Acceptance, Love and Forgiveness for a Happy Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-05-16 18:16

Love is the most powerful force in the universe when everything else fails it is love which will help you overcome the toughest situations. Anger, hatred, and jealousy are emotions which just kills you and no one else because the more you cultivate these negative emotions the more poisonous it gets and over a period of time eats away your happiness. When you have the ability to love even when it is very difficult to shower your love is something which can be expected from a matured soul. It is easy to hate, it is easy to get angry and get jealous but it is very difficult to love when the other person hates you and complains about you. Love drives the world, just think how unhappy this whole world would have got if every person on this earth would have been filled with hatred and anger. When you harness love in your heart you make this earth a better place to live not only for yourself but for others too. Love blossoms a flower, when you speak good things to a plant it gets happy and grows well while on the other hand if you say bitter words to a plant you will see stunted growth. There are so much complaints and grudges which each person holds towards another so even when one person has his heart filled with love he can take a stand and make the environment peaceful. A loving nature serves you, love heals you. When you take lots of stress doctors recommend you to change place so that you can experience good things and heal from within. Love leads to gratitude because when you are thankful for everything in your life, life gets easier and better.

When you love and have acceptance for the situation which you cannot change your life improves. When you cannot change a person or a situation it is better to accept it. Complaining and getting angry does not serve you. Acceptance is something which you do for yourself and not for others. When you cannot do anything in a situation which is taking away your peace of mind and accept it as it is your life gets better because the more you complain the more difficult it gets to overcome whatever is happening in your life. Accept things as they are and move on in life, let life unfold in a way it wants to. As a person, you cannot change your destiny but you can adjust yourself to the tough situation so that your life gets better. We all face so many situations in life where we can do very less and we get angry and frustrated. Just pray to God and do the best which you can and have faith that the future has got good gifts for you. You must overcome your present problems and sorrows so that you get those gifts which are hidden from you now, only when you overcome your present problems that you will get your gift which is yet to manifest itself in the coming days. I have learned acceptance the hard way, I know how difficult it is to accept things in life which we cannot change but then acceptance brings inner harmony.

When you accept a situation as it is it also leads to forgiveness. It is something which you do for your inner peace so that you detach yourself from the circumstances which you cannot control in your life. You forgive the other person for whatever harm they have done to you so that you can work with a happy frame of mind. When you hold onto a grudge for too long you create problems not only for yourself but for other people around you who love you a lot. You get bitter and the anger which you have kept enclosed in your heart silently kills you. When you lose your peace and good health then only you realize how much damage you have caused to your body. Forgive, forget and move on, this is something which you are doing for your own good and not for others. No one will tell you anything even if you hold hatred in your heart but it is you who will suffer a lot. When you want to cause pain to someone it is you who is pained the first then only you can transfer that pain to someone. You burn yourself with your anger first before you can yell at the other person. No good is going to come out of any situation where there is anger. The more forgiving and grateful you are the happier your life gets. You will lead a fulfilling life when you have love, acceptance, and forgiveness in your heart.

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