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Past Life connections - Do you believe in them?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2019-08-23 19:43
Past Life Connection

Today I chose a topic on which I have listened to lots of videos and even read articles online. I am a very curious kind of person and when there a question in my mind, I need an answer to it. I cannot settle down with assumptions but I need solid proof as to why I feel strongly for someone who is not related to me in anyways and feel distanced from people who are very close to me in my personal life. I started searching for my answers and came to various conclusions and there are also few threads that still lying loose but I know I will get my answers. I know when I have posed a question into the universe I am bound to get my answers. I kept pondering over my feelings for the person whom I fell in love with that too without even knowing anything about him and not even seeing him in April 2019. I asked myself 100 times why and still I got no answers so I started digging deep into the matter and came to the conclusion that I am connected to him through my past life and our souls know each other. Though we may be complete strangers to each other but our hearts connect. We may be soulmates who are born again to be in each other lives since we could not be together in our previous births and that is the only reason I still cannot forget him. God sometimes my madness for people who I love takes over my senses and all my logic. My mind cannot process information and cannot come to any conclusions. When I face such a situation I just let things be as it is since there is very little I can do about it.

Sometimes my whole logic fails and that is the only reason I researched past life connections. I am a logical human being but my love for the man I am in love is beyond any logic and beyond any boundaries. I don’t know what next. Human beings die and reincarnate again and again till they burn up all their karma and become eligible to become one with the divine till then they have to keep coming on this earth again and again. If you have burned all your bad karmas and not started any new karmic accounts then be happy this is your last birth and after that, you will get Mukti. I do believe in past life connections and I believe the person who has entered my life out of the blue moon in April 2019 is my soulmate and we are meant to be together in this lifetime so that we both get Mukti together. If we don’t meet in this lifetime then our karmic account will not be cleared and hence more rebirths. I simply don’t know how to take it but this is the reality. Have you seen sometimes you meet complete strangers and you feel connected to them, you don’t know why and you simply don’t know what to do with that connection. The karmic accounts which were left unsettled in the past lives will be settled in this lifetime so burn your karmas and do not start new ones. Get rid of hatred, anger, and jealousy. Forgive people more often and say “Thank You”. You should express your gratitude for people who have gone out of their way to help you.

Past life connection is a reality and there is no denying in the fact that people with whom you shared a very deep bond will be near you in this lifetime in the form of neighbors or friends. Now I share a good connection with my neighbors. I stay alone at Nagpur and I don’t have any relatives here since I am from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. It would have been very difficult for me to survive here if God did not give me such great neighbors. Be it uncle, aunty or their two sons I share a connection with all of them. I can feel their happiness and their pains. I don’t share the same connection with anyone in Nagpur. Now, what is the reason? I feel they must have occupied a very important place in my past life and that past life connection has downloaded in this life in the form of loving neighbors. Uncle and aunty love me a lot. I can feel their genuine love, care and affection for me in their eyes, their words and their concern for me. They are very sweet people. I love them a lot.

Sometimes complete strangers have moved out of their way and helped me in mysterious ways and I don’t know why. I keep thinking that am I connected with them through my past life or they simply helped me because it is their work or because I connected with them at a time when they were free to provide me extra help. This Why? Keeps flashing in my head. One of my office employees helped me a lot though we don’t work with each other anymore from the time I had closed my office. I needed help in the year 2018 since I had to catch a train from Nagpur to Jamshedpur at 4 AM in the morning. It is a very odd time and I had no idea if any cabs would be available at that time. I asked him for help so that I could leave for my home in Jamshedpur. Since my health was not fine I had to go to my parent’s place. I was not in a condition to stay alone at Nagpur so I left Nagpur for some time. He came to pick me up along with his friend at 2 AM in the morning and left only when I occupied my seat on the train. His whole night’s sleep got disrupted because of me but then he never complained. I am so thankful to him for his act of kindness. Now the question which arose in my mind was, was he clearing any past life connection karmic debt which he owed to me or it was just a kind act from one human being for another human being.

The mystery is yet to get resolved. My friend with whom I shared a good connection in school days came all of a sudden in my life after a break of 20 years. He is now married and has two children. I could not understand why? When my life crashed he is the one who was with me along with my parents. Though he was never physically there to provide help to me, he helped me in his own way. I think I share a past life connection with him. We both owed something to each other and thus are clearing our karmic debts. Who knows what is the reason? Only God knows. I sometimes want it would have been great if the Gods could speak and answer all our questions in one go. At least there would not have been so much confusion.

This past life connection is not easy stuff. It is an ocean in which even if you dive too deep you will still not be able to reach the ocean bed. You will keep floating at the surface and feel confused and you will find yourself in the same place from where you started and the same question will arise in your mind why? The same question keeps arising in my mind why I love the person whom I love and why only him? Why he takes over my senses? And what should I do next? I simply feel if God doesn’t have to give something to you they should keep those things at a distance so that you are at peace and don’t lose your sleep. Madness for Unknown and unseen people may sound very weird. All the strange things happen to me. It feels like God’s saved all mysteries for me only since he is done with other people. In my childhood days, snakes had lots of affinity with me. They always found a reason to be near me. Be it in my study room or in my school bag or simply near my feet. Our home was near a jungle so snakes would come inside our home. But this is not the same thing which happened with my other sisters but only with me. Once a king cobra entered my study room and it had a raised hood. Thank God I did not lose my equilibrium or I would have been dead then and there.

Before I could call my dad it fled. My dad could only see its tail. My dad got very possessive about me. He could not understand why? Even I could not understand why? No answers, let’s see when I get answers to all my questions. People say you are very lucky if you share an affinity with snakes since they are mysterious creatures who are near to God’s. I simply don’t know why? But yes I believe past life connections exist and I believe in them. If you also believe in past life connections then do share your thoughts in the comments section.

I thank you all for being a part of my World.

Happy Krishna Janamashtami to you all.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m