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The Cosmos is ready to open up - Are you serious?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2022-04-21 17:09
My 2nd Marriage

There is so much happening in the entire world that you cannot just sleep over it. The universe is undergoing massive change and so are the planets in the solar system. I am facing problems of the disturbed sleep cycle and that is really affecting me. There is so much happening in my mind and outer environment near me that my brain thinks it's all hallucinatory. The thin line which existed between me and the outer world feels like getting removed. The messages are so fast and huge that I am losing my mind. There is so much happening in the background that the astrologers or intuitive can easily pick because they are very energy-sensitive people. Two days ago I was awake till 6 AM in the morning doing nothing in bed and fell asleep for just 1 and half hours. It feels so tired at times. I was not like this from my childhood days but a normal kid. It is only after my heartbreak that I started facing problems of insomnia and on top of that my spiritual practices. There are specific times when the energies around me activate to the point that they just want me to listen. The only question which occupies my mind is. Who am I? Why the universe is so much interested in me and why I am being trained so much mentally and physically to the point that I feel my system will break down. It feels like I am going to die in the training phase only.

Good days are ahead and if you all think that the universe is undergoing so much change for itself then you are completely wrong. When I stepped out in the world and saw the true face of society my heart cried. I could not accept the corruption and the way one human being treats another human being. Money occupying center stage to the point that it leads to fights and murder among own siblings. I never saw this reality till I was with my parents, My dad shielded me from everything or took all bullets in his body just for me. God, he loves me so much. He is the gift of the divine to me. God incarnated the form of a human being so that he could be with me, guide me, nurture me, show me the right path, and inculcate the right values so that I serve my higher purpose in the coming days without fear. I can’t see the pain and hurt. My life changed after December 2015 and that's the only reason I keep doing things that my mind does not understand because I am guided by my soul and forces which are beyond the understanding of my 5 senses. Sometimes everything feels like a fantasy world but the universe says it is real. It feels I am daydreaming but then the energies around me make me feel that if I don’t do what I am meant to do then it will get very difficult for them to create a new being in such a short time span. Yeah, I have done lots of sadhana in this life and previous lifetimes and that is the only reason I am much more spiritually advanced than other people. Not every person can read my energy but a few until the time is right because I am 100% under divine protection.

There are many people who will be spiritually awakened since the last Avatar of Lord Vishnu has to arrive. The team has been formed much before the war was declared against evil forces. The ones who are meant to fight the real battle will know in their hearts. The fight will not be through swords nor will that man come riding a horse. It will be a very silent descent to the extent that until and unless the universe reveals it no one can know. When Lord Krishna was born very few people knew that the Lord himself was coming on earth to fight evil. Even Lord Krishna did not start his legendary work before the divine time when it was revealed to him by his guru the reason for his birth. Every God has superpowers. They may not show it to you but behind the scenes, many things are happening that you are yet not aware of. I know many people will argue that when the lord is here and Kalyug is finally ending then why the Russia - Ukraine war is not being called off. Nothing in the entire universe happens without reason and if something is happening it is happening for a reason so that the entire world learns the right lesson and doesn’t repeat what is going on. Destruction is not always bad because until you demolish the old you cannot build something new.

There is very less written about the last avatar of Lord Vishnu and it has been very clearly mentioned that it will be quite different from all the previous avatars. There are reasons. When you step out and look around what do you see the most? Violence against females. I hope I answered your question as to why the last avatar has been kept a big mystery by the cosmic world. All the previous avatars of Lord Vishnu were males. The universe planned a lot of things in the background and that’s the only reason very less was revealed. There is information around you in the form of cosmic records but you can’t read it nor there is any living being so advanced to the point that he can read it. A very evolved person who has done years of sadhana is eligible to read it because it is password protected and stored in the divine safe of time which is not easy to break. I meditate, I ask questions, and sometimes question my own existence since it feels alien living in this world with a new mindset. When you ask a question and get answers beyond your 5 senses it simply means it is unadulterated pure information that you can trust because your mind is not at all involved. When you pose a question answers will come to you when they are meant to. If you have been enlightened and keep wondering why now and not 20 years back then you must know when the time is right, things happen. The energies inside you along with the universe decide when everything should happen and it does not care about your goals which you planned 5 years ago. The infinite divine world will get its work done through you even when you feel you are not ready.

There are many shifts that are happening in the cosmic world which can be sensed by psychic people because normal people are not too sensitive to energies. Yes, it is true that the entire universe will help the last avatar in its work because the work is huge and time is short. Being in the human body and transcending the limitations of the human body is not something that was planned by the universe so they both will act like one and get the work done along with the assigned team. The invisible world will reveal all its plans to the right people at the right time. There is so much information that is circulated on Youtube about the last avatar that it feels like an alien will land on earth in an alien horse that will do its work and will be gone all of a sudden. When the war was being fought between Pandavas and Kauravas, Lord Krishna though present did not stop the war and let it happen because it was meant to happen but he made sure that Dharma was established and the right people won the war. He knew the results of the war even before it was being fought. He knew everything about his life since he was God but even then he came down on earth to play his role. He could have just sat in one place and completed all his karma because God has divine powers. Do you think being God is a joke? No, it is not. The universe which has been programmed by the creator himself is very well coded and they have kept all the secrets in their own hands without revealing much to humanity who play their role in the form of human beings born on the earth plane.

Yes, I was writing about the last avatar of Lord Vishnu. I am quite serious when I write that the cosmos is ready to open up just meditate and listen. There is a lot that has been hidden. Things will be revealed at the right time and never underestimate the power of God. If you think you can escape your wrongdoings then you are highly mistaken. The power-hungry people will lose their power and all the people who are trying to earn money through wrongful means will fall all of a sudden. If you think you can escape the disaster and bribe people in leadership positions to get your work done then give it a try because now it is time for the final verdict. Sometimes I feel that Gods have a big heart and they pardon our wrongdoings but when you stretch the thread beyond limits then it will break and you cannot escape the wrath of the universe. All information that is circulating the internet about the last Avatar of God is not true so don’t trust it. How God will do their work and when he will actually reveal himself has been planned by the universe and things will happen in divine time. All the distorted knowledge or information which is in books written by human beings who have no idea of the changed plan of the universe can not be trusted. In fact, it was predecided. The biggest problem with human beings is that we just expect a male reincarnation with superhuman qualities to take over the world. What we forget is that it is Kalyug and the God cannot reveal themselves the way it has been portrayed in the earlier ages because of several reasons which are hard to explain but then you will feel the energy when a highly evolved being walks on the planet because it will be the most concentrated form of energy walking near you in the human body so you cannot escape that person.

Jagannath Puri temple has given all signs of the end of Kalyug and God taking human form but the biggest question is why he does not reveals himself? You need to wait for the answer. Just remember that the soul is the only reality and this body is nothing but earth gathered to give cloth to the soul so if the last avatar is very different from the one you expect then you should not get shocked. It is true that God is being born for the welfare of humanity and everything in his life has been planned by the universe itself so you need to wait and watch rather than predict what will happen next. I get insights at times about so many things and it feels like I am living in a fantasy world. I want all the shells near me to break so that it feels more real than made up. When you align with cosmic geometry the universe conveys all messages to you in ways you cannot think of. Don’t panic just try to be level-headed and do your daily spiritual work because your answers will come in divine time. If you have waited too long for everything in your life and the universe is giving you signs of success then it simply means you are ready to live your manifestations and turn your dreams into a living reality.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m