Best lessons from Toughest situations in Life

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Tough situation

There is a very best saying which says “When the going gets Tough the Toughest gets going”. There are various reasons as to why the toughest get going because they are the ones who know that they cannot retreat and they have to keep going in spite of the rough circumstances. Whenever I am encountered with any tough situation in my life I always think that I have to handle it and I can handle it. It is me who has to sort it out and no one else is going to do it for me. I am not someone who will put my burden on someone else’s shoulder and relax. I am one who will get to the core of the problem, understand it fully and then devise a best possible solution for it. I have understood that with anger, hatred, and frustration I cannot solve any problem. If I have to find a solution to any problem then it has to be with a cool head and peaceful mind. Hot head creates more problems and when you want to solve something in an unstable state of mind you only aggravate the problem rather than solving it, so the best way to sort out a problem is by being in a cool frame of mind.

In my life of 38 years, i have faced lots of bad situations or problems which I had to solve and I was never ever prepared for facing those. I am someone who was born and brought up with lots and lots of love from my parents who loved and cared for me very much. It is only when I left my paternal home after marriage that I saw the true face of life. You will face times when life will just smash you in front of your face with a tough situation and you have to find a solution. You cannot complain that you are still not ready or you do not have enough time or you are too young for everything. Time can sometimes test you to the core and you have to hold on and increase your inner strength so that you can easily sail through the tough situation. One wrong decision can ruin your life and outcome both so when you face a challenging situation in life think wisely. I know it is very tough to handle life at sometimes but I also know that God has bestowed all of us with lots of powers which is hidden within us only. When we awaken these underlying powers we can handle even the toughest phase of our life with much ease.

You will get to read and listen to various life stories where people have discussed how they handled the toughest situation in their life. They share their own personal stories and discuss how they made a lemonade out of the lemon which was handed over to them by life. Whenever I got frustrated or depressed I knew I had to handle it. Sometimes solutions came directly in my mind and sometimes my inner self-directed me to people who could help me solve my problems. I would say when you choose someone to discuss your problem. The first criteria is that person should be trustworthy and he should be able to help you with the right decision. Never discuss your problems with everyone or anyone. When you choose someone to share your stuff think wisely. When you cannot share something with your close family members then you choose someone with utmost care. A Wrong person will not be able to help you deal with the problem and he is only going to increase your problem or give you wrong insights over the whole issue. Always apply your brain when you get suggestions because you cannot apply the solution which you got from the other person exactly 100 % but you have to see how much you can apply so that things get better with time.

I would say it is you and only you who is aware of the real issue and no one else can understand your situation correctly so when it comes to decision making you take advice but apply accordingly. When you are in a bad and sad situation you will receive advice in thousands but then hang on just listen with a cool head and then check what you can implement and what needs to be discarded. Sometimes people just pour advice like water and when it comes to implementation they are the ones who will back off because their advice is not at all practical. Always have a cool head when you have to solve the tough situation of your life. Anger takes away your energy and it lessens your thinking capacity. To be fully functional you need to be calm from inside. Have a clear head and be open-minded. Repeat in your mind again and again that you want a solution. Do not concentrate on the problem but concentrate on the solution and soon there will be a spark in your head and you will be able to reach your solution. It is no use crying over spilled milk nor it is useful to think what you could have done so that you could have avoided this problem. Now when things are out of order you just concentrate on how you can make things in order and in the process of solving the problem you also learn your lessons. Remember those lessons so that you can avoid the same problem in the near future.

You have to learn that you cannot solve different problems with the same mindset or the same problem with the same mindset again when it arises in the near future. The situations and times change so you too have to devise different ways of solving your problems. Do not complain. I have seen people getting into a complaining mindset and they even start comparing their own life to others life as to how better they are than him or her. I would request you to please stop comparing your own life with others life because different people have a different purpose of life and no two people can have the same purpose in life. It is our destiny or our own karma which decides our path but yes we can work on our own life and make amendments.

When you are in a situation of fix and cannot decide what to do just concentrate on your work. There are few problems which are sorted out by time and we just have to leave those on time and live our life. Do not cry over a problem or if you want to cry just cry to your heart's content then wipe your tears and take life head-on. This way you will release all that was within you and handle life better. Live your life, laugh and find out reasons to live. Do not get depressed because when you are in a state of depression for a longer time your body will get diseased. Your problems will eat away your good health and the diseases which occupy your body will not leave you because they will build their home inside your body so the best way to handle depression is to get medical help or develop a strong mind. I would say it is not that difficult to handle depression I have myself handled all depressive states by my own self without any medical intervention just by Yoga and God’s help. I think if I can others too can. Nothing is impossible if I can develop a strong mind to my own life’s problems and handle the worst I think anyone can. It is just a matter of mindset which needs to be changed.

Once you learn how to solve your problems you can never fall prey to depression. You will be the one who will easily sail off rough waters or life’s difficult situation. It is just a matter of mindset. I have handled My Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Pre Menopausal Syndrome and even the difficult situation of my own life when I was left in cold all alone by my own family (In-Laws). I have handled everything. I would say I have handled everything bravely. I never let the people who had put their faith in me and had loved me from the bottom of their heart down. My dad always believed that I could handle any tough situation in life and he knew I was not someone who will keep crying. Dad knew I was a fighter and I will overcome all difficulties with ease. His faith and belief in me is something which keeps me going. I love my Dad the most in this whole world. I would say God gave a wonderful dad which is hard to find. I claim to have the best dad in this whole world.

My approach towards life is solution oriented and I know I have to handle my life. I am a very spiritual person and I believe in reaching God for help at all times. God is someone who wants us to be honest towards him or her and wants our true Bhakti. When you remember your God with a true heart he does come down to help you. God is real and as much I trust myself I trust my God that much. He is a very big guiding force within me who guides me through my own intuition. I know and have faith that I will always be supported and guided in every situation. I never feel alone and when I cannot make a decision I just wait for a proper guidance. I have a strong bond with my God and this is something which I have worked on from my childhood days and this bond has only strengthened with time.

I did Mantra Meditation to get out of depression when I was going through the toughest phase of my life. I have already written my experiences about Mantra Meditation in my previous article so I am not going to discuss that in detail. I just want to say that four and half months of Mantra Meditation which I did has really changed me as a person and awakened all good qualities in me which was lying dormant since very long. God gave me the power to deal with my life’s problem. Now I am in a much better situation and have learned to live my life with my new circumstances. You have to deal with life and circumstances are something which is imposed on you and it is always in your own hands whether you make a lemonade out of the lemon or cry holding the lemon.

Face your toughest phase of life with a brave heart and don’t look back in life. Everything happens in life for a reason. God wants us to get better and learn our lessons so that we can fulfill our higher purpose on earth. Trust God, trust his decision and have faith that whatever God decides is the best for you. You will meet and get better things on the way so learn from the past and do not cry over it. Stop crying and start living. That is what I believe in and this my Mantra of life. I love my Life and I love my Dad.

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