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Your Choices builds your Destiny - Choose Wisely

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2022-03-15 16:21

Your life is nothing but a combination of choices that you made. Be happy with your present self because it was you who chose that life. There are many things that will work and many which won’t. It is useless crying over how far you would have gone if you had a picture-perfect life and things went according to your plan. When I look back at my life I conclude that the unplanned part took away my mental peace and good health. The universe always has so much in store for me that I keep wondering what they are up to. Changing a career and writing a new destiny at the age of 42 does require lots of guts especially then when your new identity is something which you can never imagine even in your wildest dreams. I feel lost and really can’t understand where my life is heading. My God wants me to trust them, have faith in them and completely surrender even when I don’t know what next. I don’t have anything to lose because everything I earned till today got lost. I don’t want to return to Nagpur though I have my own home there. My dad says I can live a great life by doing what I love and selling my property at Nagpur and staying with them. I will never suffer from a financial crisis since he has planned everything for me. Then I ask the question. Can money buy happiness? No, it can’t since it has too many limitations. I believe in loyalty be it in my relationships or my work. I remember the commitment I made to my God on 30th December 2015. I have stuck firmly to it though the work which I do causes me so much physical pain.

My body aches and pains. The right part of the chest is still paining from the energy imbalance in my system. It creates problems when I try to sleep and wake up but still I don’t give up. That is a choice and my commitment to complete the task which has been assigned to me by the higher powers. I have seen life to the ground level. I have seen people changing when their bank balance changes but in the end, I have seen them crying for loved ones who distance themselves because you have to tender your work and your relationships. I think I have the power in my hands to write my destiny as to what will happen next in my life but then I understand that I am human and the command of my life is in the hands of the universe which has already written my destiny and has made ample changes in it so that I can fit into their purpose. Then I do question Do I have free will? Do I have the power to decide what I want to do 2 years or 3 years from now? I think I can plan and hand over the sheet to the universe and it is them who will give a nod to whatever has been written in the script. When I meditate I get my answers and I start questioning my sanity in making my choices. How can I choose so much suffering for me even when I was in soul form without even realizing the amount of pain it will give to me when I incarnate in the form of a human being. A soul cannot experience pain or pleasure but a human being has all his senses alive.

Your choices build your life. When the universe takes a pen and paper and gets interested in writing your life once again then be prepared for a life full of adventures. If you want to study something just do that but then don’t regret that you made that choice. If you choose a job just go ahead and put your heart into it. Money will follow. Do not compare your lifestyle with someone else’s because two people can never have the same life because they have a different purpose and a different journey. You never know how happy or sad someone is by just looking at their social status or Instagram posts. Want to marry someone just go ahead and do that but stick to your choice and don’t regret your decision because the person may not be available for you in the long run. Do what you feel is right but make all your choices with 100% commitment. Even God loves committed people. He never gives important tasks to those whose mind waivers too often.

When you don’t know what's next in your life just trust the universe and let go of control issues. Rather than you trying to control your destiny just do your part and let the invisible world be in control. This is something that I have learned from my journey of the last 6 years. One wrong choice landed me in the place where I am today and I know I was meant to be in this place because otherworldly beings had written a new destiny for me on 30th December 2015 when I committed to doing something and made a choice to be part of the divine plan. I don’t work all the time and my life is not at all disciplined but when I work I am 100% into what I am doing. I trust my God that when the time is right everything will start happening one by one or all of a sudden because as my vibrations change the universe will decide the next step. The cosmos responds to my changed vibrations and when I am in alignment with my manifestations everything which I have asked for will be in my life because the entire universe works on energy, frequency, and vibrations. I would have died in the year 2018 but I am alive till today and that is living proof that you can’t die unless you have served your purpose and fulfilled your commitments and soul contracts which you made.

This Maya which has been created by the universe is hard to break and it is only God who can do Leela. When the supreme does his Leela you get stunned that he can transform himself into a completely different being. I have heard a lot about Krishna Leela and it was his choice to incarnate on the earth and do his work in the way he did. He had no idea that he was God till one day he was made aware of who he was. He meditated and got ready to fight all the battles which he was meant to so that he could serve his purpose. God’s are divine beings who are born on this earth to bring back cosmic order and peace in the universe. You think in terms of your life, your country, and the world at large but for God, it is the entire universe. You cannot break the Maya nor can your escape it but you can play your best role, complete your full tenure, and then say goodbye to your life. Remember one single person can transform your whole life and I mean in a good way. One single heartbreak transformed me into a person who is fearless and ready to serve her purpose. One single person can rewrite your destiny and transform you into a completely different person. One single relationship can change your entire outlook towards life. Yeah, it is true.

Believe in Love, Believe in long-lasting relationships of marriage. Give it your all so that you rewrite the history and teach people how to love and maintain their bonds. God came down on this earth again and again so that they could teach human beings the greatness of love. Nothing is above love. You cannot buy love and you can neither sell it but when you have love in your heart you can bring the divine on this earth because even the gods bow down to love. That is the power of love. When you feel directionless just do what feels correct to you and you will receive guidance from the universe. The people who feel lost are the ones who have too many things going on in their heads. Just calm down, meditate and see how the outer world transforms to give you peace and sanity. The universe behaves differently with everyone. The thoughts and beliefs which you hold in your mind decide what you are attracting in your life. The ocean is the same but some get pearls, some get gold and some get only diamonds. Life is not unfair to anyone it is you who has to look at the good part because escaping from reality won’t change it. It is only when you face the reality with a brave face that you can get all your solutions.

Write a new life for you in the year 2022 because the time has come. The planets are aligned and the universe is on your side. All the Best.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m