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Master Stroke of the Universe - My Orange drawing Book

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2022-12-15 17:32

We all are very close to the New Year but before 2022 ends you need to check how far you have come and learn not to compare your life with anyone else on the planet. You have your own journey and your own cycle which matches with the timing of the universe and not yours but there are some tweaks and if you know them you can play with the cosmos. I am a huge fan of Sadhguru ji and it’s not just listening to what he speaks but also questioning why he says something time and again. If words are coming from his mouth they must have reasons and as far as my understanding of the universe goes I have understood just one thing this universe is not logical if you are someone who believes in insane things and wants to manifest it thinking all of them to be very real then you can do that easily but you need to learn the rules and methods. It is not that difficult but you need to do your sadhana as well as get the support of devas who will grant you the boon. Do I understand everything? Then my answer is “No” but that does not mean I won’t try it. This body is a divine instrument gifted to you by the universe but you need to understand that you are much more than a physical being. You are much beyond this body and mind and if you have knowledge of the soul or make your soul powerful enough for receptivity of all kinds of energy then your life with get magical. I know there must be many people thinking I am writing illogical stuff. See this mind is programmed and this programming happened over a long period of time may be for billions of years and the body adjusted accordingly to the new program of the mind. It is only when you separate your soul from the mind and body that you realize that these are 3 different entities and not one thing making your presence on this planet.

The soul which gives life to you or is the thriving life energy within you is something that gives you life and if it is gone your mind and body will become lifeless so you need to understand that this soul is much beyond what you perceive it to be. Inserting the new program in an old program is not easy so what do you do? You have to do meditation and yoga to clean your old programming and load a new program with new software which in turn aligns the old hardware and makes it new. See the computer may not be able to regenerate itself from scratch after new software is loaded in the system but this is not true for the body because your body has various regeneration capacities. Once you start with the cleaning process you will face various mental and health issues because your body is cleaning all past life karmas of generations and it really takes a lot of time. It is only when your system is clean that your body starts aligning or your chakras start aligning themselves according to the geometry of the universe which makes you capable to receive divine knowledge directly from the source without having any intermediary. That knowledge is in pure format because no one has put forth any of their opinions on it. See you have to understand that everything is near you but to access those things you need to vibrate at that frequency which comes only after you have done your years of meditation and made yourself available to the powerhouse of knowledge that exists abundantly in the universe. A person who is enlightened dies but his knowledge stays forever in the cosmos.

Enlightenment is transcending your own physical boundaries and merging with the bigger cosmos because both are one. It is your thinking that you are separated from the source but in true meaning, the creator exists not only on the outside but also on the inside that's the only reason maa Yashoda saw the entire universe when lord Krishna opened his mouth. That universe is available within each one of us. It is only upon us how much power we give to it for its expansion. If your soul is powerful you can do everything in fact match the capacity of God. Even when you don’t understand many concepts like me then also you can do lots with the power stored in your soul. I am working on my own spiritual awakening and in doing so I have realized that my soul is very knowledgeable. It stays in communication with me all the time and talks to me in ways that seem very illogical to me but we both talk. There are times when I want to achieve certain results and I have no idea of the process. My soul simply does all the work and my mind keeps wondering how everything happened. In the meanwhile, I have learned to trust my intuition because when you want to skip a ladder that may have 10 to thousand to lakhs and crores of steps then you have to hold an invisible hand and walk holding it on a pitch dark road where you know that trusted hand won’t leave you in the middle of the journey but will stay with you forever. Yes, you guessed it right I am talking about divine hands. There will be times when your logic will fail and you need to trust your inner guide and do things that make no sense in the present moment. The dots will connect in the coming future but may not carry so much significance in the given situation. The only thing I have learned about spirituality is when I have aspired for something which is much beyond my own understanding then I am ready to walk an unknown path and trust forces that are not visible to me. There will be times your eyes will be directed towards certain signs and symbols which carry meaning only for you and makes no sense to the other person. In those moments you need to trust your intuition, and your inner guide, and keep walking.

I don’t think that there are any books available on the internet that can truly enlighten you. You need to trust your guru or the invisible divine world and keep walking. The end result will take longer to show up but till then you need to trust your gut and keep working on your inner self. Enlightenment takes years and it is not just one day or a few months of work. There are people who are reborn again and again so that they can complete their spiritual journey to achieve a task that has been assigned by the universe and the preparation started much before that person was destined to be born on earth. I have understood so many things while working on myself that I have fallen in love with everything I don’t understand. I love being illogical because the universe never reveals itself fully to anyone. You don’t understand how the invisible beings choose you to fulfill a purpose or help you so that you can rise above others in spirituality. If they love you beyond measure then be prepared for spoon-feeding because they will add their 99% to your 1% effort and you keep wondering how everything happened. Just be grateful in those moments. But there are a few things you need to remember the universe will test you beyond measure to the point that you will feel like dying. Yes, it is true I have lived those painful moments when I had so much pain in my body that I wanted total relief from life but I calmed myself and looked outside my pains.

You cannot understand all the great grand plans of the universe but you need to trust yourself. It may so happen that you may be spending long periods of time doing your inner work while others may be enjoying their life. Remember that these people have walked their path and they are where they are meant to be. You cannot compare your life's journey with anyone because every person has got a different purpose and reason for existence. When you want great things from the universe then you need to strive for the impossible which is achievable by you because you are working under divine guidance. You have an edge over others because the divine becomes a key and unlocks those doors for you which are locked from everyone. Just trust the divine and keep walking because it is difficult to understand the master stroke of the universe. When the same message gets repeated again and again then it is time for you to pay attention to what is being conveyed. If you have wished for the impossible then you need to get ready to live it because the universe may give a nod to all your insane dreams and you keep wondering as to what is happening. The invisible cosmic world will make the impossible possible for you while you are still sleeping and wondering what is next in life. It may so happen that the next day you open your eyes and see a completely different world open up in front of your eyes. Yes, you guessed it right God can make anything possible for you even things that are much beyond your expectations and reach. When you have put no criteria on your manifestations and worked on your energies then be prepared to receive all of them at once because the universe works in illogical ways to make your dreams a living reality.

When you don’t understand anything it is better to trust than doubt everything because that way you are happier and make yourself available to grace and miracles which are just seconds away from your life. God is a living reality and you need to have faith that he exists and is there for you, with you all the time in ways you don’t understand. Master Stroke - My orange drawing book houses all information for my new life and I am going to live my new reality in the coming year.

Happy Manifestations 2022

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