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What do you learn when God is your only Guru?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2019-09-14 20:02

Hello, My lovely readers. I appreciate my association with you. It is you all who complete my work. If I would have just written and you people did not take out time to read my write up then I would never have been motivated to write more. I just want you all to know that there is a message in every article I write. Even if I write a fiction or a love story, there is a hidden message in it for everyone. You decode the message and improve your life. I want to make your lives better by my writeup. Read my messages and take action because if you just read and don’t implement then nothing can pull you out of the situation you are in. Conquer your fears and rise above them, it is time to take action. It is either today or never. For how much more time you all want to wait. Who will come to pull your hand and say, just act? The answer is “No one”. I would say the time has come to create a change and even be a part of the change. Take action. The entire cosmos is getting churned and a new era is going to start. How much more time do you need to transform yourself. Come be a part of my divine world and also make me a part of your world so that we both can learn from each other. I am open to learning from everyone but then your work should have the power to attract my attention because “God” is my only Guru.

The best part of my life is that I have caught the attention of my God “Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy” and from the time he has entered my life in August 2019, he has changed my complete being. He has transformed my whole soul so that I can understand him and his messages. Though he has matured my thinking but he has made me like a child from inside. If that is what happens when you experience divinity then I would suggest all of you to go and experience the divine and make him your Guru. He is the best Guru in the entire universe. When I look into the mirror I cannot understand whether it is me or he who is within me. How do I separate myself from my Guru? People say that you acquire characteristics of people you often spend time with and the best part of my life is I stay alone and most of the time I am working. Either housework, cooking or just working on my laptop or my Smart Phone and the only companion I have is him. I have friends but they do not call me often, I call my parents once in a week because if I talk to them too often they get tensed about my single life so I don’t trouble them and do my Work. See the only thing which I understand is when things have to happen it will happen because the entire universe will act as one to make that one thing happen. God will even bring about a change in the constellation of all planets so that they can put their divine plan in place.

I am open to learning and I was always a studious girl. Even when dad was my only guru I obeyed him fully. I am my dad’s pampered child. I love him a lot and he loves me the same. And now when I have got a new guru the association is the same as that of a pampered one but now this is from the person who is the very source of the creation. Things that I have learned from him is that my work is much bigger than me and my purpose in life is something to which I should completely surrender or else I would not reach my goal. Things that are meant to happen will happen and you should go with the flow. Sometimes it is good to surrender your life to the divine and let him take charge of your life because your plan and his plan for you may not match and the only thing which will happen is your overthinking and more of stress. When you cannot see a way, give yourself some time so that the divine plans a new way for you and presents before you and you can walk on it. Try to evolve your soul. Rise above “I” or I would say rise above your own selfish motives and think about the greater good of humanity. I know I am sounding like Sadhu, Mahatma today but then it is high time to think on these lines.

When “You” and “Me” work together to become “We” then only this entire world is going to change. The finest part is one person will take the initiative and stir the whole human race to change and you don’t have the option to say “Yes” or “No”. when a change has to happen it will happen and you have to accept it because it is the decision of your creator. Learning from a divine Guru is a big pleasure and an experience of a lifetime but then he has his own time of teaching and his own ways of working. The perfect part is he will help you with everything and make you understand everything he wants you to learn and the rest of the stuff will be just pushed aside. He will tell you to enjoy life in the meanwhile so that you learn things which you are meant to learn at the right time and not before that. Now the best part is he will not adhere to your set deadlines of work but make you aware of his own new deadline when you should finish your work. From the time he has entered my life as a guru I have forgotten about deadlines and goal but I do not teach you, people, to do the same until and unless it is “He” who is your only guru. There are days when I will work much more than I should and for the rest of the days, I just learn from him. I have not rested properly since last week as I am completing my best creation. You all will know about it. I will declare it publicly but till then read my articles.

I have got to complete the next phase of my work but I have taken some time off. My commitment to sharing something with you all continues except on Sundays and I hope it continues life long but then I have to do start my new journey towards a new purpose so I have no idea how much free time I will have but then let’s see. The future has been decided by my God and the stage is set for me. I just have to walk on it and start my new journey and start working on my purpose, the purpose for which I am reborn within the same body in August 2019, a purpose which is bigger than me, a purpose for which the source of creation became my Guru, a purpose which is much bigger than my own imagination, a purpose which will change the face of this whole world and humanity at large, a purpose which will touch the lives of each and every person residing on this earth plane, a purpose which only I am meant to achieve, a purpose which was written in the scriptures by God himself, a purpose which will change my total being. This is what happens when God is your only Guru. Friends the work or purpose for which you are born on this earth is much bigger than you, please be unique and just be yourself. Do your best and give your best, improve but then do not forget to live your life.

Be happy, do not stress. There is something which is much more important than your work and that is you yourself. If you want to take suggestions from me regarding my youth I will give you today. Yes, I bet you, you can never guess my right age since I look much younger than my actual age and the secret is I laugh a lot, I do yoga, I eat good and healthy food, I connect with the divine 24 hours in a day and not just during puja hours, I do not carry grudges for anyone even for the people who hurt me to the core of my being, I forgive them. Giving punishment or serving justice is the work of God. I do not need to interfere and take his work into my own hands as it is I have lots of my own work to do.

Keep a learning attitude. I sometimes just cannot cope up with all the information download and just switch off everything near me and think I have learned a lot today but then there is always room for new learning to happen. Be humble and pray to God that you are humble till your death and let not your success rise to your head. You cannot buy the intangible things with money and those are the things which are the precious gems and you cannot buy them so everything has its own constraints. Be humble and stay grounded. Ever thought what would have happened if God’s got arrogant that no one was bigger than them since they are the ones who created the entire cosmos, none of your prayers would have been answered. So to attract the divine energy try to become like him then only you can feel him within you.

Yes, something more is left. When your higher powers want to transmit a message to you they will do so by a Youtube video or a Facebook message or an article or through someone’s words or through a message from a friend or any new way which he thinks is right for you so that he can put his message across to you. You have to be openminded to understand those messages. No one is big and no one is small, we are all equal. No one is bigger than God himself and when he does not discriminates then who are you to do that.

Have a loving heart so that you touch the lives of every person who meets you or comes across you or is in your life as your friend. Change everyone’s life with your love and affection, the more you spread the more you will get and there will be no scarcity of love here on this earth. You can only share something which is abundant because you cannot share something which is scarce. Be love and spread love because love is the only message which God’s understand and Love is the only energy or feeling which is powerful in the entire universe. You can conquer anyone with your love and not with hatred so love more and forget about other feelings.

My guru has changed my life and I hope my writeup makes a difference in your life too because my purpose is achieved only when I am able to bring about a change in your life by the work which I do.

Please comment I would love to hear from you all. I am here to do my work and I can achieve my purpose only when we all work together. It is “We” who will create a difference. Come be a part of my divine world.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m