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Our Health

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2007-02-07 14:45
In todays fast moving scenario every one wants to stay fit and fine .

Our generation is moving more towards packed food, cheese, burgers and fast food rather than our traditional chapati, dal and rice.

Todays generation call this as modern food and feel top class because they have left all those old stuffs.
Pizza huts, Coffee houses are all in boom because they cater to the needs of todays society.

Few people bother about the calories and health and the rest eat first and then think about how to burn those extra calories.
We feel proud to eat noodles etc for food rather than our traditional Dal, Roti.

When we eat so much junk food it will surely take its toll on our body. Nowadays more and more people are suffering from cancer, Diabetes, Cadiac diseases etc. Its mainly realted to our poor diet and stress conditions.

We cannot deny the fact that our Grand parents lived much longer than expected age of mortalily.
Today the Girls want to look slim and trim thats why they take little food to maintain their waist line. They are detected as malnutritioned  by doctors because to keep themselves in shape they take little food and make their body starve which take its toll by resulting into various other health problems and sometimes death. It was detected that some of the models who participated in  Modelling business took little food to maintain their figure and that resulted to death. Now its compulsory for a model to pass the good health test otherwise get rejected.

Various Clinics are being opened so that extra fat is removed either by medicines or liposuction so that one remains in good shape. Todays generation is wasting lot of money to be in shape because they dont want to look disfigured. We cannot deny the fact that first we consume and then think “Oh i am growing fat i need to reduce this extra weight”.

The vegetables we purchase from the market is not fresh because they are transported from one place to another and sometimes kept in cold storage so that they dont rot. Even the fruits are kept in cold storage so that they look fresh. Scientists have found out that there are fungus present in fruits which are kept in cold storage because the fungus grows on itself due to long hours of preservation. Countries outside india follow the norms and conditions but fruits and vegetables are not yet kept for analysis by our food testing department.

So we see how much damage these packed and stored food is causing to our health. For maintaining good health we need to exercise, eat good food, be happy and keep stress at bay.

The matra for good health is “ Eat healthy, Sleep well and Be Happy “.

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