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An Eternal Love story of two Love Birds - Is it Real?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-09-12 21:41
Loving Heart

Hello, my lovely readers. I thought today that there has been lots of motivation, let us concentrate on something else. The weather is cool, calm, serene and is giving the feeling of heaven on earth. Now when the heavens will download on earth place then miracles are bound to happen and those people who are close to divinity will be touched by the grace of the divine. There are no boundaries between countries or nations other than the boundaries which are put forward by normal human beings. The only emotion which has the power to transcend all boundaries is “Love”. No other emotion has the power to stir you to the core of your being other than love itself. There is no life without love and if there is love than there has to be life. Love never dies and it only multiplies, the more you spread the more it multiplies. A loving smile, a good heart, a sweet word has the power to transform lives. When you do everything with love, it becomes divine because those divine souls out there just understand the language of love.

I was looking out of the window today and saw a blue bird and a white dove. Both were sitting and talking to each other. I sometimes understand the language of birds. Their meet was not a coincidence. Actually the white dove was praying to God one day by lighting a lamp and then suddenly God appeared before her. He asked the white Dove what she wanted and guess what. The white dove questioned God “Will you give me what I will ask for?” God replied obviously there are no reasons for me not to give you what you desire. Guess what? The white dove just looked at God and smiled. God was getting confused about this gesture of hers’s so he again asked “What do you want?” It was getting difficult for the white dove to express her feelings but then anyhow she had to open up or else her God will be gone. The white dove looked in all directions and when she was confirmed no one was near her. She told God “I want you in my life as my life partner”. Now God could not understand what to do since it was he who had no other option but to grant her wishes. But again there is a twist in the tale. This white dove was flying up in the sky one bright sunny day when God went out on his chariot to see if everything was fine on earth and heavens and his eyes fell on this white dove which has no clue of anything. Now the God fell in love with her but he could not just go and propose to her since he was feeling shy.

It is difficult to digest that even God can be shy in expressing their love for an earthly creature. Now God could not sleep at night nor eat his food in the day time. Narad ji came and said Narayana, Narayana and asked God what his real problem was then he spoke his heart out and told how he had fallen for a dove who is very sweet and he wants her in his life as his wife. Now Narad ji could understand that this problem needs to be fixed or the whole creation will get into trouble. He whispered something in God’s ears and told him what to do. God got convinced with the idea. He took a form of a photograph of a bluebird and fell on the balcony of the white dove so that she could have a look at the photo and express her feelings for him. It was a living photograph and not a dead one. The White dove was combing her hair and was busy putting her baby clips in place since she loved tucking her hairs with baby clips. She saw this photograph of a bluebird lying down on her balcony and fell is love with it. Now God’s job was done. He created desire for himself in the heart of this white dove so that she would pray to get him in her life and thus they both can be one. The white dove prayed to God to get this bluebird. It was like praying to God to get God himself.

Now, this white dove was not a normal bird that you find flying in the sky but an evolved soul who could understand that this photograph of bluebird was not a normal photo but had God himself in it. Actually God was also unaware of the fact that she had fallen in love with him when she saw him sitting in the grand chariot but she kept quiet thinking he may or may not be interested in her so she resumed normal life with a silent love for him. She never had any idea that her God also loved her the same. Though being aware of all the facts she prayed and God appeared before her. She expressed her desire to be with him for a lifetime. Now God is in the form of a bluebird and she is as a white dove. Now the eternal love story between God and an earthly creature begins.

Both were busy looking at each other sitting in the restaurant without keeping a note of the time, the waiter entered. The waiter told the Blue Bird “Sir do I bring your bill”. He did not listen, now the waiter was playing spoilsports between two love birds who had no account of time and were busy staring at each other. The waiter had no option but to ask again to the bluebird “Sir, do I bring your bill?” The bluebird got distracted. It looked angrily at the waiter and enquired Why are you disturbing me? Can’t you see I am on a date?” You don’t know me I have the power to just piss you off to the other corner of the globe. The waiter was losing his patience and replied to the bluebird “You can do whatever you want, but before that please pay the bill”. The bluebird but hands in his pants pocket to give him cash but his wallet was missing. Now he started thinking “How the hell I can forget my wallet in the heavens when I am on a date?” He gave a phone call to Narad Ji and asked for help. Narad ji came running down to earth and brought the cash and his debit card along with him. He handed over the wallet and left. The payment was done and both left. They were looking for one sweet corner so that they could at least talk to each other and guess what? A crow came and sat near the white dove. He started staring at her.

The Bluebird was getting uncomfortable seeing this and wanted to just push that crow with one leg but he tried to maintain his cool after all he was God. Now there is this big burden which even God has to carry and it is difficult even for them to find the right place to meet their lover and date. The bluebird asked the crow that there are other trees nearby why is he disturbing them. The bluebird is thinking “First it was the waiter and now it is the crow” and guess what his biggest problem he cannot call upon God’s for help since he is the one. In his mental dilemma, he asked the crow to leave or face the consequences. The crow was not ready to leave, then the Bluebird was left with no other option but to give it one hard kick and the crow fell on the ground never to return back. Now they both are busy looking at each other and guess what? A policeman noticed both of them getting cozy in one corner. He enquired “Are you both married”? The bluebird replied “No”. The marriage date has been fixed the next month in October 9102 and they are just engaged. The policeman did not believe the bluebird. He asked the bluebird for his marriage card to check his marriage date.

The bluebird was losing his patience. First the waiter, then the crow and now this policeman. He was thinking where do I go? Again the same problem he could not ask anyone for help. Now things were getting out of control. The policeman wanted to see their wedding card with the wedding date. The bluebird was God himself so it produced a golden card out of thin air and handed the same to the policeman. Now the policeman got convinced that this bluebird was not lying. The white dove was busily combing her hair since the wind was hard and her hairs were all out of place, even the baby clips were not working. The bluebird asked “Do I stop the wind?” The white dove replied, “No, you please help me in putting my baby clips in place”. The bluebird was getting romantic and he said “I can get you any type of baby clip you want?” She said, “No, Just fix the one which is still on my head”. The conversation had just taken off then a humming sound of an airplane disturbs them. The bluebird just wanted to smash the airplane into pieces. He kept thinking “I can’t spend some lonely time with her”. First the waiter, then the crow, then the policeman and now airplane. He picked his smartphone and dropped a WhatsApp message to Narad ji to send his chariot since these earthly beings were creating disturbance between two love birds.

Narad ji told that they both could fly to heaven. The Bluebird replied “No, I cannot look into her eyes and fly at the same time. I may smash my head on any planet rotating up there in the sky and if that happens someone else will marry his sweetheart”. Narad ji was smiling but then he called God’s chariot man and ordered him to go to earth and bring the two love birds to heaven. Now guess what? The chariot man is on leave enjoying his vacation watching Bahubali 1 with his family and he denied Narad ji his service. Now Narad ji is busy looking for another chariot man to drive God’s chariot to earth. Now the bluebird is losing patience and thinking what the hell is happening? This whole world is hell-bent to create disturbance in the lives of two love birds who want to spend some time with each other. 3 hours had passed by and the bluebird could not see his chariot. He called Narad ji thinking this man must have forgotten to check his WhatsApp message. Narad ji picked up the phone and told about the matter. Then Bluebird asked Narad ji to book a heavenly Cab so that he can spend some time with his “Finacee”. Narad ji replied “He would have helped but today the Cab’s were on strike”. Now the bluebird got very upset. He checked his watch it was 8 o’clock in the night. The white dove just moved her head from bluebird’s shoulder and said it was time for her to leave.

The bluebird had no other option but to bid her Goodbye today and meet her the next day. The white dove left. Now the bluebird felt like smashing the whole transportation system. He was annoyed and murmured “These people are useless”. He was planning about his marriage and the phone rang with that same song. Do you want me to tell you? I hope you know.

I woke up my phone was ringing. My dad had called, it was 4 PM in the afternoon and guess what? I was napping on my chair. Thank God I did not fell or else I would have been lying on the floor with an injured hand and not writing this eternal love story.

Life is a sweet dream, it is you who decide how much sweetness you have to add to it. Bye. Good Night. See you tomorrow. Laugh more and love more, who knows you may also get a bluebird to romance. Great Na.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m