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Manifestation of my Dreamworld into a living Reality - Where am I?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2021-11-11 17:20

As you all know when I wanted to go on a date with destiny my God engulfed it and hence my destiny merged with the “Man who changed my life for a lifetime”. My transformation started in the year 2016 and in 2021 I feel I am in a place where I was meant to be and start a new process of change. After almost 6 years of vigorous transformation till the age of 41, I have a very strong intuition that my life is going to change all of a sudden at the age of 42. There are some moments in my life when I can feel the vibration of the universe and interpret the energy. Though I don’t have evidence of anything that will be happening in my life I have a strong gut feeling that something is boiling in the universe and the invisible realm is up to something. There is so much transformation happening in my mind and body that I can’t understand any signs and signals much. I want to see what the universe wants to gift to me as a reward for all the hard work and pain I have gone through for my spiritual awakening and healthy body. Other than a few rough patches in my life I don’t complain about anything because you have to suffer at times to clear your karmic backlogs. We are all humans so the brain is hardwired that “No pain No gain” but it is not always that way.

When you love doing something it won’t pain you. When you are mad about what you want to call into existence because your God’s are not ready to give you concession then you will achieve your target in a stipulated timeframe because the invisible realm cannot take “No” for an answer. How do you argue with something which you cannot see and they just stand by your side and make you do all the allotted work? They will not let you sleep until it is done and you don’t have options but to complete everything on time. I need 7 hours of sleep every day though at times I sleep less rest of the days I need full rest. I have lived days when I was not allowed to sleep for more than 3 - 4 hours per day and that took a huge toll on my body. I lost lots of weight. The invisible realm would wake me up on odd timings and I have worked very hard on my spirituality to the extent that you could label me a “Mad Girl” in those moments. I sometimes feel that my soul has been replaced because I had no idea of any of the spiritual work which I have done till today. I don’t know from where that knowledge came. It must be divine intervention. They are the ones who will give me pain, take me out of pain, console me, stand by my side and give me lots of love. The only thing which I realized in my strong association with my God since 2015 is that they can’t see me in pain. They love me much more than anything and that love is nothing less than an obsession. I always feel I am divinely protected.

It sometimes feels like more than my internal drive it is them who place me in the right situation at the right time so that I can be transformed into the person I am meant to be for the achievement of my divine purpose or “Dreams”. I just asked for 3 things from my God. He gave me so much. Other than the years which I spend in too much pain, crying and in acute depression when I was transforming I feel I was always divinely loved. Touch Wood, I touch the feet of my God because he gave me loving parents. Though they don’t understand me much but love me a lot and my elder sister is very envious about it that my daddy loves me the most. Anantha wanted me to dream so that he could be a part of my dream world and write a new story for me. The world which existed till 31st December 2015 ended and I stepped into a new world of painful and rigorous transformation where I did not get any concessions for being a female because I have lived all the tough situations of my life alone and have handled much more pain than what I have endured in my life. My intuition very strongly speaks that the painful transformative phase ended on 25th October 2021.

At age 42 a new life awaits me. I don’t have much idea of what’s next. My dad says that I am living in a fantasy world but I remind him of all the pains I have gone through and am still able to maintain my laughter. Everything which I visualized till today feels like it is going to turn real. I really don’t know from where these thoughts are arising. My logical head doubts my intuition but it is so strong that everything is getting overpowered and there is only one thought in my mind “Transformation”. I really don’t know how different 2021 will be from the rest of the years in which I have lived but I feel some life-transforming events are going to happen in my life that will change my life forever. When my logical mind can’t make any deduction from the present data it labels everything as fantasy. The feeling inside of me is so tangible that I can’t shrug it off my shoulders and label it as my fancy. For the first time in my life, it feels that I am about to bring my dream world into a living reality and the transformation starts now. I am ready for the new being which will emerge out of me. It is ok and fine even if I am not able to recognize that person who comes out after all the hard spiritual work which I did on myself because the time is now. I can feel the changed air, I can feel the new vibration, I can just feel all the changes in my own system.

I can’t give any explanation to anybody regarding anything. I just believe in one thing that when something is meant to happen it will happen and the entire universe will act as one to make that one thing happen because it is destined to happen. My logical head cannot process anything. The thin line between possible and impossible has merged and it may so happen that even the impossible gets possible. With God everything is possible. I am out of work for a very long time and I will be starting my career from scratch so there are various things in my mind but I am ready to take a chance on many things because my destiny has been changed and my new life is very different from the one I have lived. I want to see what the universe has in store for me. I have worked on my vibration to the extent that everything which is meant for me will be in my life as my living reality. I simply don’t know many things so it is better that the universe makes me aware of everything in its own language because I can feel the time has come and things are about to shift in my life to the extent that my old self will not be able to recognize my new self. Transformation is a painful process and though it looks easy from the outside, it is much more painful than you think. When your body is transforming at the cellular level you are in so much pain that you can’t sleep at night and can feel that pain 24 hours in a day to the extent that you feel it is easy to end your life than to live in that much pain. That is the amount of transformation I have gone through.

No one knows because I don’t speak openly about it but do write about it so that others feel motivated and don’t give up on their dreams just because the process is much more painful than they thought or it took longer than usual to achieve it. Be persistent, consistent and hold that vision in your head even when others around you are busy judging you. When you are close to your manifestations the universe will start giving you signs and will help you believe that you are not fantasizing but living in a real-world and you have the power to convert your dream world into a living reality. Yesterday my elder sister commented that I don’t have any responsibilities. She said, “Tere aage peeche toh koi nahi hai”. It did hurt me but it was useless answering her so I turned my head to the invisible world and asked: “Why do I have to listen to so much”. They just laughed and commented I overthink. I am unaware of so many things but I have worked a lot on my invisible part which can’t be seen even by me. The universe gave me many signs when I wanted answers to all the questions which were inside of me. But now it is time for me to go out and face the world and see how the universe shows up.

I have put too much effort consistently in one single direction at the cost of many things and even gave up or sacrificed a lot many things but now I feel it is time to lessen the time and effort I have put in that direction and redirect that energy on building the new world in which I am going to live. The people who changed the world by their spirituality did severe sadhana for a certain amount of time and after they achieved what they wanted from their spiritual self they went out and got to work. I do believe in karma yoga because I have suffered for a long time with various health problems. Now the time has come to give my all in a focused direction and build my career on which I did not focus for a very long time. If you are someone who wants to gain big things through spirituality then you have to devote a lot of time in that direction because you need a focused, disciplined mind which does not wander.

I need to think and start putting effort in the direction of my dreams for the creation of a New Divine World which is ingrained in my soul because “I am not who you think I am” but someone whom you can’t see with open eyes.

Happy 11 11. The number which I see the most when I look everywhere. It is a gateway that will be opened by me through the invisible key which I have manifested and the rest needs interference of my divine life partner because that is the way my God planned my life. I have worked on my body and there are some parts on which I have worked the most. To access that I need my life partner and that is the only reason all of my 3 wishes are interconnected with each other. To call everything into action I need that missing piece for which I am receiving signs that I am about to manifest whatever I have asked for. I don’t have any clue because if it is my life things happen all of a sudden. The universe just changes my world in seconds and I keep wondering what is happening.

Wish me All the best because I want to write a new future not only for myself but for everyone.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m