Born to Create a Difference with Divine Help

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2016-03-28 16:12
Sri Lakshmi Narayani Maa

Today when I look back to my past I gather all sweet and sour memories. But I am happy that in my journey of 36 years I have learnt a lot from life. The daily teachings of life have transformed me much more than the college studies. I love reading books, articles, journals and almost everything which catches my attention. My dad instilled in me the feeling that I am a different person from the time I was born. There were so many unnatural things which happened with me and these does not happen with any other person. Dad sometimes worried but then he was rest assured that I am a different person born to create a difference. More of my thought process was governed by my dad. I am very close to him and he used to teach me a lot many things. Anyone could find us together with books. He cleared all my doubts in my childhood days and answered all my queries. He worked hard for all the answers and even did late night studies just to answer me. He is a great dad.

After sometimes I understood that papa could not help me with everything so I got to reading. I also got attached to spirituality just because of my dad. He is a spiritual person. I read all types of books which I wanted to read - motivational, spiritual or just storybooks but then I read them and shared all my feelings with my dad.

The area where we lived was a very big space with some jungle and snakes would frequently come to my home. I would say snakes were very fond of me. In all my four sisters it was only me who would be face to face with them all the time. Dad could not understand why all these things were happening but then he told me that everything happens in life for a reason to guide you to your real purpose. I said ok. I was a brave child from childhood days. I would say I was face to face with snakes from the 8th or 10th standard.

Days passed by and I completed my studies, got married and had a kid. There was a lot of learning which took place in 10 years of my married life. I am someone who takes things at face value. I will complain, adapt and then overcome obstacles and be happy about everything in my life. I worship Goddess Durga and I am a firm believer that if there is some situation which I cannot handle God will help me out with it. Rest of the time I am at the driver seat and learning my real life lessons. I understood my real purpose in life and I have figured out the steps and I know with my commitment and complete devotion I will achieve my real purpose in life. The purpose for which I am born.

There are so many things happening around me that I cannot understand even 1% of it but I have the faith that with my true devotion God will help me out with everything. I don’t know what others think about me, the only thing which matters to me is what I think about myself first. I create my own living statement and I never let someone else decide my course of life. I listen but at the end, I do what I want to do.

I do believe in Destiny because every time I lost hope with something destiny played its role. I firmly believe that I can create a difference in people’s life around me and the whole world by my work and by my real presence.

I feel every person can create a difference in others life by their mere presence. Be happy and pass on the genuine smile from a genuine heart filled with love. Do not get into hatred, anger, jealousy and resentment. Some people will have more than you and some will be less destined than you. Accept and work hard to achieve your real goals in life. Do not waste your precious time whining.

Live your life to the fullest. God Gave You One Life. Live It King Size just like a Lion or Lioness.

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