Born to fulfill a Purpose - You are needed

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Bonjour - Pious Year

There are times in your life when you feel that you are just living, eating, and wasting time while the whole world around you is earning and adding extra zeros to their bank account. And I very well know that all of us fall prey to this mentality when we have gone through our worst breakup and have taken a long career break. Actually, this human mind is programmed with too much stuff which is not needed, and that's the only reason these kinds of thoughts knock on your head very often. I am working too much on my spiritual growth and I really need time for that, my parents think I am just wasting time and how will I survive when they are gone? I don’t take too much tension and that is something that helped me tide over my bad days but a constant reminder does take away my peace of mind and I start questioning why am I doing what I am doing. This intuition through which the higher powers speak to me is real or I am just going insane. Your brain is very smart and it will try to invoke fear in you out of nowhere because it is programmed that way. I know there must be many people like me who would be just sitting and thinking that why they are still alive. What is the purpose of life? This divine play was created by the creator and it needed certain roles to be played by all individuals so certain tasks were assigned to them and we human beings gave it the name of purpose. There are some people who find their purpose very early in life while there are some like me who discover it very late and I think it is the decision of the universe.

Not a single creature in this world is alive without any purpose. Though you may not fulfill it directly it may be some indirect connection or you just have to play a small role at a certain specified time for a person who is meant to do very important work in the world at large. For that one minute of work or that one week of work you are alive and that is your purpose. It is true. I was watching Kansa Vadh yesterday on television. It showed a man who made garlands for Kansa who is the maternal uncle of lord Krishna. That man came with a garland when he saw a chariot of Lord Krishna passing through the kingdom of Kansa. He fell near the chariot of the lord. Krishna just stopped and walked to him. He lifted the man up and then wore his garland. The man said he made garlands for that Papi Kansa and it was a dream come true to put the garland around the neck of the lord himself. Then Krishna replied that he had done good deeds and his purpose was to serve the lord in this way one day. That is the time I realized that every person has a reason to be alive. In the year 2021 in the month of November, I was going to the office which I had recently joined. I was sitting inside the auto and the driver was taking me to the destination. All of a sudden out of nowhere a bird came and just crashed with the auto and we both were very overwhelmed to see that. I asked the auto driver to check whether the bird was still alive. He said it was dead. Then a thought came to my mind what was the purpose of this bird to be alive when it was just meant to crash with my auto and die like this? The next day I just left the company because of a certain issue. I realized that the bird gave me the message beforehand and its purpose was fulfilled and thus it died since it was alive for giving me that single message.

There are few people who fulfill their purpose indirectly by helping or assisting someone who has a big destiny to fulfill and these supporters are also fulfilling their purpose by doing that. My mom is a housewife and she supported my dad in every way so that he could earn a good living and live a great life. When I see other moms near me I feel blessed to have great parents. Though they get angry at me at times then it is ok. I know my broken relationship did bring lots of misery in their life and now my dad thinks about what is next for me. When someone in the near family asks about my husband he gets very reluctant to answer that I am divorced. That man who left my life left a big scar on the family. I have to carry his name till I go ahead with my 2nd marriage. The story does not end here my elder sister is always after me. I think we have got strong karmas attached. My mom says that whenever I decide to move ahead with my 2nd marriage it will be a very private affair because there are many people who don’t know about my divorce. Uff this society. I said don’t tell even my elder sister. Why do you need a villain who does not like you and spreads rumors about you? And she said yeah she is fine with it. Overthinking creates headaches so I don’t think much. The burden of one unsuccessful relationship got very heavy. The purpose of the man who left my life was to push me into hard-core spirituality to the point that I seek enlightenment. One heartbreak changed me as a person and the entire course of my life to the point that I think I am where I am meant to be and will soon be where I want to be and that’s my destiny.

There are times when your birth chart will fail even if you are not that spiritual and the reason is that there are many things that cannot be predicted by even advanced astrologers. The remedies which you are given will lessen the effect of certain planets but not nullify anything and there are times when nothing will work and you will have to go through what is written in your destiny even after taking every precaution. There are certain planets that get activated after a certain age and no astrologer can see that before a certain time period then there are conjunctions and many details which get masked but have long-lasting effects. The degrees matter and the houses in which they are placed and the nakshatras along with certain other placements need to be checked. There are planets that behave differently when combined with other planets in different houses and angles and everything is hard to read. So when someone predicts for you don’t take everything to your heart as something written in stone. It is just a road map and can be changed by you. Not everyone is born to do hard work or work 24x7. I sometimes think if God’s overworked then this universe would have been more complicated than what it is now. It's great that they sleep and take a long break so that we humans don’t have to live in a complicated frame of mind. Just remember one thing when you are meant to do something you will do it when it is your time and then go from this earth. That work that you are meant to do may consume any amount of your time but you will do what you are meant to do because the source of creation did not give you options.

When I see other people achieving so much and working so hard around me I get the feeling that I am not doing anything but then I calm my mind that I will do my work and am still doing it in ways that I can and when the time is right I will work full-fledged. To calm your nerves it would be good if you don’t compare your life with anyone and just live it without overanalyzing it. I do so much yoga and meditation that I can’t gain weight and my parents tell me to put on some weight so that I look a little muscular. I am so engrossed in what I am doing that I lose my mind and feel I have landed in an unknown zone since I am working on something which is much beyond my own understanding and knowledge. My memory bank has zero memory about it so it all seems alien. But still, I do what I do because my intuition says that I should carry on and not stop because this is my purpose. The path will unfold and I will know what next in life. There are times when I feel lost and feel like taking a break from everything but there is a small voice that says that such thoughts should be completely eliminated from my head and I should just carry on even when I can’t find a way out. The universe will guide me and the energies surrounding me will never leave me alone. I can’t explain myself to anyone and that’s the worst position to be in.

Just remember that you are born for a purpose and when the time is right you will achieve it till then you just need to do your karma and be at peace. Happy 6th day of Navaratri.

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