My Journey into the Unknown world with Trust and Faith

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2020-06-08 15:37

How are you all? I hope you all are doing well. Actually I want to get regular with my writing but my schedule is still not on track.

In sharing my journey I want you all to know that life is a blend of the known and the unknown. You never know what will happen next or how much of your planning will work so be prepared to develop acceptance for everything which did not go your way. I used to be a very stubborn girl but with the passage of time, I have got better. I have learned to accept reality and play my best role even when I can’t accept what is happening in my life.

It all started in the year 2017 when my personal world crashed and I suffered from depression. I could not concentrate on anything and I did Mantra Meditation for peace. It is very difficult for people to understand your pain because no one can exactly fit in your shoes. Every person tried to console me but nothing went inside my head so I took refuge in God. That single incident tore me and broke me to the extent that I gave up everything since I lost the desire to live. But God had different plans for me. I did Mantra Meditation for 4 months. I did meditation for anywhere between 6-9 hours because I could not concentrate on anything. That four month’s experience did change me as a person. When you reach the God whom you want to reach through a certain mantra you attract their energies into your own system and those energies change your frequency. My body started updating as computer updates when you load new software. The only difference was here the energies of the universe were working on me rather than any computer.

I think you attract certain energies in your life which makes you aware of their presence after a certain time period. When you chant mantra you speak it and the sound waves resonate in the cosmos and when you chant the same mantra for a certain period of time it gains lots of momentum and becomes stronger. Then it reaches a point when you actually start seeing the effects of the work which you have done. I never knew that one single incident will change the entire course of my life. In 2018 and 2019 I faced problems of inflammation and pain in my body. I only know how much I have gone through and still don’t know how much more is left. My Mantra chanting awakened certain energies within my body which started working inside me. Since the chakras of my body were unbalanced my body suffered from severe inflammation. In a spiritual awakening process, your body clears all the chakras so that everything can fall in alignment for you to attract the energies which will help you move ahead in your journey. I never planned to awaken myself. Why should I? I don’t have knowledge of anything and I never sought a Guru to help me out with anything. I was standing in a place where I did not plan and it was my destiny that landed me there.

I could not understand anything in the year 2018. It is only in 2019 that I started getting aware that something within me was changing. The way I looked at life before and the type of person I became after a certain period of time was completely different. My heightened intuition has guided me to step into the unknown with full trust and faith. The amount of spiritual work I did in the year 2019 is a very big proof of that since I never had the idea of doing certain things but I could successfully complete them just by receiving guidance from my intuition and having faith in the divine. My journey into the unknown and unseen world started and I was not yet aware of it. When I sat down and thought today about the journey I had covered and where my life was leading that I got aware that my life was moving ahead with a plan which was not mine. I got ample time during this lockdown and it is only then that I discovered that I was working on my awakening. Since my body was not used to the energy update which was going inside me I faced lots of health problems. It is actually your nervous system that gets updated and that is something which gets disrupted the most. I developed blood clots in various regions of my body and food allergies. I could not understand why but then I adjusted since I had no other option. After some time those clots disappeared but I still have some food allergy problems.

I have seen whenever there is a cosmic update happening outside, my body tunes itself and attracts certain energies that work on my body. I am still trying to make peace with whatever I am discovering. I have received only one message from the unseen world that my life will get better in 2020. At least the inflammation, stomach issues, and allergy problems will be sorted out. As you advance in your energy work your body reaches a point when your body energy gets balanced and your biological system gets updated on its own. It is more about aligning your own body’s energy with the energy of the cosmos. Every energy exists near you it is only when you resonate with the right frequency that you can feel what is near you. I really don’t know what tomorrow will bring in my life but I have a feeling that good things are going to unfold in my life and the worst is over.

I am starting my whole life from scratch be it my personal or professional life. I did plan a lot of things for me, let’s see how much works.

I am seeing too many synchronicities in my life nowadays. I searched Youtube to find out what they mean? Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences or messages from the universe that you are about to manifest what you asked for. That is simply Great but I really don’t know what is manifesting in my life since I prayed for so many things. I really don’t know what is happening in my life. I see repeated numbers, events, and similar kinds of stuff repeating itself everywhere. The information which I am receiving is so much that I can’t concentrate on anything.

The only thing which I want to say is when you put trust and faith into the divine or the Universe, they will never let you down. You will meet the right people and live your dream life since everything will fall in alignment and your life will take off. Don’t lose hope. Have faith, trust the unknown. Take your first step in faith and rest will happen. It is not something which I am writing to you all but I am also going to apply the same in my life because I don’t know what next in my life.

The soul work which you do in previous lifetimes also helps you in your ascension in the present life. You never know what you are meant to do till you reach a stage when the entire universe awakens you and makes you aware of your own strength and the life path which you are meant to choose. I am still working on healing my body. The aches and pains sometimes take away my night’s sleep and peace of my life. I have prayed for my good health and have gathered energies and placed it in my puja room so that my prayers for good health are answered at the earliest. I worship my God in the middle of the night because that is how they want it. I think once I gain good health I can concentrate more on my work and my purpose. My life is God’s choice because he is the one who changed my life for a lifetime. Whatever I am today or who so ever I will be in the near future will be just because of his grace which he showered on me.

My biological system is getting updated. My energies are rejuvenating. People who are closer to me will feel my positive energy. You all will become a beneficiary of my hard work. You know the best part is I use God’s Wi-Fi network which is never down so feel my energy in your system.

Now a few lines for Love. When I sat down to understand what is Love? When you love someone to the point that you can feel his energy in your system than it love. When you see your face in the mirror and see someone along with your face than it is love. When the boundaries of the world cannot separate you from each other than it is love. When you see him and his name everywhere you go than it is love. When you close your eyes to do meditation and see him than it is love. Friends the only thing which I have discovered is “What you resist persists” so it is better you accept your feelings and make peace with it. Love someone to the point that when the universe sees your madness, passion, and craziness they take a decision to grant your wishes.

I can write a lot about Love since Love is the most powerful in the entire universe. When you love someone they will feel it because the entire cosmos is made up of energy, frequency, and vibration.

Be with me. I hope someone who is walking on a similar spiritual path can gain some insights from my writeup. Let’s see where my life takes me.

See You. Good Day. Be Happy and Healthy.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m