Destiny favors those who try just one more time before Giving up

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2019-07-06 18:11

I have heard people saying that this is not in my destiny that is why I won’t get it. I want to ask you did you try just one time before giving up when you were on the verge of failure when you could not hold on to your problems anymore, when you seemed lost and stopped trying because the pain of trying one more time gave you goosebumps. I know how difficult it is to try just one more time when you are done with your problems or your life’s challenges but when you still try just for the last time before laying down your armor you will see that miracles happen. The work which you were trying to do gets successful and you are delighted, this is something which you never dreamt off even in your wildest dreams that you would be able to make it when you were on the verge of giving up and declaring yourself a failure. I would say it is very difficult to fail because when your mind is on the success you will get it no matter what. You will be mentally prepared for the rough road ahead of you and the challenges that life will throw at you. It will not seem like a burden to walk that rough road without any direction or support because you are well aware that it is your journey and you have to go through the experiences alone, other people may help you but it is you who has to take full responsibility for the journey and learn your lessons along the way. Once you have made a conscious decision to succeed in life then nothing can fail you. You are well aware that one day you will make your dreams come true and your destiny will favor you only when you keep trying and keep moving forward in spite of all the obstacles which comes in your way.

It is easy to give up, it is easy to stop trying, it is easy to shrug all responsibilities from your shoulders and say that I make enough money with what I am currently doing now then why I should strive to be better or be more than what I am today. What is difficult is to keep upgrading yourself even when others around you are living the mundane life. It is easy to give in to a normal living but difficult to have a broader vision towards your life and the purpose of your birth. I personally believe that God gave us this life for a purpose and every person who is alive on this earth has a purpose to fulfill and once their work is over they leave this planet. You can never claim that you tried enough number of times and still failed, I would say when you tried you learned your lessons and when you tried again you never committed those same mistakes again. When you fail at something you are a better person than before, you have learned much more than what books would have taught you, practical lessons are very important in life. When you start something new you will see that you will grow fast and become a successful person because your previous failures became your stepping stone to your present success. You cannot sit idle and mourn over your destiny that nothing keeps coming your way, you tried to get a good job but you could not find one, you tried your hands in business but you failed. The only question which you need to ask yourself is did you try enough. Did you try just one more time before you were on the verge of giving up or breaking down? I would say “No” you left your journey half way and now you wanted things to happen in your life. You wanted God to do miracles for you. You cannot write your life’s story by crying over your past mistakes or by sitting idle but by trying again and again till you got successful and made the best out of your life.

Destiny will not favor you if you just eat, sleep and wake up every morning to check if there is something new in your life. If you want that your life should be better than what it is now you have to go ahead and create the life which you want to live. You have to work towards your goals so that you create your own destiny with your own hands. You will see that when you put in more and more of you in your work, you will get success because you have started thinking deeply and you no longer get satisfied with superficial thinking. It is difficult for someone to distract you from your journey or your destination if you are focused on it. When you start trying your chances of failing will nil out and your chances of succeeding will increase. Try, try and don’t cry. Destiny will favor you when you will give your 100% to whatever you are doing. Do the best you can with your knowledge and the gift which is bestowed to you by God. Every person has some unique talents and this is the gift of God to that person. You will see that some people are born leaders and some cannot lead even if they try “N” number of times, some paint great pictures even without any formal education or experience while there are others who cannot paint great pictures even after doing a full drawing course, some are born speakers and writers while there are others who find it difficult to speak in public and write a book even after they have spend money on learning those skills. If something is gifted to you by God than it is your natural talent and ability which you should always focus on and bring it out in the world so that you can achieve your purpose and touch millions by your work.

When you feel lost and pathless, just take out some time for yourself and do self-introspection as to why you could not achieve what you wanted to or why you failed. When you do this you will start getting all the answers. Do not search for your answers outside of you, they are within you, you only have to connect with your inner self so that it gives you your answers at the right time. When you are preoccupied with stress or other thoughts you will not get your answers, it is only when you are at peace and your mind is quiet that your answers will start appearing in front of you. Do not play the blame game and put the burden of your failures on someone else’s shoulder. Always take responsibility for your own actions, whether it leads to success or failure. No one can make you fail if you have failed it is just because of your own mistakes. You need to be more watchful as to what you should do and what you should avoid to get successful in life. Destiny favors everyone but there are few people who have got into the habit of complaining that nothing great happens in their life. You need to keep giving your best then only you will get favors from your destiny. If you do half-hearted work then how can you expect destiny to favor you? Your own work should overwhelm you, you should always strive to get better every day and become the best version of yourself in the near future. If you remain the same then you will get the same results again and again. To get different results you need to keep trying and keep doing good work, when you will give your best you will see that the whole universe will bend down to make you successful in whatever you are doing. Your destiny will start favoring you and you will grow much beyond your own expectations. You will reach a point in your life where you will wonder God I never had any idea that I could achieve this.

You made things happen in your life with your hard work and grit. When you have that undying self-belief that you can make anything happen in your life and nothing is impossible for you, no one can make you a failure. You will get successful at one or the other thing, even destiny will bow down and listen to your commands because you are an evolved soul now, you have grown much beyond the realms of your own body. Always remember that destiny favors those who try just one more time before giving up.

All the best for your Future.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m