99% Positive and one negative strain

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2010-10-25 13:23
Think Positive

We all are human beings and its very usual for all of us to concentrate on something which goes wrong rather than concentrating on all good things which happened. We concentrate on one negative aspect and break a relationship rather than focusing on all positive characteristics of a person. In this whole universe which is created by God no one is completely perfect. Everyone lacks some or other traits. Can you think of someone whom you can label as 100 % good. No. There must be something in that person which is pessimistic.

Friends break friendship when they find their own friend getting jealous with their success and plotting at the back. It hurts but it cannot be the only reason for breaking a long friendship. There must be other optimistic characteristics in that person. He / she might be very supportive and helpful. They can continue with their friendship because no one is perfect. In a marital relationship it gets difficult to accept that one negative trait of partner and the couple seek for divorce. But there are others who are adjusting and living peacefully accepting the unwilling behavior. We have to deal with people in the real world. We can never expect a person to remain the same. The thought process change and so the situation with changing times. One need to craft out ways to keep the relationship going and breaking the bridge.

Lets concentrate on that positive behavior and forget that one negative trait which is unacceptable and make our relationship work. We really cannot isolate ourselves from this world and lock our self in a room and say that “ i will not keep relationship with anyone “. We have to move on in life and give every relation its own time so that its flourishes and we can reap lots of flower at the end.

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