Serving your only purpose in Life - Welcome

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2019-10-05 01:58

This life is the gift of the divine to you. I hope you all will agree with the fact that you are born on this earth to achieve a very specific purpose in this lifetime. Your purpose may require lifelong work or work for a certain time period of time. It is true that your purpose requires your 100% attention and you cannot ignore it because all of us are here on this earth to achieve our purpose in life, we all are part of the big divine plan where everything exists for a reason. Even the butterflies, dragonflies and other insects achieve their purpose by sending out God’s messages to people who need them. The birds shed their feathers and drop them at specific places so that the universe can communicate with the right people at the right time. I would say everything which is present in the universe exists for a reason, exists for a purpose that is bigger than its own existence. You achieve your purpose by making your contributions to the world. Your work is the best expression of your purpose because when you give your 100% to whatever gifts God has bestowed you with you achieve your purpose. Life is not a serious stuff which should be dragged each day but it is gifted by God to you so that you achieve not only your purpose in life but also live your best life. It might sometimes so happen that you get so preoccupied with your work or other plans that you forget to live your life.

Do your work with a passion so that you don’t feel burdened by the work which you are doing. You should work in a state of complete bliss so that you produce a masterpiece. You will feel that your God’s will support you and show you the right direction. When the purpose of life is divinely guided than it is the divine who will come and help you in all small and big ways. Free your self of the unnecessary so that you can embrace the new change which has been brought into your life by your higher powers which is much more powerful than your own being. It is the collective energy that motivates you to work towards the achievement of your very life’s purpose so that you can bring about a change in the world. Your presence creates a powerful impact in the world and so it is very important that you keep contributing your best work.

When it is time for you to achieve your only purpose in life God will grant you a new life and even change your energies or he will make you one among them so that you can achieve your only purpose in life till then they will just allow you to live your life and will keep an eye on you or just prepare you for your journey ahead. When your purpose in life is big you need to be taught certain lessons beforehand so that you can start your work and receive guidance after a certain time period. What you need to do is have faith that everything will work out in your best interest and your work is divinely guided and it is the divine who will support you in your work. Even the God’s will welcome you to start your new journey with full zeal and enthusiasm since they are happy that you have taken the risk, you have taken the leap of faith and you have faith in your own abilities to achieve the impossible. When your purpose is big then you need to have faith, courage and remove self-doubt so that you can contribute your best work. You need to have full faith in the divine that when he has set you in a new path he will guide you from time to time, till then you have to keep the faith and move on.

The journey of life is a mysterious one and you are not aware of the future but then when you are ready to take risks things will be happening in your life. Have faith and keep going to achieve your only purpose in life.

Good Day.

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