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My experience with Meditation as a tool to transform into a New Being

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2020-07-21 18:00

Hi, How are you all? Today is 21st July 2020. I remember angel number 12:21 and 12:12 because I see these very often. These numbers carry vibration. I will discuss them later. First of all, let me concentrate on Meditation. My journey to meditation started in the year 2017 when I sat down to do Mantra meditation and recited 1080 mantras in one sitting of 3 and a half hours. That was an impulse decision and I chanted mantras for a full 4 and half months to combat my depression. The shift in my energies started from that time onwards but it was a slow shift and thus I never noticed it. It was actually when I started meditation from November 2019 that I understood what it is and how it can shift your entire energy into a completely different direction. I am writing my experience about meditation so that you all can practice it too and reap the benefits of it. There is no one on this planet who does not wants to live a joyful life. I am much balanced than before though I lose my peace sometimes but I can handle them. I have accepted the past and have made peace with it so that I can start a completely new journey towards the new future with a new me.

I started meditating for 1 complete hour in the morning on my yoga mat. I just closed my eyes and sat in Padmasana. I could not see any results for almost one month. The only thing which happened was aches and pains in my legs. After that, I started getting results of my daily committed practice. I would like to tell you something when you do anything do it with full commitment because a half-hearted approach does not work. When you give your 100% you are bound to get results because then you surrender yourself and put your trust on the divine and ask them for their guidance. Be open to learning and don’t block your mind with any negative emotions like anger, hatred, or jealousy. Even if you experience them, learn to deal with them, you will get better with time. To reap maximum benefits of Meditation you need to be in perfect harmony with your own self. Become love. That red color heart which you see and send to other people too often is something which you should not only feel but also become one. My dedication always pays off because those higher beings know that when I do something I do it with a pure heart.

I could feel a shift in my energy and a balancing act had already started inside of me. The only outcome was more aches, pains, and inflammations since my chakras were out of balance. Yes, it is true my body did hurt a lot but I was not ready to give up. I wanted to experience what meditation can do to you. I started seeing a change in my thought process. Other people’s perspectives about me changed and they could feel a different person within me. I can’t write another person’s opinion about me because it is they who can explain it better. I started seeing repeated numbers, synchronicities, and a whole lot of events that never happened to me before. Even nature started communicating with me in various ways by means of feathers, butterflies, dragonflies, owls, lizards, crickets, spiders, and more. My life and my inner energies are not the same though the outer body is the same. I am still trying to understand everything. My intuition is heightened and when I have to do something it is my inner self which guides me to do what needs to be done. It is like my body’s antenna receives signals from a higher source and transmits everything to me through my intuition because it is only when I complete one step that I am aware of the next step.

If my conscious mind was aware of everything then I would have known the whole process at the same time and worked accordingly but it is not like that. I know it sounds weird but that is the case. If you talk in terms of guidance, I am 100% guided by the forces which exist near me but I cannot see them. I think when you meditate with a pure heart and give yourself to the divine you get great results. Be it in your personal or professional life, try meditation, and change your life. It is Shravan month and Mondays carry a lot of meaning because you worship lord Shiva on every Shravan Somvari. After taking a career break of 3 years I am planning to live a great personal and professional life both. I used to be very tensed about everything in my life but now I am much calmer than before and have developed acceptance for everything in my life.

Now let me tell you how meditation helps you communicate with the creator, God, divine whichever name you choose. He communicates with you. Since I worship Lord Balaji I have used the word he. He is Lord Vishnu. I love him. When it is between me and him there is no one in between. God’s do fall in love with human beings when you love them to the extent that you can feel him in your own being. Then he will be in your life as your true ____ . I was looking for the purpose of my life and got the message that I will be guided. One thing which I got aware of is I will live two lives in the same lifetime. 1st part as a different person and 2nd part as a completely different being. I have already lived the first part of my life with my karmic partner and the next phase which has been crafted by the divine for me is the one which I am going to experience now with my divine partner. Since it is my God’s who are in charge now then let them decide what next.

I experience headaches in my meditation because I can feel the whole energy concentrating in the middle of my head. I have seen a bright light in the middle of my forehead. Certain energies rise from the bottom of my spine and really shakes my whole body. I have experienced a change in my body temperature when the heat in my body rose a lot, a change in my mood and me receiving guidance on what to do next. On certain days my whole body vibrates a lot and I am really swinging back and forth. I have seen places in meditation where I never went and I got answers to questions that were in my head. I was directed to the right answers by my inner-self. Yes, something more happened. Please don’t laugh, Ok. That lizard which used to stare at me from a distance was not ready to move even when I sat near to it. It was literally staring at me. My energies are shifting. I don’t know how you should name the experience as 3D or 5D but what is happening nowadays is something which is really amazing.

For the last 3-4 days, I have felt a very light body when I meditate. It is like I can’t feel my body, though I have not yet reached a state of zero thoughts but this is simply amazing. I can now understand what it feels to be when you reach a state of no thoughts and no sensation in your body. It simply means you have merged your energies with the cosmic energy and become one with it, you cannot separate yourself from the source which created you. It is that state which every person who meditates strives for. I am not an early bird. If I sleep late I rise late and I personally feel that every person is different so there is not one single approach that will work for everyone so a human Guru for my spiritual path was always a big No. I wanted to experience the divine through his guidance. That was something which was deep inside my heart and I had no idea that my prayers will be answered in such a way. God is great and I love him.

My life is a gift of the divine. I had near-death experience 3 times in my life and it feels like there was a divine hand that held my hands and brought me back to life. Lots of unfinished business needs to be completed before I bid a final goodbye to this life never to be born again on this earth and becoming one with the creator. Meditation has changed my inner being, my soul. The outer cover or my body is just a reflection of the person which exists within me. I practice yoga and meditation together. First I do Meditation and then I do Yoga. When you bend your body in a certain posture you actually align your body to a certain geometry of the universe which helps you in gaining good health and helps you in your spiritual ascension.

I never chose this path for me but now I am walking this unknown path under divine guidance. I am learning and even experimenting with my gained knowledge. I have learned that those people who are chosen by the divine for their work have the power to bring balance on the earth by balancing their energies and even healing the very life force which exists on this earth. I really have no clues about how everything works but I want to know. I am eager to learn everything which catches my attention and answers all my questions.

The future is still a mystery. I have lived my past, the present is here. I am here to experience my divine life. I am getting a message of “New Beginnings” of a new chapter in my life. I can write about it only when I have experienced it. Till then keep reading.

I love you all. Good Night. Sweet Dreams.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m