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Goals and Success

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2014-11-19 09:31

Goals are the most talked about subject. You will read about it every where in the newspaper, magazine, books etc. But then have you ever taken time to sit alone with yourself and actually think what are my goals ? What changes goals can bring in my life. What my life would have been if i had very specific and time bound goals ? Have i reached my full potential ? What more am i capable of doing ? Am i utilizing my time or just wasting it ? How i can in person contribute to the society as a whole ? Have you people ever thought of these questions. If yes then its good if not then think about it. Goals are very important in life and you will just be lost in the daily chores if you do not have any goals. Be it a working woman or housewife, everyone needs goals to live their life and to make full utilization of 24 hrs day.

To drive you ahead you need to have very very specific goals. They emerge in your mind and then you put it down in a paper and draw a road map as to how to reach there. You have to be plan everything there on the paper and then decide what all things i am ready to knock down or sacrifice for the attainment of that goal. Once you are clear about everything you will see yourself emerge as a new person ready to face life head on. You will face various roadblocks in the attainment of your goals but then these obstacles should make you stronger and not weaker. Rise above all your problems and carve a path of your own, a success journey of your own. Don’t do something which others feel you should do. Do not let others set goals for you but you yourself sit down and get answers to all of your questions from within. When its your own goal which you want to achieve there will be lots of internal motivation and a drive to achieve it. The same does not stands true for goals which have been set by someone else for you or goals which you set to please everyone in your life.

The internal drive is a very big drive and if that is missing the journey of life will get difficult because you will complain and growl about everything in your life. A single minded attitude towards our goals which have been set by us will sort everything out and make our life better to live. Things won’t work on its own, we have to make them work. I never realised how important goal setting was until i became a soft skills trainer and gave talks in schools, colleges and corporates for goal setting. You will understand its importance only when you set it and achieve it. After we achieve our goals we really feel happy about it, we get confident and set our focus on the next goal. You should have goals for everything in your life whether big or small. You see how easier life gets when you are crystal clear in your mind as to what you want to do at a particular day and at a particular time.

I have seen lots of people living life just for the sake of living. Commitment is very important for goal achievement. Until and unless you are committed and do something everyday which gets you nearer to your goal you will not be successful in that. Setting goals helps you in getting success. But remember success is a journey and not a destination. A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step forward which we take in confidence that i will trod the whole path and become a winner no matter what. Do not worry as to how you will reach somewhere you want to reach. Just have it in your mind. God and the whole universe will help you out with it. You will meet people and go through circumstances which will mould you into a person who is ready to achieve his goals and get successful. You do not have to do everything yourself but get help from people who can do it for you so that you can carve your own success story. The whole universe is there to help you out, you just keep your eyes and mind open. Do not carry a closed mind. There are lots of things which happens in our life which should not have happened and a lot of our plannings fail. Did you ever think why ? I would give you an answer, this happened just because God felt you needed more experience before you achieved your goal or you were getting derailed from your path. Failures are Gods way of showing us the right path to prepare us for the future ahead. Never complain. Success and failures are two sides of the same coin. Either one has to happen. What we can do is work so hard that we minimize all our chances of failure.

There are few people who are very successful at an age when others are struggling to study and make their career, ever thought of why. Why is it that few people taste success so early in life while there are others struggling with everything. Friends its goals. Those successful people were very clear what their goals were and how they will reach there. Take the example of Saina Nehwal, how successful she is at an age when most of the people start their career and holder of Arjuna Award, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Award & Padma Shri. She stands as a living inspiration for everyone.

Things were never easy for anyone and everyone have struggled before they actually tasted success. Life of few people seems to be be very lucrative but its not how it actually exists in reality. The reality is very different. People who make it to the top have sacrificed a lot & done something which others thought to be impossible. Saina is a world champion and plays good badminton because she is clear what she wants and is ready to leave behind everything which is unimportant. When girls her age were busy watching movies or spending times with friends. She worked hard at the tennis court and practiced her game, went through regular training sessions. Do you think Saina would ever make it to the top if she was not clear of her goals and did not sacrifice anything. The answer is no it would never have been possible. She disciplined her life around her goals and did what was needed for the achievement of success.

Dream big. Develop a clear focus towards your goals. So friends i would request you to get hold of a pen and paper and write down your goals. Once you are done with the writing, start planning and doing, you will see things happening one by one. Some goals take a longer time than you thought of but then its ok. It happens with everyone. Plan, Plan and plan. Set goals and take command of your life before it starts dictating you.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m