Encrypted Messages from the Universe - Let’s decode it

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2020-05-13 15:05
Universe Messages

Hi. How are you all? I hope you all are doing great and enjoying the best of health. I am in the process of finding peace with my changed life. Though I write about a lot of stuff but in these challenging times I feel we all need to be more empathic towards each other rather than anything else. There are times when nothing gets inside your head and you just want to be left alone with your own self for some time before you can get back to everything. I have faced lots of challenges and that is the only reason I know how to cope up with the new ones but there are others who are new to it and they might fall prey to depression and anxiety. Do not judge these people and just lend your smile and a few kind words. Just add a little value to their life. At times we all need a person who just listens to whatever we speak without judging us. Build bridges and not walls. This world needs more understanding people. It is your kind heart that matters, it does not matter how wealthy you are or how successful you are. When you lend your hand to lift someone up no matter who he is, is what defines you as a human being. It is life and you never know what is going to happen next. Try to understand the other person because you really don’t know how tough battle he is fighting and still trying to smile. Make this world a better place to live by your presence.

I had been and I am still receiving messages from the universe in encrypted forms so I tried to decode it. I already discussed about them in my previous write up but I am repeating it for those who are reading this article of mine for the first time. I started seeing numbers like 11:11, 12:21, 12:12, 8888, 10:10, and number 69 very often. I read a lot of articles on them and even watched videos on Youtube to check what made sense to me. Everyone shared his opinion or experiences with the numbers. To check what resonated with me I meditated on these numbers and then started looking for my answers. I got some of my answers. You have to check what you are looking for to find the exact meaning of the numbers because the same number may mean different things to different people. Everyone is not riding the same boat. The first question is what I am looking for? I am looking for Good Health, the fulfillment of my dreams, and a stable relationship. Though I had been working hard to get my health back on track somehow things are not working and I don’t know what I should do about it.

The universe is asking me to have patience and have faith that everything will happen on divine time till then I have to keep trying and persisting. I can’t stop and I have to keep pushing myself. Though I lose hope and sometimes just want to give up but then I calm my frustrated soul and maintain my peace and keep trying. The divine wants me to have faith and have a positive frame of mind and not give up. Now you see those angelic beings have started motivating me. Yeah they know this single girl needs me. I have connected with the divine and even written down my own experiences about it in my Book - Love You Jindagi My Journey to meet Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy. Beings from the other world are in constant communication with me. I find feathers in my balcony, bedroom, kitchen, and even my bathroom. I buried all the feathers which I received from the universe in the month of August 2019 since it is the 8th month and that month and year are very close to my heart. When you write 2019 on a piece of paper and put it in front of the mirror it reads “Pios” meaning a “Pious Journey”, a new start. I connect a lot with the song by Bryan Adams “Here I am”. I really love that song and listened to it more than 100 times.

The feathers which I received this year have been safely preserved in my book. There are many. I received a winged seed on the day of “Akshay Tritiya”. I went out on my terrace and saw a shadow approaching me and as I lifted my head and put my hands to catch it that seed landed on my hands. They are all signifying a change in my life. I am working on my inner spiritual growth so that I can burn my past karmas and clear all backlogs for a better tomorrow. I was guided by my soul and I did lots of inner work in October 2019 during Navaratri. I hardly slept during those days. I received messages during those times through animals, birds, and even my neighbors who spoke exactly what I needed as guidance to move forward in my spiritual journey. Why I am here on this earth has started unfolding but yes that is a deep secret that is safe in my heart.

As I was searching for my answers regarding repeated numbers I came across a new word i.e “Twin Flame”. Now what is it? It is two people sharing the same soul meaning the same soul in two different bodies. Hard to digest right? Yes it is in fact very hard to digest. How can two people share the same soul and what is this twin-flame all about was the biggest question. I started looking further and tried meditating on it. I came across various answers but the ones which made meaning to me are something which I will discuss further. It is Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine who take birth and sometimes only one is born and the other is in the dormant state in the form of a spirit. When these two divine souls are born with huge age gaps then they two cannot be together. When these two souls have to meet they share less age gap and are born as human beings in the same life so that two of them can meet and carry their journey together to achieve the same purpose. Twin Flames carry a lot of energy and when they unite they bring balance on this earth. I don’t have any idea of anything and I am also trying to understand everything. I am just receiving messages from the other realm and trying to decode it. The messages are all encrypted and I am trying my level best as to what I need to know.

Now the best part is when these two twin souls have to unite they get spiritually active or at least one gets spiritually advanced and awakens the other soul. Now how much sense does that make? I really don’t know. As one soul moves ahead in the spiritual path he or she leads to the spiritual growth of the other soul too since they are the same soul in two different bodies. I am looking for a stable relationship. I really don’t know who my twin flame is and how he will find me or how I will find him and when we will meet? As it is so much was going inside my head and this new stuff is really hard for me to digest. It is actually two strangers recognizing each other and meeting together to achieve a single purpose in life. Wow Great! Actually God is great and he can plan anything. My whole life seems to be a complete mess to me but I read somewhere that It may not be messy if I see my life from a higher perspective.

One event will lead to another and the whole universe will conspire to make that one thing happen which is meant to happen. Wow! as it is my life was very mysterious and now it is getting more mystical. I really don’t know what is going to happen next in my life. I am living each day at a time and still making peace with my new findings. Yes I will write more about my journey and my new findings. Till then keep reading. I may end up with a person who is from a different nationality, from a different culture, speaks a different language, and is completely my opposite. Wow! It seems like a fairytale movie flashing before my eyes. Let’s see the future.

The Secret movie “Dare to Dream” says “Two people collide in each other’s life for a reason”.

I am decoding my life’s messages from the Universe. You all live a great life my lovely readers and yes do not take anything for granted. You never know how one single stuff can change your entire life or how one single person can change your whole perception about life. Have an open heart and be broad-minded. Sometimes let the divine sit in the driver’s seat of your life because sometimes it is good to be illogical. The working of the cosmos is beyond the grasp of the human intellect. Great Na. Haa Haa. Pray for my good health and happy life. I need your good wishes. Lots of love to all of you.

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