Take a break when your life falls apart

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2019-08-16 19:19
Great Life

My own experience with life is both sweet and sour but then there are people in my life who have made my life worth living. They are my friends and family members who occupy a big part of my life. I know how tough life can get at times when you thought that your life is settled and everything falls apart. You are still wondering what is happening and your world has crashed in front of your own eyes and you simply do not know what to do. That is the toughest situation to face in life when your previous husband declares the end of the relationship without giving you the reason. I would say when you go through the extremest situation which pains you, breaks your heart and rips you apart, you know how to handle pain because you have grown over your sorrows. You know that now nothing can break you because if you can survive the situation of extreme pain you don’t fear anything. Now no person in the entire universe can give you sorrows because you know how to handle your sorrows. You have lived those sad moments, cried for days and grown above them. When life falls apart and you cannot see a way out have faith that God’s are planning a great life for you, remember every person cannot endure the amount of pain which you have gone through. Only a few survive while rest commit suicide so pat your back and try to live through all your pains. What you see as an end to your world is actually the demolition of the old construction to build a new foundation where God can build a new life for you with a new person for a better tomorrow.

Do not cry and stop living for the person who left you in the cold and never looked back at you even when you were on your death bed. Just forget that human being who is not fit to be called human. Start your new life with a new man. You will get one when you have worked on your inner self because when you are at peace from inside you will see that your life will be purpose-driven. When God sees your pains he himself writes a new destiny for you so that you can overcome your pains and fulfill your purpose on this earth. Don’t worry he will give you a good life partner who is much better than the previous one, a man who understands you and loves you much more passionately than your previous partner. Just have faith and keep going. Do not mourn, do not cry. Why shed tears for those who don’t care for your feelings. Be happy and be thankful to everyone in your life so that you can attract abundance in your life. Forgive the person who pained you so that you can detach yourself from him and be at peace. Forgiveness is something which you are doing for yourself and not the other person. It sets you free. Be the light of your own life and you will see your life turning for better.

All of a sudden there will be big energy shifts happening in your life and your life will turn 360 degrees. Your life will change for the better where you will have your dream man, your dream career and a renewed vigor to achieve your goals. When you become a student of life you learn a lot, do not try to dictate life, just let things unfold in your life. Everything will unfold in life at the right time so keep going. If you stop and cry nothing is going to change, it is only when you keep going that your life changes for the best. Marry your dream person and start your new 2nd married life. Thank God for their gift since they changed your destiny so that you could be happy. Do not complain too much in life because the more you complain the pathetic your life gets with time. It is your life so it is you who has to figure out what to do with your life. People will give you suggestions but no one can feel your pain nor can someone else live for you so accept this bitter truth and don’t make yourself vulnerable to negative feelings. This life is much more beautiful than you ever thought it is. Your God gave you life to experience it and write your own success story with ink which stays on this earth forever and ever.

I would say write your love story and your success story with permanent ink, do such a great work that even God’s come down from heaven and ask you what do you want? How can I help you? Learn how to handle everything in your life so that you remain unaffected from all the pains in your life. You should know how to handle success in life because when you do good work you are bound to be successful. You will be surrounded by people and they will place you on a pedestal for some period of time, do not be swayed in your glory but remain down to earth. Be humble, be gentle and stay calm in all the situations. Yes, do not forget to enjoy your success because it is you who has worked day and night for it but then get back to work after the celebration gets over. Do not sit too long on the success which is now a thing of the past, write another success story in the present and plan to create more new stories in the coming future. Keep up with your good work. The universe will give you more opportunities to show your talent. There are only abundance and no scarcity in the universe. Do not feel that there is not enough for everyone, have faith that there is enough for everyone. No one can take away your share from you, what is owed to you will be in your life.

When your life falls apart, take a break. If you want to cry then just go ahead and cry as much as you want, at least your inner pains will wash off in the form of tears and you will feel light from inside. When you are done with your crying, wash your face and get prepared to face the world because you are not the same person anymore, you are a new being in the old body. Some people around you will be amazed to see your transformed self and even remind you of the past. Tell them that your past is history now and you are preparing to write a new chapter in your life. Your new positive outlook will change your life. I know there are lots of people out there who feel happy to give suggestions and want to see you sad. Do not bother much about such kind of people but you keep going and carve your new life. If you need help ask for help from your friends, family and the universe. Be rest assured you will get help from all corners. Whatever you want pray genuinely and your prayers will be answered at the right time. Have little patience because sometimes things manifest at lightning-fast speed while the rest of the times God may go to sleep and then find out the letter which you wrote to him and fulfill all your wishes at once.

If you are someone who believes in miracles then be prepared for one because when God gives you too many pains and makes your life fall apart he even gifts you with the best gift of your lifetime, something which you never imagined and something which you thought was too good to be true. God will put the seal of “Granted” on all your wishes and out of the blue moon your life will turn around like a sea which has been deeply churned. Have faith and take a break when your life falls apart. You have to go through your pains yourself. Have hope that God will give you a good company of lifetime who will fill your heart and life with love, a man who will love you passionately and deeply, just keep going. Taking a break from a career does not signify the end of life but it simply means that you are doing internal work so that you can change your external world for better. It is very important for you to heal your previous wounds or you will bleed on other people. Try to stay calm and composed. Write a great success story.

Live a happy cheerful life. God will give you every reason to smile if you have faith and keep going.

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