What to do when the wait gets longer than usual?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-04-18 17:52

I have always pondered over the question as to what you should do when the wait gets longer than usual? My own life gave me answers by means of several instances. It is recently that I have found that whenever I have waited for something more than its usual time I have always wasted my time over it. I have learned my lessons the hard way and I have wasted much more than my usual time for things to get back on track so that I could start off with the next thing but sometimes nothing went according to plan and I felt stuck and lost my precious years. When other people were moving ahead in life and getting success after success I was left behind just because I waited for some events to happen in my life so that I can take off my new journey or decide my new destination.

Sometimes you wait for things to happen and other times you make things happen in your life but when the wait gets longer I would advise you to carry on your journey so that you do not feel left behind. There are various circumstances which will happen in your life which will take away the peace of your mind and question your very existence but that does not mean that you wait for months and years for situations to get in your favor so that you can move on. Sometimes you have to find comfort in all the uncomfortable situations which are happening in your life and just carry on because you do not have any other option. If you wait too long you will lose interest in whatever you are doing or the journey which you started with great enthusiasm. If everything seems messy, try cleaning it up so that you can work. If you feel sad and want to take some break from work so that you can get back to it later do so but do not extend the break for a longer period of time. You have to draw a line between your work and your life so that your bad moments do not eat away your peace and pull you downwards.

When you want to cry do so but do not get too much stuck in your feelings. You have to overcome that melancholy. To get over it you should engage your mind in work so that you are left will little time to repeat those bitter events in your mind over and over again. When you work you engage your mind in doing fruitful things. You meet people who lighten your day and when you spend time with them you feel you are getting over the past hurt. Do not wait too long for any situation to move in your favor or any person because in waiting for too long you may lose interest in whatever you are doing and that person. You really lose your affection for the person if the wait gets longer but sometimes few people make the decision to wait till the end of their life and it is always their own personal decision. After spending 23 precious years of my life with that special someone I was very hurt when he left my life all of a sudden. Almost 2 years passed by and it is only in the 3rd year that I realized how stupid I was to halt my life for him. I waited for complete 2 years for him to return in my life and in doing so I got myself sick by overthinking about him. My hemoglobin level dropped to 3 and I was hospitalized. I got 4 bottles of blood transfused in my body just to save my life

I could not accept the reality that the person whom I have loved so much had left my life and would not return but that is a truth and reality which my heart was not ready to accept. It took almost two precious years of my life to understand the truth the hard way. I messaged him and he did not reply to my messages. I did not get a reply even to my emails. My phone calls were not answered and he even blocked me on Whatsapp. I still waited for him till one day I realized and accepted the harshest truth of my life that he was gone not to return in my life again. It was a dream to think that some miracle would happen and he would be back in my life again. It took time for me to accept that truth but I accepted it. I realized it was time for me to start my life again without him and get back to my work. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and cry because it is sometimes very hard to accept the reality but anyhow you have to accept it. You cannot remain in the fancy world and deny the truth of your life. I denied it and I suffered to the extent that is unimaginable. I am still recovering from my illness. I have hurt myself beyond limits.

I would advise you not to wait too long. Just move on even when you don’t want to do so. You will take the best decision of your life by taking your step forward one at a time and I bet you will be the first person to thank yourself for doing so when you look back at your life years later. Life is not a love story or a fancy fairytale. You are born for a purpose which you are meant to fulfill in this lifetime. When you want to start a business just start it because if you take “N” number of feedbacks and wait for everything to get in your favor you will see you have wasted too much of your precious time. You just start and then everything will fall in the right place. Everything cannot be perfect in your life, there will always be some or other thing which will be out of place but that does not mean that you wait till infinity. You will grow old and you will never be able to fulfill your dreams. When the client calls off a meeting, again and again, it is better to say goodbye to him and look for other people because you will just be wasting your time running after him and he will not give you any business. Try to understand the unspoken words when someone wants to say “No” indirectly. When someone denies you help look for someone else or do it yourself.

When you seek help you get it. You will learn some of the hardest lessons of your life in the most bitter ways. You wait when it makes sense or else move on. Situations, people and circumstances may not get in your favor then also move on because when you make a decision to move ahead with the leap of faith you have already started on a new journey. If you are someone who has waited long enough and learned your lessons it’s good. Now the best part is that you will no longer wait too long for anything and no one can hamper your life. You will write your own success story and you will feel proud one day that you took that bold step to move on when it seemed very difficult to do so.

Make changes in your life so that you can accommodate the new version of yourself. Be happy about it and smile often. Get busy, get going, craft a new plan, look for new clients, look for new people and rewrite your own journey of life. Rewrite your own destiny with a better version of yourself.

Try it and I am sure you can create history by doing so. Do not wait too long. Wipe your tears and move on. Move on to a new tomorrow, a new future.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m