Intuition - A doorway to the unseen Mysterious realm of the Unknown

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Hi, all of you. Today I want to put forth my thoughts on intuition and want to take you all through my own journey because my life is not the same after one single mysterious event. How do I describe myself? I am a simple girl untouched by the intricacies of the modern world. I am not that glamorous kind of person. I love true, genuine people who don’t judge me and my parents are my world to me especially my dad who is an earth angel, he is the visible divine in my world who will do anything for his daughter. God, I love him a lot. Whenever I remember him I get teary eyes. I had intuition but it was not so matured as it is now. I was like any other person living a great life. My intuition heightened after a divine encounter in the year 2015 which completely changed me as a person. Now when I am writing this article of mine my intuition has reached its peak. Having an intuitive mind is great since it helps you sense a lot of things before it has actually happened in the real world and also lessens your anxiety.

To build your intuition you need to do meditation so that you connect with your inner self which guides you throughout your life. It is always easy to look for answers within than look for outside interpretations because your heart simply knows the answers. I do both yoga and meditation and that has helped me in connecting with the source which gives me answers which I am looking for. The only thing which you need to have is patience because you can’t expect things to happen in a day or two. You have to be consistent in your efforts and persevere so that you create a balance inside which helps you in tapping the inner potential which was lying dormant within you. The invisible world or energy occupies the biggest chunk of the universe and it is not accessible through the five senses. It can be accessed by closed eyes and only the sixth sense. The visible material world is just a small outer projection. When you dig deep and want to understand what lies around you and how the energetic world works then you will start to experience the dimension which is ready to open up for you but you should have the sense to feel it.

Remember you can’t see it but you can feel it and when someone asks you for proof you cannot explain but deep inside you know that it exists and it is real and it is not your imagination. This whole universe is made of waves and nothing is solid though they may seem so from the outside, it is all vibrating with a different frequency. You have your own vibration, everything around you has its own vibration, the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, and even our earth has its own. This creates a very big energy web that cannot be seen and can only be felt when you raise your vibration. Until and unless your finetune yourself with the invisible energy web which exists outside of you, you cannot feel something strongly. It is only when you raise your energies up to a certain point through your daily meditation that you start receiving signs from the universe and are heavenly guided for everything in your life. Though it may sound a little awkward that is a very big reality.

Our ancestors were not educated but they had a heightened intuition and they could sense everything beforehand. Our ancient sages got enlightened and knew all the mysteries of the universe which is still alienated to the modern scientist. Though we have access to all the advanced technologies, still we have a long way to go. How could our ancient sages gain so much knowledge is a very big question? The universe just opened up for them and we are still lagging behind in so many ways. I want to tell you all just one thing that your intuition is your inner GPS and if you have tapped into that invisible energy source then you can achieve great heights because you know what is right for you and you have an idea as to how much risk you can take.

Mysticism always fascinated me and I love learning about things that are invisible. Be it God or the mysteries of the universe. I do meditation and yoga and my inner journey has made me very intuitive. There are lots of things which I don’t understand but I try and learn and I don’t boast about anything. I am working on my energies and I can see number patterns 11 11, 12 21, 69, 96, 969, 369, and many more. I searched for the meanings and I know that they mean much more than what has been scripted. I can see synchronous events happening in my life which confirms that I am on the right track towards my destination. This entire universe is composed of numbers and you will find mathematics everywhere you go so to say that maths is the very base of the universe won’t be wrong. Even your own body is encoded by genes that follow a certain pattern and express in certain ways to make you the way you are. When you activate certain energies within your own system you start receiving messages from the universe through number sequences and synchronicities, the universe might be whispering at you but your systems are not that advanced to catch that whisper.

Here is the place when your intuition comes into play and you start connecting the dots and understand what the universe wants to speak to you. You will also be guided by means of feathers and messages from other people regarding the direction which you should take in your life or how far is your manifestation. You will never be misguided by anyone or any messages if you follow your own intuition because that is very real. When you want something in your life or want to make a decision you need certain clues so that you know that you are making the right decision and those clues come in the form of tiny little messages from the angels which are near you but you cannot see them. This intuition or sixth sense is nothing but the universe or your angels guiding you towards your purpose, your destination so that you can live a great life and play your part wisely. I was sad a few days ago since I could not see any light ahead and felt stuck. There was something within me that said that that the universe has no options but to respond to the amount of hard work I have put forth because it is a giving universe. When the time is right the universe has to give me what I want. Yes, the only thing which can happen is I will get everything that is aligned with my soul purpose.

Your intuition will sometimes take you to places where you have not gone before, the only condition attached is that you have to raise your vibration and resonate at a high frequency. Last week I went for a haircut and my favorite parlor was packed. It was 7:30 PM at night and I did not want to wait since I could not take out time in the morning or afternoon hours since I am working on my energies and that consumes a lot of my time. There was something within me that said let’s check somewhere else. I had no idea of any nearby parlor, even then I thought of exploring. I just followed my intuition and found a new place where I had not gone before and got my hair cut there. That man was a nice guy in his late twenties. He thanked me and it felt great to be there.

I had to get some paperwork done and had to meet the concerned person. When I tried calling him, his phone was not reachable. Then I tried calling his assistant and even his phone was not reachable. I was thinking of whether to go or not to go. I had talked with that man a day before and he had confirmed the timing but I was late by an hour. There was something within me that said let’s go and see what next. I reached his office and saw his assistant was parking his vehicle. He arrived just before me and I met him downstairs. I was thinking if I would have arrived early I would have found the office shutter closed. I was in the right place at the right time.

You will also receive signs from the universe through your intuition regarding the wishes which have been fulfilled so that you don’t lose hope and keep the faith. There are times when you give up too soon feeling that what you desired or asked for is not meant to be in your life. You persevere, do 99% of the work, and leave thinking nothing is working, that is the time when you need your intuition the most so that you can know that you are successful and the path which you have chosen is correct. When you take an unknown path then it is very obvious to get feared but when you receive positive intuitions then you know that things will work out in your favor and you just go ahead overcoming your fears. I know it is very difficult to walk on a journey where you don’t have any idea of what will happen next or where it will lead you but the best part is when you receive the clue which confirms that you are right then your burden is lessened and you can convince everyone around you with full confidence that whatever you are doing is right.

When you have done your inner work with full sincerity remember you will get an intuitive ability from the universe which will lead you to things which you had never dreamt of since you have raised your vibration. Don’t get feared because when you finetune your energies with the universe you will get messages in weird ways which may scare you at times. Just chill and have faith in God. Have faith that the negative energies will not get near you and the positive energy will always guide you. See when you work on your own energies you are bound to attract all the energies which exist near you which can be both positive and negative but when you have the divine near you he will take care of everything. Don’t be scared. Your intuition is the gift of the divine to you and when you learn to enhance it then it will just work wonders for you.

My intuition guides me to a lot of messages which I won’t have received if I was not tuned to it. When I want an answer I get it. Sometimes there is a time delay and it is ok since I know I will not receive the message until and unless I am prepared for it. Sometimes you may feel a very intense intuition which may cause sleepless nights. It is absolutely ok because it simply means you are tapping into an invisible realm that is opening up for you. It is good to be different and unique then become one among the masses. Remember the right person will love you the way you are because God has created the right match for everyone. I say intuition is your God communicating with you that you are on the right track. He tells you what to avoid and which path to choose. With the passage of time, you will feel the energies of plants near you when you touch them.

Intuition is great stuff. Tap into God’s power and live an amazing life.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m