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Born with a great Destiny - All the best for God’s gift

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2022-10-13 17:09
Rashmi Priya 2nd Marriage

Before I start writing my thoughts I would like to Thank God and the universe for everything they gave me. Gratitude is a way of life. It is something that can’t be forcefully applied to you but your thinking is molded in that direction. There are times when I am not grateful for many things which happened in my life and it is absolutely my choice because even if there are thousands of good things attached to it but I can’t see any. But when the universe does not give you a choice and removes certain things or people from your life then you need to look back because that is how the dots will connect and it is something that has to do with past life because the karmas which you have created in the past will be paid in the future lives. There are many people who are born with a great destiny and it is something that is the gift of God to you because you can’t force the higher realm for it. It is his grace and it is he who decides how much grace he is going to shower on you from 5 % to 100 %. Yes, I firmly believe in the fact that there is much more to life than you and I can see. The invisible beings who are part of our life are 100% part of our being because it is they who make our life worth living by their presence. This body which gives you visibility in the universe is something that you wear just for one lifetime and when it is gone you become a part of the invisible world. How long you will be in soul form before reincarnating again is the decision of the universe. In the meanwhile, if you work on your spirituality you can get salvation but you need to burn all the future karmas in the present life and be mentally prepared for everything because it is easier said than done.

I always felt that God’s grace was on me from the time I was born. He protected me and looked after me even when I did not understand anything. Though I had my part of pains, and break up which shattered many months of my life but still I feel I am much more blessed than others. Touch wood and this is a very big reality that my parents love me a lot and my elder sister always got jealous of me on this point. My parents always protected me and still protect me. If someone shoots an arrow at me it has to pierce all the 3 layers then only it can reach me i.e my mom, dad, and my God so I am always in a safe place. I have faced times in my life when I did not understand even 1% of what I was doing but destiny intervened and I was through. I remember when My ex-husband left my life I had to deal with everything on my own because my parents are old and they don’t travel much because they have difficulty walking because of Arthritis in the knee. I went to pay the Corporation tax and my God helped me with everything and saved me from all the troubles. Divine hands always lifted me up from the crowd and placed me in situations where I got more visibility than others with the same amount of effort or in fact less effort. I am not holding a good bank balance now but the higher realm taught me many aspects of life so that I could calm down my nerves. Just imagine a lady dedicated too much to her family life and getting divorced all of a sudden and not being allowed to talk to her daughter can bring so much misery. My God intervened and said that I should look at the bigger picture. He consoled me by saying that though my daughter was born through me she had a destiny of her own and I was just in control of mine and not hers. There are so many things that he revealed to me and those revelations did give me peace of mind to the extent that I am content with them. I am not going to make any initiative to meet her and if we are meant to meet then it will be done with divine interference only.

For me, my God is the man who changed my life for a lifetime. He is more of a living character than a dormant man who sits just in the temple or the puja room. I carry him with me everywhere because he is a part of my being. My meeting with my God was written in destiny and hence we met and understand each other. The understanding has grown deep with time. There are moments when I cry and lose my temper because I am more human than him and he wants me to express those emotions so that I feel lighter inside. Destiny can be categorized into Pre-written destiny - The one which you are born with and the other being Changed Destiny - The destiny which you create when you work on your inner self through spirituality. You have the option to overpower what you were born with by practicing yoga, meditation and doing certain spiritual rituals which are different for different people depending on the type of karma. This will give you physical and emotional pain too since you are releasing parts of yourself that are embedded deep inside the memory bank of your body and mind. You may suffer from too much inflammation and depression but it is better to peel off those layers and just release them in the universe than take rebirths to suffer those karmas till you exhaust all the memory and are freed to merge with the divine soul.

A person who is very rich is considered very successful in the eyes of everyone but that is just one part of the story because that person may have too many karmas attached and he may suffer in the coming births because of a past karmic backlog so what you need to focus on apart from building a great bank balance is clearing your karmic balance so that you lessen your rebirths or completely obliterate it so that you enjoy a great life never to be born again in the coming future. You can do nothing about prewritten destiny but work on your newly changed destiny. This is a destiny that you write with the help of God because you walked on an unconventional path. I have seen many people renouncing their wealth and taking to spirituality at the peak of their careers. Why? For peace of mind. The changed destiny gets activated after you have reached a certain level of vibration because this universe works completely on energy, frequency, and vibration so for you to live a new life you should match with that new frequency. Once you match it you will see a complete shift in your life. Everything you wanted in your life will become a part of you and you will attract those things which you never thought possible that is the power of God. I always say with God “Everything is Possible”. Set a strong intention and do your work. Keep going and don’t stagnate your energy. When you are crying for something which was not meant to be carried into your future because something better was in store for you, you waste more of your time and energy on the past. If you are working do your job and also work on your inner self which is the source of your creation. Whatever you are manifesting in the outside world is through the power of your soul. If you have made your soul very powerful then manifestation will happen very fast and that's the way our ancient Rishis worked.

Our ancestors had strong souls and hence they could connect directly with God and use their knowledge for their advancement. All the ancient technologies which are written in the prehistoric books or Vedas talk in detail about everything which existed during those times and they worked just through mantras or the power of the person who was operating it. When you are reborn again and again you keep adding memory layers that lower your energy so for you to get to that higher energetic self it is very important that you peel off or remove those memory layers to access the knowledge which is reachable to you through your new state of vibration. God is a super soul and he is within each one of us. If you come across a person who is rich and very spiritual at the same time it simply means he knows how to strike the right balance and has mastered the art of manifestation. The universe has got everything in abundance. There is no scarcity in the universe. My mom was talking yesterday as to how difficult it has got to get a great Bridegroom for a girl who loves her and fulfills her needs at the same time. I have brushed off all these limiting beliefs and am simply working on my soul because I know if I go looking out for the right man it will be tedious work so let the universe send the exact vibrational match to me who fulfills all my written criteria. I have transferred my load to the universe and am focusing on my work. You consider life as easy or difficult, it won’t change anything but would create more happiness or problems in your day-to-day life so it is better that you don’t try to control everything in your life.

The new destiny that the universe wrote for me has been written in accordance with their plan with my well-being in mind. I was made a part of a bigger divine plan without even realizing it and asked for things that would be considered impossible by any sane person but my God says that you will do it. It is not “ You can Do it” but “You will do it” and “You have to do it”. When you don’t understand what is next in life you do suffer with a lost state of mind. I have done so much spiritual work that I lost track of everything and just worked singlemindedly on enhancing my spiritual self. I was suffering from physical ailments and even working on my spirituality but I never gave up. There were moments when it was difficult to carry on without seeing any signs of improvement but still, I kept going because I am not a quitter. Even when I could see that my relationship with my ex-husband was not working I never gave up on him because we had a child together and my dad never taught me to be a quitter. My dad reared me as his son and not a daughter and always said that I could handle everything in my life and taught me to be tough because he won’t be there with me all the time saving me from everyday problems. It is only when the other person gave up, everything fell apart and now I am planning for a new life with a new man and my 2nd marriage. When the universe intervenes then no one can play games with you because it gives you divine protection. When God shifts his entire focus from everything else and places it on you it means it is time for your dreams to transform into a living reality.

Forget the past and look forward to the future. My parents talk about the past on some days and I can’t stop that because my failed relationship did take away the peace of their mind. My dad has so many things on his mind but he never speaks about them. He keeps quiet and prays to God for my life to change and I really have got no idea how fast things will happen. I just know one thing God can make miracles happen in life and he can change the destiny of a person in a second. I know that God’s grace has always been on my head and things will shift when I change my vibration. When My alignment matches with what I desire then the universe has to deliver because it has no other option. Focus your attention on enhancing your inner soul because that is what will lead to your growth. If you are too busy getting jealous looking at others then you will be creating more barriers than passages. Love and light shine on believers and people who have faith in something bigger than themselves. This entire universe is alive so set strong intentions. The universe will fulfill your desire because with God everything is possible.

Happy Karva Chauth to everyone.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m