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6th Sense is a Divine gift - Connects with the source of Creation?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sun, 2022-10-16 17:13
I am Time I am the Universe

6th sense is the sense which connects you directly with the source of creation surpassing the mind. When you are too much into your head you will see that your happiness quotient decreases while if you are someone who lives his life from the heart then you will laugh much more often than usual. 6th sense can be anything from intuition to clairvoyance or claircognizance or connection with the source. Yes, I very well agree with the fact that we all have come to this earth before and it is not a new place for many souls. When there is rebirth then memory will exist but 6th sense is something beyond that. If you connect strongly with the invisible world through your 6th sense you will see that an entirely different world will open up for you since you finetuned your frequency with the source. It can give you access to everything which exists, which existed and will ever exist in the near future. This technology is that smart but it depends on how strongly you are connected to it. It all depends on your spiritual work because this universe has got everything in its womb and what you discover is absolutely your choice and according to your capability. If you are capable enough then you know what is lying in the depth of the ocean floor even without reaching there, you can read minds even from a distance because the concept of space does not exist for an ever-expanding universe because it connects everything.

Whatever you perceive through the 5 senses is just visible stuff while your sixth sense connects you directly with what is lying across the universe. When you go into deep meditation you will feel many things and have many visions which may yet not be in your experience but when you connect with this part of your sense you will feel when something is going to happen. People can predict even the correct time and date for certain events to happen. It all depends on your evolution. When a certain person has heavy downloads of information because they need it to do their work or get answers to their question simply means they tapped into the other realm through their mind. All the discoveries mankind has made to date have been made with the help of otherworldly beings whom they never saw but got help from. You will find ample examples of people who connected with the empty space through their intuition and got exact answers to questions that they needed at that time. This space near you has much more information than you can accommodate within your brain box. You simply need to connect with the Wi-Fi of the universe to access the information because it is very difficult for any living being to store so much information because there have been many Siddh yogis who have worked hard on themselves and contributed to the knowledge bank of the creator. Intuition is something that helps you access everything which is lying out there in outer space. This outer space knows your past, present, and future. It also contains information about your new destiny if you change your vibrations by following the path of spirituality. Nothing is hidden but you have to tune yourself to read what exists there in outer space.

If a person knows how to tap into the information then he is a Divine Genius because the source of creation chose him to access the source code and all divine knowledge for the well-being of humanity. There have been ample examples of how extra-terrestrial beings helped humans in moving ahead in technology and make their lives better. I don’t deny the fact that I don’t understand everything but I understand a few things. The entire cosmos is connected to a wi-fi network which can be accessed when you carry the same frequency. Your mind need not understand the frequency but it is your soul which should understand it. The best part is even if you skip your mind and start living 100% with the soul using the network connection of the universe you will live a great life because the source of creation has all the knowledge and it will make sure that your bank account is full. Everyone can’t get access to this advanced knowledge but if you are someone who has the code and wants to use everything for the greater good than the universe will be joining hands with you and become one with you. There is a source code that exists in you and the universe can read that. Every person can’t desire to do the same things. If this pious knowledge lands in the hands of someone who will misuse it then the creator himself will punish him or plan his destruction. That is the power of the universe.

6th sense can be anything from using your intuition to everything which is still not in your preview. It has got nothing to do with the memory of the mind because it is more of the source memory. People think it is their own memory but it is far beyond what you and I can think it to be. You strengthen your soul through yoga and meditation then you will know what is the power of this invisible giant cosmos which people think is not alive. As much as you and I can breathe similarly the cosmos also breathes through you. When you align with cosmic geometry you will get help from the Akash which has divine intelligence which is much beyond your own understanding. Once you get this divine help your entire life will become a play because the unmanifest has everything which you want to manifest in this world. Everything is made up of the same ingredient so the building blocks are the same. What you want exists near you and it is just a matter of changing shape so that you can get your manifestation. God is also a human being but much more evolved than us. How can he make everything happen? I am sure every one of us must have thought about it someday. The answer is he shares such a strong connection with the entire cosmos that everything is possible for him but when he reincarnates on this earth in the form of a human being he says goodbye to some of his powers so that he makes human beings realize their own true potential.

If you are happy living a normal life and owning a huge bank balance and think you are at the top of the world then I am sorry to break that mirage of yours because if you are not connected with your soul then you can never be at peace. There are many truths about life that no one speaks in public but it exists and the reality is very different from what you see so never judge someone’s life by the number of happy posts they do on Instagram or Facebook because the reality may be very different from what you can see. Apart from the physical body whatever exists is all a part of the sixth sense because you can access it but still don’t understand where it landed in your memory. People think intuition is a small thing but if you are highly intuitive then you can predict everything very precisely and build a fortune out of it. It all depends on how much you are connected with the source. I am still understanding many concepts which are alien to me but the seeds which have been planted inside of me by the divine has started growing. I have no idea what I can do with everything which has started taking over my conscious mind but let’s see is the attitude I carry. When you don’t understand much about the divine gift which has been handed over to you because you carry a clean soul then it is better you surrender because your brain can’t process any information since nothing is in its experience.

The yogis who accessed the entire cosmos just by sitting in one place must have got access to things that overwhelmed them much more than these worldly possessions that they renounced the world in search of that knowledge and were happy with it without getting access to any material wealth. A wealthy man may mock Sadhu with simple clothes but that rich man has no idea how happy the yogi is in his world. Everyone is aware of the fact that you can’t carry anything with you and when your soul leaves your body you are dead and all the worldly possessions are gone in that very instant but if you transform yourself into an enlightened soul then you live a more peaceful life. The universe has the power to build everything which you want in seconds and science can never understand that. Don’t look for proof but connect with your soul which is your only reality. This body means nothing once the soul is gone. This body is just a place for the soul to live for one lifetime so never think this is who you are. If you think something is impossible then you need to connect with the creator and set a strong intention then see what happens next. I bet you that you will live your entire life in complete amazement because things start happening on their own and it feels like you are more of a spectator than a player.

Connect with the invisible realm and live a divine life like that of the creator because God is a soul who has got a super added to his name. You too have the option to add that super in front of your soul name. Got my point. Happy Life.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m