A man who changed my life for Life Time

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-08-01 16:59

Today I am writing about a man who entered my life and changed it for a lifetime.

I cannot express my feelings for you directly by calling you up or messaging you so my website is the best place where I can open my heart out and write my feelings for you. I don’t know if you will know what I feel for you in this lifetime since for the first time in my life I left my wishes in the hands of my God so that he makes his decision and lets me know. I am not writing your name here or else everyone will know. When you go through this message of mine you will know that it is only for you and no one else. Your heart will feel it. I am writing my feelings from my heart so that it connects with yours and you can understand the depth of my feelings because when I love someone it is either 0% or 100%, there is nothing in between. If I love you and I am expressing my feelings for you it means you have touched my life because it is hard for people to impress me and on top of that I am too choosy about people. Since we have not met yet I do not know much about you but you have touched my emotions and my whole being. God, I am in love with you and only you. The person whom I married already left my life in the year 2017. I know how hard things were for me to accept. My failed relationship broke me. I lost the desire for living and even dumped my career but survived just because of my Dad. He said, “Beta how will I survive without you”. That is the only day I decided I have to live again for my dad. I have gone through the worst phase of my life and have recovered from my illness not to look back at my sad and bad past again, not to look back at the person who hurt me. I have forgiven all of them.

Then you entered my life in April 2019. You don’t have any idea that I had shut down my social life. I just don’t understand how you entered my life because i was still in that sad mode when we first talked but yes it is you whose entry changed my life. I want to express my gratitude or want to thank you for entering my life and changing it completely. I believe everything happens in life for a reason, maybe you entered my life because God wanted you to take me out of the darkness. I am a cheerful person full of life but I have lived a dreadful past. After talking to you for 1 and a half or two months I realized I really love you. I don’t have any idea about how you feel for me but then you have changed my life by being in my life. You have no idea that now I have become the same cheerful, happy girl which I was and it is because of you. Thanks for it. I took a long break from my career since nothing interested me but now I am getting back to work and starting everything new. I would have told you directly what I feel for you since I am a very direct kind of person but then I have a very big problem I can accept only “Yes” and I cannot take “No” for an answer at least from you since I love you very much, that is the only reason I left the decision in the hands of the universe. If you are in my destiny you will be in my life as my “Husband” if not then also no issues, I have to accept my destiny. I believe in destiny and will of God.

I picked up my phone to call you up but then I never gave you a call and left everything in the hands of my God. I worship my God and I think he understands me and will decide for me. There are very few people who are very dear to my heart and has touched me to the core and you are one of them. I don’t know if you will ever know about my feelings for you but if you someday bump on this article of mine your heart will tell you it is me who has written it for you from my heart because thoughts can be expressed through words only when there is in-depth feeling in the heart. There is a very small role which mind has to play in matters of the heart. I don’t know you, we have not yet met once, we are at two different places but the only thing which I have seen is your photograph and has listened to your voice on my phone. From my deduction you are a good human being at least that much face reading I can do. I can feel your vibration and my gut feeling says you are a man with a kind heart. Yes, you should know from the time I have fallen in love with you my whole world has changed and the biggest problem which I faced was I called everyone by your name so I literally stopped addressing people by name so that they do not feel offended.

I can see your face when I close my eyes and I know you can feel my feelings for you. When my love for you is so deep it is hard for you to pass by my feelings, you will feel it and you will know it is me and only me. I never thought of settling down in my life again for the second time because I was so heartbroken from my previous relationship but then you entered and changed my life. I am in love and want to settle down in my life with you, let’s see what destiny holds for me. When you read this write up of mine you will remember me as a girl who loved you very much. I sometimes ask God why me. When I love I love deeply and I don’t hate anyone just anyone. I am here on this earth to spread love. I still cannot understand God’s plan for me but something which I am sure of is that he has chosen me for a very specific purpose which only I have to fulfill. It may be that he send you in my life so that you can be a part of my world and help me in achieving my purpose in this lifetime by being a support system for me and help me in achieving my goals. God may have sent you in my life so that I can enjoy the company of a person who understands me, does not judge me and supports me since my purpose is very big that is something which I can feel from my intuition.

God’s have already made their decision for me and you both but which way is still unclear. Whether we are meant to be in each other's life or not is something which only time will tell. I am waiting for the future to unfold itself in front of me so that I can know my fate with you. Something which I am sure of is that you are in my life for a very specific reason and that is something which I am still unaware of. If you would have opened a little with me then the picture would have been different but it's ok. The divine has his own way of making things happen and before you become aware of it everything around you has changed so I would say it is more of a roller coaster ride. When I have made up my mind I don’t look back. If the universe grants my wishes and you enter my life for a lifetime then believe me there is no looking back. Our love story and married life will be the talk of the town. When I love I love deeply and I am committed for life.

The universe has its own mysterious ways of making things happen and it is very difficult to understand the working of the universe. The whole mystery is still hidden in the future and I am waiting to know my destiny with you. I love you with a smiley and Red Rose. See You. Good Day.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m