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Training program at JCI Nagpur Green City on “Stress Management” on 27th April 2014

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2014-05-03 16:14

I conducted training program at JCI Nagpur Green City on “Stress Management” on 27th April 2014. My audience comprised of school students and ladies.

It was a great experiences sharing my knowledge on how to manage stress with the chapter members. I shared my views about stress and its management. I also gave them an example of marble balls to count how much stress they have accumulated. Take a jar and put one marble ball in it for any thing which stresses our mind. Do this activity for one day and then count the marble balls the next day. This will tell us how much stress we are carrying. We can also write our problems on a small piece of paper and wrap them around the marble ball. This will let us know the exact problem which is stressing us. When we open all the wrapped chits we will know what all things is stressing us and we can solve them one by one and then test ourselves after one week to check if the same problem is getting repeated. This activity will tell us if we have actually solved the problem which caused us stress or we need to work on it more to reduce our stress.

It was a nice experience and it felt great conducting training program in my own chapter.

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