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Life will unfold for the best - Keep going

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2019-08-14 19:17
A page in life

The very concept of life is very good. Our parents brought us here on this earth to experience life and do our karma. I personally believe that “God gave one life so live it kingsize”. Why cry over the past and hold grudges for people who have hurt you. Just forgive, forget and move on. That’s life. When you have loved someone and want that person in your life, just have faith. If that person is yours he will be in your life or else never so keep going. Life moves on and never stands still for anyone. If the other person loves you and is unable to reciprocate his feelings for you then you can do nothing. It is either you grab on to the opportunity or lose it forever because someone somewhere is made for everyone. It is destiny that plays its role at the right time to bring two people together. I tell you when two people are meant to be in each other's life God will play his part and bring you people together out of the blue moon and you keep wondering what happened. You are still to make sense as to what is happening in your life and how someone stole your heart. God plays the role of cupid when he wants to make things happen in his own way. God is our creator and the ruler of our destiny and when he has decided to make something happen he will whether you agree to it or not. He makes the decision for everyone’s greater good and I have seen whenever I have taken the leap of faith to my God’s decision for me I have always succeeded in it be it my career or just anything else.

I always believe that life will unfold for the best and we should keep going. Even if you stop, time never stops and everything around you is moving ahead at a fast pace so even if you take the decision of standing still it will not serve you. You are born here on this earth to do your karma so keep going. Do what you are meant to do and leave the rest on the divine. Believe me, he loves you much more than you think and much more than you can ever imagine so have faith and do your duty. Life is a complete mystery and as you live each day it will unfold all its hidden secrets to you so do your karma and enjoy life. If you keep crying over your bad past then you will be only spoiling your present and future. I would say look at the lessons which you have learned from the sad past. Keep those learnings in your mind and just move on. Let the person who has hurt you realize that they do not matter in your life anymore and ask for a good relationship in the near future from the universe. Have faith that the future which is yet to manifest has got good things in reserve for you be it a successful career or your true love, everything is there and they are all coming towards you so that you can be happy.

Life always unfolds for the best, the biggest problem with most of us is that we are so much preoccupied with our past that in spite of living in the present we live in the past. When you keep replaying the same old stories again and again in your mind it is only going to hurt you more so it is better that you close that bad chapter and start a new page and write a new chapter. One bad chapter does not define your life and one bad relationship is not the end of the world. There are so many good souls out there on this earth, just go ahead and start a good life with the person of your dreams. Gods want to see everyone happy so have faith that he has written lots of abundance in your life but the only criteria are you will get everything only when you keep going. You cannot stop, you cannot mourn for a long time, you cannot complain but just keep going. It is only when your God’s gets rest assured that you are eligible for your gift that he will give you one so increase your eligibility in the kingdom of God. Believe and receive, it is only when you believe that you are worth getting whatever you want in your life that you get one. If you want a perfect life partner than feel that you are worth him and the correct man will enter your life, if you want a successful career than believe that you are capable of handling all the responsibilities, you will be able to build a good a career.

Keep going even when you cannot see the whole path of life. Keep walking, keep discovering the hidden treasure chests along the path of life, take few steps and you will figure out the rest when you walk these few steps. Keep moving ahead because there is no need to see the whole path of life at the same time as it is you will have to live one day at a time. You cannot skip a day and declare that is will not live that day. You have no option but to live that day. When the days are gloomy and you are engrossed in too many sorrows just go ahead and be your own torchbearer on the path of life. Your torch will illuminate your path so that you can know in which way you have to go. If you move about randomly without any goal then you will live a very dissatisfied life because when you do not have anything to work on your mind is not at peace. The future which is yet to unfold itself is still a written mystery so be happy to attract good things in life. When you are happy you attract happiness so try to concentrate on whatever is left after everything is lost. Things that remain with you are the ones you will need the most in the coming days. Just keep the faith and keep going. When your focus shifts to lack ie what you lost then you never feel in abundance While when you focus on abundance, you get more abundant in the coming days.

Life will unfold all the secrets to you at the right time. It will never be at your time but according to God’s time so try to make peace with whatever is going good in your life. Even God’s never wanted you to see the whole path at the same time, That is the only reason he created lots of twists and turns in your life. He wants you to have faith in him, trust in the process of life and let it unfold everything in its own way. It is good that your future is working in your favor to create the life of your dreams. Just keep moving and keep going.

Life will unfold all its deepest secrets when you are ready so get ready and keep going. It may be that your God took something away because it was not in your best interest so he crashed everything to build a new foundation. God wants to gift you with lots of aboundances and that is something which you cannot see right now because it is still hidden in the future. You can feel everything through your intuition. It may be that God put an end to your previous struggling relationship so that you can start a new one with the man of your dreams in the coming days. You are still not aware of your gift which is hidden in the future. Just do your good karma and keep moving because if you are destined to get something at your work to meet your dream man in a park, you have to make efforts and fulfill all the eligibility criteria so that you learn your lessons from the past and move ahead into the future. If you stand still your whole life comes to a halt so in spite of all the realities keep going. Expect sudden changes in your life and believe that everything will happen for the best and everything will turn in your favor. You are the only person who needs to have faith in all plans of God so that when he blesses you, you are abundant. Enjoy and keep going. Let life unfold itself, have patience, do not be in a hurry and you will see that you get the unexpected. God gives you your dream man as your hubby and he is someone who is much better than the previous one, I would say that God took one person away and gave you another in its place who is much better than what you previously possessed. If you want that dream job or be successful in your dream career just believe in the process and let life unfold itself, you keep going.

All the best.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m