghar in the morning and evenings and it gives lots of peace to my mind. Lighting a diya or candle creates an environment of peace when we feel connected with our inner serene self which is pure and is free from anger and prejudice.

People light diya or candle to attract those positive energies which move around us so that no negativity can creep in and take away the peace of our mind. You are going on a date and you want to create an environment where you can express your love there is nothing more appealing than a candlelight dinner where you create an environment where you can express your love and feel your connection so that you can move ahead in life and start your next phase of life with a lovely marriage. Love proposals when made with flowers and candles bring good vibes into the environment where you want to talk to each other, understand each other, understand your feelings and then speak your heart out. You speak about your true emotions, the feelings which you were holding in your heart for a very long time and you were in search of the right opportunity to express whatever was inside you. When that fine occasion comes in the form of candlelight dinner with your best man/woman it is better to go ahead and tell whatever you feel for the other person. You lessen your burden and then expect a positive outcome. Sometimes the loving environment which you have created helps you in achieving the positive outcome so go ahead, create that healthy space and express your feelings.

When you support a cause you can light a candle in masses and do a candle march to show how something is not good and you oppose it and want justice. There were various candlelight marches which were carried during Pulwama attack in Kashmir, to get justice for the rape victim and several other causes. Various people marched on the roads in groups by lighting candles to show their disagreement to whatever was happening in the nation and they wanted justice to be served so that everyone could live in peace. It was to show how much we opposed terrorism and wanted a peaceful nation where every community lived in harmony. A burning candle signifies a burning desire to bring change which is not possible if all of us just stay in our homes and watch television. It is not just about sharing your emotions in what apps groups or facebook but about expressing it in front of the whole society and bringing about a change in people’s thinking. A candlelight march may signify nothing but when it is done to support a cause then it has the power to bring about a big change and attract the top-notch leader's attention to address a specific problem which will bring about a huge change in the society. We may speak and write tons of things on social media but along with that when we just go out of the house and march on the roads with burning candles it speaks a lot about our emotions and the depth to which a human being can go to bring about a respectable change in the society.

A Tarot Reader lights a candle when reading cards. This helps in creating a positive environment where she can bring messages from the universe on her desk by way of certain cards which falls off during shuffling. The energy flows from the cosmos to her hands and thus certain cards fall off and others still remains in her hands. The cards which fall off are the cards which she chooses for the reading of a particular zodiac sign. You will see that these tarot card readers light various fragrant candles to create that environment and they really are in that frame of mind to bring messages from the universe. The burning candle attracts all good energies from the environment and pours it into your place which you can utilize to concentrate and do your work.

You want the concentration of mind than you can light a candle to view it at your eye level at a certain distance so that you can concentrate your energy on that flow of light. When you see the light without blinking your eyes very often you will see that you get a clear perspective and vision which helps you in concentrating on your work or studies. The biggest problem which we all face today is that we cannot concentrate our energies on any particular thing. There is so much distraction which is around us especially our smartphone which beeps when there is a new message, a new email or a missed call. We are living in so much distraction around us that it is very important that we concentrate our energy and do something positive. You cannot work or achieve anything in life with a distracted mind, you have to concentrate your energy and pull yourself away from everything which distracts you. When you concentrate you do good and fruitful work which helps you in getting success. When you capture one frontier you can march on to the next one and there is no stopping but for that, you need to concentrate your energy and work hard which is possible when you get away with all the disturbance.

Light your candle and create the environment which you want to create to pray or express yourself or to get success in life.

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