Attitude – Creator of Our Destiny

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2014-03-12 13:40

Attitude is the thinking with which we live. The way we perceive life and live it is our attitude. We have heard of optimistic and pessimistic people. Optimist's are those who carry a positive attitude towards life while the pessimists carry a negative attitude. There are people whose attitude remains negative no matter what happens to them while there are people whose positive attitude changes to negative and again comes back to equilibrium when a problem passes over. Every human being on this earth wants to be happy but the problem with many is they do not know what makes them happy whether it is the material and costly things or the small things and love of their family which makes them happy. Fulfillment of desires may or may not give you happiness. The inner self should be happy when we receive a gift or purchase something or when we spend time with our loves ones for our own selves and not with a goal to make others jealous.

Only when we do something with a pure heart and pure mind do we find happiness. Any wrong notion just brings unhappiness. The attitude which we carry shows whether we are happy or not. My achievement, my success and my future everything starts with me and i am nothing more than what i think about myself or my attitude. It is my attitude which makes me or breaks me. The knowledge which we gain through books will make us an intellectual person but it is our attitude which will decide how far we will go. When faced with a problem or any adversity of life it is our approach to the problem which solves it. We can either perceive the problem as a mountain or a grain of sand. It is our attitude which gives shape to the problem and also decides whether we will be able to solve it in the long run. Something is important only when i perceive it to be important and once i lose my focus it gets unimportant.

If i can think i can do a certain task or achieve a certain position in life i can, there is nothing which can stop me from achieving my dreams. I will try and give my 100 %, get committed, determined and put in lots of efforts to achieve it, but this is only possible when i think i can and it is under my limits. If i perceive i cannot do something though i may have ample knowledge of the work at hand but i will not be able to do it just because my attitude towards the given task is negative. I have seen people rising from nothing and people at high positions losing job and respect just because of their attitude. Attitude is a very small word but it creates long lasting effects.

Every person is capable and God has gifted every individual with some unique strengths but there are some who create a destiny with whatever they have while there are rest who keep complaining that the creator just gave them problems and no unique strength. Every person has to overcome or rise above problems to create a life which they want to live. No one is gifted a bed of roses. There are ups and downs in life and only when we face them with a brave heart, we get success. The taste of success is sweet because it comes after lots of handwork and perseverance. The problems do not stop us from achieving what we want to achieve but our perception that we cannot overcome the situation at hand that troubles and haunts us.

Our whole body is governed by our attitude. You are happy you feel great, you are sad to feel sick. Our body reacts to our attitude. A person who is suffering from a disease and taking medicines gets cured faster than expected if he has a positive attitude rather than a person who is caught in negativity and sad with everything happening in his life. Our approach towards life is very important to live a happy and fulfilling life. There are people earning crores of rupees and still unhappy with life while there are others who can hardly manage two meals a day and live life king size. I have experimented with my attitude just to find out how it affects my day and i was astonished with the results. When i thought i could manage the stress and work at hand i was able to and when i thought things were getting out of control it really created lots of havoc in my life. It is simply unimaginable how we can train our brain for the task at hand by means of our thought process or attitude.

My attitude towards my body keeps it healthy and i stay fit. If i am unhappy with any part of my body it is sure to get diseased or have problems in the long run because the unhappiness of my mind transfers to the body part and starts working in a negative direction, but if some part of my body is diseased and i think positive that it is getting healthy everyday it literally gets healthy and shows considerable improvement in the long run. We all are not at all aware of how powerful our attitude is and how it can shape our destiny.

There are people who want to run a business, own a big bungalow, have a great office, own a Mercedes etc. I would say everything is possible change your attitude and change your life. Take command of your life and see where you are and is the present situation going to take you to your destiny, if yes great, if not then you need to change something. What changes have to be brought in life will again be decided by you and one step after another you will reach where you always wanted to see yourself. Everything takes time, do not expect some magic to happen overnight but with constant efforts you will reach where you want to go. The law of attraction of the whole universe and your own burning desire will bring you closer to your destiny and it is you who created it. So friends take full charge of your life and carve your own destiny by your own hands.

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