Breast Cancer - Early Diagnosis and Cure

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Breast Cancer

Any form of cancer is hazardous to health. But if detected early they cause less harm. Many types of cancers are curable if detected at an early stage. Breast cancer is one of them.

There are many reasons for occurrence of breast cancer -

1)Late Pregnancy i.e after the age of 30 yrs
2)Late onset of periods i.e after the age of 12
3)Family history of breast cancer
4)No Pregnancy ( DINK couples who opt for no kids )
5)No breast feeding
6)Menopause after the age of 50 yrs

Its very easy to diagnose breast cancer by self examination.
Check for -

1)Change in shape of breast
2)Lumps in breast
3)Having pain while touching all corners of breast
4)Milk like secretion oozing out other than breast milk

If the above symptoms exist its time to call your doctor. Take an appointment and get yourself checked. Don't hesitate to discuss your problem with your doctor. Open up and let her know the problem. She will diagnose your problem and things will be sorted out before they become problematic. After all its your health and you have to take care of it. Become responsible and save your self from breast cancer.

At Nagpur GMCH ( Government Medical College and Hospital ) has taken an initiative to start check up for breast cancer from 2nd October and it will be held every Saturday. Other organizations which can be contacted are – Indian Cancer Society ( 2557911), Association of Medical women in India ( 9960094676) , Women in Aid ( 2776691), and Central India Cancer Institute ( 9823280081).
GMCH ( 2701612).

Indian Cancer Society is located at - Dr. Manmohan Rathi, Hon. Secretary
Nagrik Sahakari Rungnalaya & Research Center Ltd.
North Ambazari Road, Nagpur - 440 010.
[email protected]

Central India Cancer Institute is located at - 11, Shankar Nagar , West High Court Road , Nagpur, Maharashtra -440010 , India

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