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The Universe is a play of energies - Agree with me?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2022-03-02 17:08

I am someone who was not into yoga and meditation before I started facing too many health problems and started yoga in the year 2012. In the year 2015, I had two divine encounters and I started meditation in the year 2017. Though I don’t understand much of why I do what I do but still I keep doing it because a little voice inside of me says that I have a bigger purpose to serve and my meditation will help me in getting cosmic guidance and also connect with the invisible energies which will help me in the achievement of my purpose. I had a very difficult breakup and my life shattered all of a sudden in the year 2017 which made me question so many things about myself and the reality of life. When I love I love from the heart and that is the only reason that breakup broke me as a person and I had to work on my inner self to get the lost spark back into my life. The energies which accompanied me from south India planted themselves firmly in my body and got dormant so that they activated at the right time. There is so much going on in my life that I don’t understand because everything which is happening now never happened with me before and it seems more unreal than real. Energies speak boldly and make you aware of their presence when it is near you. In the year 2016, I was standing near my God “Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy” and I know that the memory of that meeting was fully erased from my conscious mind so that I do what I am meant to do without me realizing who I am before the time is right.

The concept of divine time seemed alien to me sometimes back but now I do understand the importance of divine time because till the time is right and the planets are aligned for making your manifestation happen it won’t happen and there are various reasons behind it because the universe has to move lots of things in the right place before you actually go out and achieve your dreams. When you sync your energies with the invisible realm you will see that you will feel guided in all your actions and will land at the right place at the right time and the journey of life will feel easier. When the geometry of your body aligns with the cosmic geometry you will feel a different world opening in front of you because you aligned yourself with the God force. This body is a biological machine, a yantra that has been created by God and is fully functional by itself. It has the power to work on its own without any external interference if we provide the right environment for it to work. It is only when you overstress your body that you get ill otherwise it can run fully functional till death. This human body houses all divine powers which are available to any superhumans but the question is are you ready to work for it? It is easier said than done because the entire system of yoga is designed in a manner where it will take lots of effort on your part to really get enlightened. Even if you work under a guru you have to give it your all since there are too many things which you have to focus on. So seeking true enlightenment is not everyone’s cup of tea nor everyone should run after it. Be spiritual and meditate so that you live a great life.

I too don’t have any idea of how it feels when you are enlightened. I have been working very hard on my energies since the year 2019. Now it is time for results because somewhere inside my heart I feel that the time has come when I will see the results of my hard work. My intuition says that my body will open up and I will see how it feels when you attain what you have aspired for. Working on my body was not easy since the yoga poses that you practice are advanced ones and your body pains a lot after doing yoga and there were days when I could not sleep at night because of too much body pain. Even now I suffer from pain in my legs which takes away my night sleep. In the initial phases, you will not suffer from too many health issues but as you proceed further you will see that there is so much happening inside your system that it will show up on the outside. The chakras in your system get aligned and as a result of that, you suffer from problems of rashes, allergies, inflammation, stomach problems, and too much hair fall. Sometimes it is very depressing because if you are too obsessed with looks it feels like your world is falling apart.

I never took to spirituality with the idea of getting enlightened but as I am progressing further I know that whatever I am working on is very intense because I can feel the outcome of all the work which I am putting into the system. I understand many things while there are many concepts that are not yet clear but I am ok with it. My dreams, my goals, and how I will do the work which I want to do or am meant to do is something that I can’t figure out but let's see what next. I have overstressed my body and was suffering from too much body pain for a long time. Even today when I lie down it feels good to be in a lying position. I put many things on hold so that I could complete the energy work which I am doing so that I can see further because it really consumes a lot of my time and I need to focus single-mindedly on that. Whatever work you do there will be times when you just want to take a break and let your body rest but I don’t have that option since I need to complete all the work which I am doing in the planetary alignments which are happening now. The universe responds to your energies. Your focus determines what you will manifest in the outside world. If you think you can, you can because the cosmos will work for you in that manner. It is more of a mental game because the universe works on the concept of energy. If you have full faith that God will help you build or do something, he will but if you think you have to manage everything on your own then that is what you are calling into reality.

The neuron connection in your brain sets a certain thought pattern and thus your vibration which converts you into an energy magnet that attracts events and people in your life. That’s the only reason people say change your thought pattern to change your life because the key to success lies in your vibration. When your vibration matches with your manifestation the universe has no other option but to show up because it's programmed to work in that manner. This cosmic world that you see is real only when you open your eyes. When you shut your eyes and sleep nothing exists for you because your visual apparatus is not working. The image which is formed in the retina is an inverted one and it is set upright by the brain which helps you in viewing the objects upright. The colors which you see in the outside world are more of a play of reflection and refraction. Sometimes when you get closer to an object you see that the color changes because the environment played its role in sending those signals to your eyes. I know the amount of sadhana I have done. There are times when I can’t concentrate for too long but then I try. I can feel energies and even see that bright light if some energy is near me. There are times when the energies talk to me. Yeah, I want to clarify certain concepts here. The universe speaks by means of vibration because the language has been derived by humans. The universe will communicate with you by changed thought patterns and numbers so that you receive guidance accordingly.

The invisible realm communicates all the time through your intuition. There were many questions running in my head and I got my answers through my intuition. Though I am still clueless about many things in my life but I have made peace with it. Allowing things to happen and moving with the flow helps me in controlling my anxiety and insomnia. Even if it is God’s plan which is fully functional in my life then I have full faith that they must have planned the best for me. Either my way or God’s way. I just prayed for 3 things and want to see how all three manifest in my life. If things happen at the time I planned it or divine time, let’s see. The universe is a play of energy and I know there is a higher order of things that happens in the outside world that no one is aware of. Be happy with your own life because every person has a different purpose. When people are meant to be in your life they will be there waiting for you and you don’t have to try and control everything in your life. Sometimes it is good to let God take over your life because you don’t understand anything.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m